In this review, we’ll be looking at the portable MaxxHaul 80725 bicycle repair stand. Unfortunately, cycling is an expensive hobby to be a part of. If you start out with a cheap handy-me-down bicycle, and realize you love riding for more than taking you to the post office, you’ll soon realize that you need more gear to ride longer and faster. You’ll quickly find yourself lusting over a couple thousand dollar carbon fiber bikes and the latest aerospace grade ceramic bearings. One way to save a little money is to start doing basic maintenance at home and save a trip to the bike shop. Depending on your skills, that could mean everything from changing brake pads to fully rebuilding your entire bicycle.

Once you’ve done basic maintenance and even bicycle cleaning, you’ll again realize there are tools that can make that work more efficient. This is where a bicycle repair stand comes into the picture. A bicycle repair stand allows you move the bicycle off the ground and rotate it for better access. It’s an immensely useful tool to have to help you save time and get better access to different portions of the bike. There are multiple types of bicycle repair stands, from the permanently mounted professional level ones (like those you see in a bicycle shop), to portable light weight stands designed to be taken to local events.

The MaxxHaul 80725 bicycle repair stand is sold on Amazon with positive reviews and has an all aluminium design. What makes this stand impressive is that the more well known repair stands like Park Tool and Feedback Sports charge nearly that much for the plastic tray (which btw is included for free with MaxxHaul) and towel roll holders. We’ll do a thorough review to see if this is an affordable bicycle repair stand you should buy or stay away from.

CategoryBicycle Maintenance
Retail Price$42.99
Likes+ Budget price
+ Rotatable
+ Height adjustable
+ Magnetic tool tray
Dislikes– Large footprint
– Clamp head can flex under load
– Plastic quick release couplers
Where to Buy (US) Amazon

An affordable and easy to use bicycle repair stand.  The vertical adjust-ability, rotating clamp head and stable tripod style base makes this perfect for home bicycle maintenance or cleaning. 


The MaxxHaul repair stand comes shipped in a large box and mostly assembled.  The stand comes in five parts:

  • Base with stabilizer legs retracted
  • Extension tube
  • Clamp head
  • Plastic tool tray
  • Wheel stabilizer rod

The extension tube slides into the base and is held on with a quick-release style coupler. Similarly, the clamp head slides into the extension tube and can also be tightened down with the quick-release. An allen key is included to attach the plastic try to the base with a simple plastic clamp and two bolts with retainer nuts.

Top down view of Maxxhaul 80725 bicycle repair stand
Top-Down view


Despite the low price, most of the repair stand is built with aluminium tubing and has a flat black finish. Potentially, the weakest point of the stand are the plastic couplers which are used at all the attachment points. Longer term use of the quick-release connectors (made of metal), may wear out the threads on the plastic couplers. The clamp itself is also plastic, but features have soft rubber mounts that will prevent marring of the frame. MaxxHaul claims the clamp accommodates bicycle frame diameters from 1 to 1.6 inches.

Clamp on the Maxxhaul 80725
Clamp Closeup

The repair stand is very stable with a four leg tripod base that easily fold for storage. Each stabilizer leg also has bolt holes to allow for a more permanent installation. Similar to budget camera tripods, the legs have some side-to-side play but that doesn’t affect the overall stability. I’ve also found the stand to be fairly compact when fully folded. Note, the tool tray does not fold so we tend to leave it on when stored as it is inconvenient to take on and off.

Tool Tray on the Maxxhaul 80725 bicycle repair stand
Tool Tray Closeup

Another interesting point is that the repair stand has no MaxxHaul logos or markings on it. MaxxHaul is better known for hitches, cargo holders and other truck accessories so we suspect the repair stand design is shared with some other companies. Looking at other similarly priced stands on Amazon, you’ll find the stand appears to be the same base design with different color or style couplers.

Quick Release Coupler Maxxhaul 80725
Quick Release Coupler Closeup


In terms of design, we find the four stabilizer tripod style of this stand very stable but it does require a larger footprint. Otherwise, the repair stand feels well designed and is easy to use. We’re not a fan of the quick-release levers as we have to use two hands to do any adjustments. This is less convenient than other bicycle repair stands that have easy to use dials or levers for on-the-fly adjustments.

Stabilizer Legs on the Maxxhaul 80725 bicycle repair stand
Stabilizer legs

Using one of our ~20lb Specialized Roubaix we’ve also noticed that the clamp head flexes under load. This allows for the bicycle to have some play even when fully clamped. However, the clamp still holds the bicycle well even at unstable angles such as tilted forward. The repair stand also includes the wheel stabilizer rod, intended to prevent the front wheel from moving. It’s simple rod with two rubber straps at each end, but doesn’t hold up well to use. Within a few uses, we found the rubber straps were already stretched and ripped. The design is less useful than the wheel stabilizer hooks offered by other companies.


Overall, the Maxxhaul repair stand is impressive for the low cost. While it doesn’t have the anodized finish and easy to use controls of more expensive stands, the stand is stable and feels well designed. The adjustable clamp is easy to use and can rotate 360 degrees allowing for easy bicycle positioning. If you’re looking for an affordable repair stand and have the space for it, this is a great option.

Disclaimer: The product for this review was provided by MaxxHaul. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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