Ornot is a San Francisco based cycling apparel brand that was designed to handle the varying microclimates the area is known for. In this review, we’ll be specifically looking at two items in their lineup: the Micro Grid Long Sleeve jersey and the Cargo Bib Shorts. Both items utilize sustainable materials, high tech fabrics and have premium brand-free designs. The Micro Grid Long Sleeve jersey retails for $162 and is rated for 56-70 degree Fahrenheit temperature range. One of the key features of the jersey is the Polartec Power Grid material which offers breathability and moisture wicking. The Cargo Bib Short retails for $184 and features four pockets for carrying gear and food. Reflective detailing and Endurance Chamois ensure comfort and safety with the bib shorts. Together the jersey and bib shorts are a great cool weather kit and for layering.

The Ornot Micro Grid Long Sleeve Jersey and Cargo Bib Short are versatile and comfortable apparel for any time of weather.

Cargo Bib ShortMicro Grid Long Sleeve
RatingDesign:  A
Size: A
Comfort: A
Design:  A
Size: A
Retail Price$184$162
Likes+ Premium non-branded appearance and color scheme
+ Polartec Micro Grid offers warmth and breathability
+ Versatile jersey that works in wide range of weather
+ Enough storage for any length of ride or discipline
+ Comfortable and supportive shammy
+ Wide bib shorts with no pressure points
Dislikes– No graphic color schemes– n/a
Where to Buy (US)OrnotOrnot


The Ornot Cargo Bib Shorts combine the brand’s knowledge and feedback they gained from their popular House Bib Shorts but add more features and pockets. Ornot offers the Cargo Bib Shorts in three different color schemes: olive, black and stone blue. We have the stone blue, which is a darker shade of blue that pairs well with Ornot’s subdued color palette. While it lacks the visual pop of graphic kits like the Pearl iZUMi PRO, the color schemes pair well with just about anything. The bib shorts are constructed with recycled fabric which even includes the chamois with a soft and stretchy material. As with Ornot’s other products, branding is almost non-existent which gives the bib shorts a premium appearance.

Ornot Micro Grid Long Sleeve / Cargo Bib Short Cycling Kit Review - Bib Short Pockets
The Cargo Bib Shorts offer performance and storage with a side pocket on each side and two pockets on the rear as well.

The bib straps consist of  two soft and stretchy straps that go over each shoulder and connect to a center attachment point. Each strap is wide and elastic to eliminate any pressure points or chafing. The front of the bib shorts are elastic and slightly lower to make bathroom stops easier. As the cargo name implies, these bib shorts also offer quite a bit of storage. There is a side pocket on each leg with a nice mesh cover that’s perfect for storing snacks or other small items. There are an additional two rear pockets with transparent mesh covers that are large enough for modern phones. It’s a nice feature that lets you carry more gear on the bike or leave your saddle bag at home for shorter rides.

The Cargo Bib Shorts also feature the new Endurance chamois pad. This utilizes a multi-density foam construction with a center split for comfort on short or long rides. These shorts also feature a longer inseam with fairly long legs to provide additional coverage and space for the pockets. To keep the leg cuffs in place there are also silicone-free leg grippers. Note, Ornot specifically advises against using aerosol spray sunscreen as it can damage the grippers over time. Otherwise, the bib shorts have a sleek form fitting design that uses minimal seams.


Ornot’s Micro Grid jerseys were specifically designed to handle varying temperatures and offer warmth and breathability. The jerseys have the same light weight fabric as the Ornot’s House jerseys but utilize the Polartec Power Grid structure. The jerseys are offered in short sleeve variations or the long sleeve we have here. This is the Americano color scheme which has a brown color scheme with a yellow front facing zipper for some additional color. What you’ll notice is that there is almost no branding on the exterior of the jersey which gives it a premium appearance. The jersey has a contoured design with minimal seams to optimize the fit.

Ornot Micro Grid Long Sleeve / Cargo Bib Short Cycling Kit Review - Jersey Front
The Micro Grid jersey has an attractive grid pattern with a premium appearance and breathability.

The jersey has a full length front YKK zipper with a bright yellow finish that provides some contrast against the primary brown color. There is a short collar and zipper garage at the top for additional comfort. The arms use Raglan sleeve design which eliminates the usual seam along the shoulder and provides additional range of motion. To the touch, the fabric has a wool-like texture with a visible Polartec Power Grid structure. You can see the gaps between the fabric which help promote airflow when the jersey is worn by itself and adds warmth when paired with a jacket. Rather than adding an Ornot logo on the chest, there is only a logo on the fabric tag which gives the jersey a high-end look.

Ornot Micro Grid Long Sleeve / Cargo Bib Short Cycling Kit Review - Jersey Rear
The jersey has a split rear panel design with three standard pockets for carrying gear and food.

On the rear of the jersey there is a standard three pocket setup with deep pockets. There are also reflective hit points with subtle tags on the edge and on the top of the right pocket. The rear pattern is also unusual with a two piece design with a seam running horizontally along the center. It’s not clear what the purpose of the split design is but all the grid patterns line up well. There is also a standard extended drop tail which provides additional coverage when riding in aggressive aero positions.


Our 6’1” 165lb test rider wore the size medium jersey and bib shorts for a comfortable but racy fit. The fit is elastic and form fitting but quite elastic which means it conforms around your body. In particular, the Polartec Power Grid material on the jersey is softer than typical jersey material. Being on the coast, we found the long sleeve jersey and bib shorts perfect for mixed climates as the material provides insulation against cool mornings yet is breathable for warmer afternoons. As the weather gets even colder, it’s easy to layer up by adding a base layer under the jersey and a jacket on top of it. We found the fit on both items to be on par with premium kits like Velocio / Q36.5 and we appreciated the understated design.


Overall, we found the Ornot Micro Grid Long Sleeve Jersey and Cargo Bib Shorts to be well designed and comfortable. Both apparel items have premium looks with subdued colors and minimal branding that’s consistent with Ornot’s designs. We were particularly impressed with the Micro Grid Long Sleeve Jersey which has a unique Polartec Power Grid structure that provides warmth and breathability. The jersey is perfect for mixed weather riding and can be worn comfortably in a wide range of temperatures with proper layering. Similarly, the Cargo Bib Shorts offer four integrated pockets for carrying extra gear and have a very comfortable chamois. The only real downside of both items is that the color scheme is pretty subdued and the premium price points. That said, if you’re in the market for versatile yet comfortable cycling apparel then it’s definitely worth trying out Ornot.

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