Julbo’s Density sunglasses are a modern take on the oversized performance sunglasses. These are semi-frameless sunglasses that are designed to be lightweight yet stable enough for high intensity activities like cycling or running. Retail price on the Density sunglasses varies from $169.95 for the standard Spectron lenses and goes up to $249.95 with the photochromic REACTIV lens option. Regardless of which lens you choose, the Density sunglasses have an ultra modern style with a thin frame and semi-frameless design for a wide field of view. The sunglasses also feature Julbo’s CustomFIT temples which have Grip Tech material and can easily flex to adjust any head size.

The Julbo Density sunglasses are an ultra-modern design that combine an oversized lens with a semi-frameless construction.

Retail Price$169.95 – $249.95 (REACTIV lens)
RatingDesign: A
Optics: A
Comfort: A
Value: A-
Measured weight (in g)18
Likes+ Modern design
+ Lightweight semi frameless design
+ High contrast photochromic REACTIVC lenses adapt to environment
Dislikes– Premium price
– Flat lens can have side reflections at some angles
Where to Buy (US)Julbo


The Julbo Density comes in a compact black cardboard box with Julbo branding printed on it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Density sunglasses
  • Zippered hard case
  • Fabric carrying case
  • Lens information pamphlet

Julbo’s hard case has a unique expanding design with fabric sides and rigid front and rear. This allows the case to collapse down to a compact size when not being used.


Julbo markets the Density sunglasses with the tagline “simply bold” as the sunglasses are a modern take on oversized sunglasses. These have a semi-frameless design with the frame only attached at the top of the lens and a nose bridge that attaches the nose pads to the frame. The lens silhouette has smooth curves that are reminiscent of retro-oversized sunglasses while still being modern with the thin frame and sharp edges. These are fairly flat sunglasses with a base curvature of only 5 which means they don’t curve around your face like other shield style sunglasses such as the Julbo Edge or ROKA Matador. Julbo offers the sunglasses in ten different lens and frame combinations which means everyone should be able to find a color scheme they like.

Julbo Density Semi Frameless Oversized Sunglasses Review - Lens Closeup
The combination of the thin frames and sleek oversized lens give the sunglasses a modern and sleek appearance.

The frames are offered in translucent options, matte finishes as well as unique iridescent options. We have the iridescent blue-red option with the orange REACTIV lens here. It’s a unique design that has a subtle color flop between a dark blue and purple depending on how the light hits them. The Julbo logo, temple tips and nose pad have a red finish that adds a splash of color to the sunglasses. These have a standard straight arm temple with an inward curving shape to prevent them from moving while doing high intensity sports. Julbo calls the rubber material Grip Tech as it provides a soft non-slip finish that won’t get snagged in hair or helmet straps. It’s very flexible which means the sunglasses can accommodate a wide range of head shapes.

Julbo Density Semi Frameless Oversized Sunglasses Review - Temple Arm Closeup
With the iridescent finish the sunglasses have a subtle color shift that looks impressive in the sun.

The nose pads on the Density sunglasses have a rigid design with the Grip Tech material inserts on the inside. Although you can’t adjust the position as you can with other Julbo sunglasses, the shape looks well designed with a wide contact area. In terms of lenses, we have the REACTIV Performance 1-3 Light Amplifier which is a photochromic lens that can transition between 17-75% VLT. That’s an impressive category 1-3 range which covers everything from low visibility conditions to full sun. These have a yellow & multi-red base color that helps brighten colors in nearly any condition. Julbo also offers the Density in the more affordable standard Spectron lens options in various colors. There is also a slight bevel along the edges of the lens which provides some protection when sitting the lens on a flat surface as well as adding a thin visual border. The lenses can also easily be removed by rotating the temples off and sliding the lens off the grooves in the nose pads.


The REACTIV photochromic lenses are one of our favorites lenses to ride with as they are very versatile and quickly transition. That means you comfortably wear the Julbo Density in overcast weather or full sun and let the lenses adjust automatically. It’s a convenient feature especially for those that do early morning rides or live in areas with micro climates where conditions change quickly. At only 18 grams, it is easy to forget you are wearing the Density sunglasses as they easily adjust to different head sizes. The only issue we noticed with the sunglasses is that the flat lens design can result in reflections if the sun hits them at the right angle. Otherwise, the sunglasses have excellent clarity and the iridescent finish really shines in the sun.

Julbo Density Semi Frameless Oversized Sunglasses Review - Silhouette
With a semi-frameless design and oversized lenses the Density sunglasses have a wide field of view.


Overall, we found the Julbo Density to be sleek and comfortable sunglasses. With their ultra-modern styling and semi-frameless design, the Density looks great on or off the bike. We were impressed with the iridescent paint finish and photochromic REACTIV lenses. While they are quite pricey, the REACTIV lenses automatically adjust to the environment and can be used in nearly any condition. The thin frame and semi-frameless design of the Density sunglasses also results in a wide field of view that’s perfect for cycling or other high intensity sports. Our main issue with the Density is that the relatively flat design can result in reflections when the sun is at certain side angles. That said, if you’re looking for lightweight and sleek sunglasses the Julbo Density is an excellent option.

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