Many modern cycling products have non-serviceable designs or utilize cheap materials that only last a few years. That’s why we’re excited to be reviewing the MOTO urban flat pedals which combine a sleek modern design with high-quality materials. MOTO is a small German company that makes a few variations of the pedals from their original wood Classic to the budget friendly plastic Reflex. The main feature of the pedals are their low profile flat designs which ensure you’ll never hit your shin on exposed bolts or metal pedals. The $176 Classic pedals are one of their most iconic products and feature a distinctive lacquered wood frame. Their more affordable $74 Reflex pedals use a similar low profile design but use a composite body and have reflective stickers for additional visibility. MOTO also offers the Classic pedals in multiple colors as well as different grip tape designs to allow you to fully customize the pedal appearance.

The MOTO Classic and Reflex flat pedals have sleek low profile designs with fully serviceable and customizable designs.

Retail Price$74 (Reflex) / $176 (Classic)
Rating9.0 / 10
Measured Weight (in g)343 (Reflex), 346 (Classic)
Likes+ Minimalist design
+ Classic version’s wood finish is gorgeous to look at
+ Fully serviceable design and replaceable grips
Dislikes– Boutique pricing
Where to Buy (US)MOTO (Reflex), MOTO (Classic)


The MOTO pedals come in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with a center cutout that lets you see and interact with the pedals. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Flat pedals
  • Allen key for servicing pedals
  • Instruction manual

MOTO also sells replacement grip tapes and service kits with grease and o-rings separately.


The MOTO pedals are designed with the principle of long-lasting design and smart yet beautiful construction. That has led the company to develop these sleek and minimalist style urban pedals with simple constructions that are fully serviceable. We have the two main variations of the pedal here, the Classic which has an attractive wooden frame and the more affordable Reflex variation with a composite body. Both of the pedals use the same low profile design with a grippy coarse grit grip tape for traction on each side of the pedal. Unlike traditional metal flat pedals which have hollow designs or raised edges the MOTO pedals have an oversized 76.25 x 92mm profile and flat design. This shin-friendly design is perfect for commuters or urban riders as you can wear any shoe style confidently.

MOTO Urban Flat Bike Pedal Bike Commute Review - Grip Tape Closeup
One of the best features of the pedals is the non-slip grip tape on both sides of the pedals which keeps your feet firmly in place regardless of the weather.

One of MOTO’s original and most iconic pedals are the Classic pedals which have a unique lacquered wooden frame. It’s a beautiful design that has contrasting layers of wood that wrap around the pedal. The edges of the pedal are cut at parallel~45 degree angles which give the pedals a parallelogram side profile. Not only are the Classic pedals the best looking variation but they also feature the lightest CNC machined and hollowed chromoly-steel axle. The Classic pedals also have a 5mm pedal adjustment width which is useful for those with larger shoes. Note, MOTO also offers a $123.99 “Colour” variation of the pedal which uses a hardened-steel axle and is currently offered in white or black color options.

MOTO Urban Flat Bike Pedal Bike Commute Review - Top View
Whether your choose the Reflex or Classic version of the pedals, they both have low profile designs with a large flat surface area that allow you to ride confidently.

If you’re a fan of the low profile design of MOTO pedals but are on a budget then the Reflex pedals are a great compromise. The Reflex pedals replace the wood frame with a composite body and vertical side profiles with reflective stickers on them. MOTO offers a variety of sticker colors from white to pink to add a little style to the otherwise black pedals. These lower-cost pedals also have a slightly heavier solid stainless steel axle. The reflective stickers are interchangeable 3M reflective stripes which means you can always refresh or swap the reflective sticker in the future.

Unlike Shimano SPD-SL or LOOK Keo pedals which have integrated sealed bearings the MOTO pedals have a simple two load-bearing shell design. O-rings on the axle prevent dirt or debris from getting into the pedal body while nuts underneath the grip tape hold each side together. Servicing the pedals requires heating up the grip tape, the tape can be re-used multiple times, to expose the nuts to clean and re-grease the axles. It’s a modular design that lets you service each part of the pedal while retaining a clean look by concealing the hardware. MOTO recommends using their pedal grease or equivalent lightweight synthetic greases when servicing the pedals.


We installed the Classic pedals on our Priority Ace of Spades commuter bike and the Reflex pedals on our Troxus Lynx e-bike. Both pedals can be installed with a standard 8mm Allen key, but note the non-driver side is reverse threaded as all pedals are. With their wide platforms and non-slip grip tapes, both pedals offer a secure and confident feel throughout the pedal stroke. We’re particularly impressed with the Classic pedal’s wood frame which looks and feels premium from any angle. Even after a few hundred miles, both pedals still feel smooth and don’t show signs of wear. Once the pedals do start to show signs of wear, we’re excited to swap the black grip tape for optional ace of spades pattern to give the bike even more style.

MOTO Urban Flat Bike Pedal Bike Commute Review - Side View On Bike
With it’s wood finish and angular edges the MOTO Classic is a beautiful bike pedal that adds style and grace to any bike.


Overall, we found the MOTO pedals to be well built and comfortable pedals. MOTO’s unique low profile and oversized platform provide confidence to ride in any weather or shoe style. Even with the simplified load-bearing shell design and modular design, the pedals feel smooth and have no exposed hardware for a premium look. We appreciate that MOTO has designed the pedals to be fully serviceable and offers affordable refresh kits and grip tape replacements. The Classic pedal’s lacquered wood finish is one of the best looking pedals we’ve come across and can set nearly any bike apart from the crowd. Due to the small size of MOTO and the fact that they are made in Germany even the composite Reflex pedals are quite expensive for a flat pedal. That said, if you’re looking for stylish and functional flat pedals designed with serviceability then it’s hard to beat the MOTO pedals.

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