Claimed to be one of the most photographed cycling helmets on the market, the Kask Protone has been a popular helmet on the pro peloton. The new Kask Protone Icon helmet builds on the reputation of the Protone with improvements in ventilation, aerodynamics, and fit. Retailing at $300, the Protone Icon is a premium helmet that claims to be one of the most aerodynamic vented road cycling helmets available. Optimized vent placement and a more aerodynamic top profile help funnel air through the helmet while reducing aerodynamic drag. The Protone Icon also features Kask’s updated OctoFit+ retention system which boasts an easier to use dial and ponytail friendly rear cradle. Inside the helmet you’ll find plush CoolMax liners that can easily be removed and washed. The Italian helmet also passes KASK’s proprietary WG11 certification for rotational impact testing for improved safety.

The KASK Protone Icon combines the iconic Protone helmet with an aerodynamic profile and comfortable OctoFit+ retention system.

Rating 9.0/10
Retail Price$299.95
Measured weight (in g)292 (size large)
Likes+ Aerodynamic profile
+ Removable and plush inner padding
+ Ponytail friendly and wide rear cradle
Dislikes– No graphic color schemes
– Rear cradle slides up and down with a little pressure
Where to Buy (US)Kask


The Protone Icon comes in a standard Kask branded cardboard helmet box. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Kask Protone Icon helmet
  • Fabric carrying bag
  • Basic safety info

The fabric carrying bag is tucked underneath a cardboard base and can be easy to miss if you don’t realize it’s there.


At first glance, the Protone Icon looks quite similar to the previous Protone helmet with the same aggressive vent placement albeit minor tweaks. It shares the same sharp lines and elongated vent structure that helps the helmet stand out in a crowded market place. In our opinion, the Italian helmet’s design language looks quite similar to the styling you’d find on Italian Ferraris or Lamborghinis. The glossy solid gray color scheme is also quite similar to the cement or nardo gray color that has become quite popular with automotive paint schemes for its modern aesthetics. Unlike Smith which offers a wide range of graphical colors such as the retro-inspired Get Wild collection, Kask currently only offers the Protone Icon in a variety of solid glossy and matte finishes.

Kask Protone Icon Road Cycling Helmet Review - Side Profile
The most obvious visual difference with the new Protone Icon is the aerodynamic profile and flat top.

Where the new Protone Icon differs from the previous helmet is aerodynamics. The front vent positions have been slightly altered in placement while the top profile has been flattened out to reduce drag. The smooth and elongated top vent design gives the Protone Icon a similar side profile to other aero helmets such as the POC Ventral Spin. Kask utilizes a seamless technology for a smooth transition between lower and upper portions of the shell that gives the helmet a refined appearance. As you would expect for this price point, the shell also wraps around the bottom rim of the helmet and has crisp edges where the foam is exposed.

Kask Protone Icon Road Cycling Helmet Review - Rear Profile
The Protone Icon has a premium appearance with sleek lines and sharp lines between the foam and the shell.

The inside of the helmet is airy and open with deep air channels molded directly into the foam. As with other Kask helmets, the Protone Icon doesn’t use MIPS or other secondary liners and instead uses their in-house WG11 rotation impact certification to ensure safety. At all the contact points you’ll find plush CoolMax liner attached using velcro which can easily be removed for cleaning. Kask has even placed padding on the cradle contact points which helps make the helmet quite comfortable.


While the aerodynamic benefits of the Protone Icon are hard to quantify for normal riding, the helmet feels comfortable and makes you feel fast. The large air vents effectively funnel air through the helmet and kept us cool even on hot days. Sizing wise, the Protone Icon is very similar to other brands with large ranging from 59-62cm. Even though we should have chosen the medium size in hindsight, the large size has enough adjustment to fit those on the lower edge of the range. The only complaint we had is that the rear cradle’s can shift with a little pressure which can happen when you’re initially fitting the helmet.

Kask Protone Icon Road Cycling Helmet Review - Inside
Inside the helmet you’ll find thick CoolMax fabric and well defined air channels to funnel air through.


Overall, we found the Kask Protone Icon to be a well built and refined cycling helmet. The updated profile stays true to the Protone’s design language while improving the aerodynamics. Although it’s hard to quantify the actual gains on normal weekend or club rides, the Protone Icon feels comfortable and fast on the road. The updated OctoFit+ fit system has a pony-tail friendly cradle design that is easy to adjust and feels secure. We also appreciated the plush CoolMax padding that is strategically placed at all the contact points. The Protone Icon’s premium price is matched with crisp molding lines and a well finished external shell. If you’re looking for a helmet with Italian design language and comfortable fit, the Kask Protone Icon is one to consider.

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