With the number of cycling electronics and gadgets these days, it’s easy to have a cluttered handlebar. Cycling GPS computers, bike lights, and action cameras can take up valuable handlebar space and be distracting while riding. Topeak’s answer to this is what they call an Up-To-Front (UTF) Multi-Mount that allows you to securely mount your gear directly in front of the stem. With a retail price of $44.95, the UTF Multi-Mount offers a rigid aluminium construction and dual-sided design. Topeak includes adapters for Garmin, Wahoo, GoPro, and even Topeak’s Ridecase products with the mount. Thanks to the dual clamp design, the UTF Mult-mount is also capable of handling up to 480 grams weight which should be enough for heavy combinations such as a GoPro and large GPS computer.

The Topeak UTF Multi-Mount provides a rigid dual-sided out-front or up-to-front mount for GPS computers or cameras to reduce the clutter on your handlebars.

Retail Price$44.95
Rating 9.2/10
Measured Weight (in g) 58 (GoPro + Garmin Adapter)
Likes+ Dual sided
+ Sturdy and lightweight aluminium construction
+ Includes adapters for variety of devices
Dislikes– Premium price
– Only available in black finish
Bryton mount adapter is not included
Where to Buy (US)Topeak


The Topeak UTF Multi-Mount comes packed in Topeak’s characteristic white/yellow cardboard box. A large opening on the front of the box allows you to see and interact with the mount directly. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • UTF Multi-mount
  • GoPro, Garmin/ Wahoo, and Topeak Ridecase adapter
  • 2x Hex + Torx keys 
  • Bolts for mounts / clamps
  • Rubber spacers for clamps
  • Instruction manual

Interestingly, the handlebar clamps, Garmin/Wahoo and the Ridecase adapter each use different bolt heads which is why Topeak has to include three different keys. Aside from some tool confusion, it’s straightforward to assemble the mount and attach the adapters.


The Topeak UTF Multi-Mount has a simple aluminium construction with a T-shaped profile. Two horizontal arms attach to each of the clamps while the center portion extends directly forward of the stem with a center cutout. Even though the mount is fairly short there is enough space for even large GPS computers or bigger bike lights like the Magicshine RN 3000. Topeak only offers the UTF Multi-Mount in the semi-black finish which should match well with most bike setups. As with most Topeak products, the hardware and construction is premium and well thought out. Aside from the attachment pucks, the UTF Multi-Mount is all aluminum metal and feels rigid.

Topeak UTF Multi-Mount GPS Computer Review - Front
Topeak included multiple attachments allowing Garmin / Wahoo / Topeak Ridecase and GoPro devices to be directly mounted on the UTF.

With its dual clamp design, the Topeak UTF Multi-Mount is designed to securely hold even heavier combinations of computers and cameras. We primarily rode with a GPS computer and bike light combination by using the GoPro adapter on the bottom side and the Garmin on top. The adjustability of the GoPro mount makes it ideal for bike lights as you can fine tune the angle of the beam. Most headlights like the Magicshine Allty 800 have GoPro adapters which makes it easy to install on the bottom side. Although the dual clamp design made it a close fit over our stem face, installation was simple and the UTF Multi-Mount provided a secure and flex free mount even over rough terrain.

Topeak UTF Multi-Mount GPS Computer Review - With Computer
With the dual-sided design, it’s easy to stack GPS computers and bike lights onto the UTF mount.
Topeak UTF Multi-Mount GPS Computer Review - Top View
With the dual clamp design, the UTF mount places your computer and gear directly in front of the stem.


Overall, we found the Topeak UTF Multi-Mount to be a well designed and heavy-duty out-front mount. The dual clamp design makes it ideal for heavy combinations of GPS computers and action cameras. We found the mount easy to install and adjust with all the tools and adapters included right out of the box. The centered design helps place all your gear directly in front of the stem for easy access and cleans up your handlebars. Although you won’t see much of an aerodynamic improvement, the decluttered handlebars allow for more hand positions while riding. Except for a lack of Bryton GPS computer adapter, most users shouldn’t have any issues mounting computers or cameras onto the UTF Mount right out of the box. If you’ve got a cluttered handlebar or are tired of sagging out-front mounts, then the Topeak UTF Multi-Mount is the perfect upgrade.

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