Helmet mounted lights not only supplement a handlebar mount light output but also help you see around corners as they rotate with your head. All helmet lights are not created equal though, as beam optics and features can vary drastically between brands. That’s what motivated Outbound Lighting to develop the Hangover bike helmet light. Not only is the Hangover a slim and lightweight light, it features an optimized beam pattern specifically for helmet mounting.  Despite being designed and assembled in Chicago, Illinois the Hangover has an affordable $135 retail price. Outbound Lighting has also recently replaced the shell with a unique thermally conductive polymer which helps reduce the weight and improve durability. This is a wireless light with an integrated 3500 mAh battery and USB-C charging port. The six LEDs are capable of approximately 1000 lumens and generate a wide smooth beam.

The Outbound Lighting Hangover combines a slim profile with engineered optics into a perfect helmet mounted headlight.

Retail Price$135
Rating9.1 / 10
Measured Weight (g) 152 (light), 42 (handlebar mount), 22 (GoPro adapter)
Likes+ Slim profile that well suited for helmet mounting
+ Simple GoPro mounting and lightweight construction
+ User friendly menu and battery indicator
Dislikes– Lacks a remote
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The Outbound Lighting Hangover comes in a simple square cardboard box with branding printed directly on it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Hangover helmet light
  • GoPro mount with adhesive base
  • USB-C to USB-A charging cable
  • Instruction manual

The Hangover light sits in a form-fitting cardboard holder which keeps the light securely in place. As with other Outbound Lighting products the design is simple and eco-friendly without excessive plastic or packaging material that simply gets thrown away.


With its built-in GoPro compatible attachment at the light, the Outbound Lighting Hangover can easily be attached to helmets using the provided mount or third-party mounts. Outbound Lighting includes a curved GoPro mount that can be attached to the top of your helmet. The included mount requires a smooth surface to mount to which is why Outbound Lighting also offers an optional $5 notched or wide mount bases to accommodate helmets with vents down the center or peaks. These days there are quite a few helmets such as the Lazer Jackal MIPS which include a GoPro mount right out of the box or as optional accessories. Once you find the appropriate mount, the Hangover can securely be attached with easy angle adjustments thanks to the swivel design of a GoPro attachment. The lightweight of the Hangover light also means the light is comfortable to ride with.

Outbound Lighting Hangover Bike Helmet Light Review - Side View
What’s unique about the Hangover is the compact and wide form factor which makes it perfect for helmet mounting.


Outbound Lighting has developed the Hangover specifically for helmet mounting which is why the light has such a distinctive shape. It’s a compact light with a wide 6 LED lens and is dimensionally similar to the size of playing cards. The wide but shallow shape of the light allows it to sit flush against the helmet and offer a full range of angle adjustments. Outbound Lighting has recently updated the Hangover light’s shell to use the same thermally conductive polymer material used on the Outbound Lighting Detour. It’s a slightly sticky feeling texture with a matte finish that makes it easy to grip the light while being highly durable. On top of the light you’ll find a single rubber button surrounded by a raised ridge. The ridge not only makes it easier to find the button by touch, but also prevents the button from accidentally being pressed while in a bag or traveling.

Outbound Lighting Hangover Bike Helmet Light Review - LED Closeup
The Hangover uses six horizontally placed LEDs along with vertical deflectors to create an even and distributed beam.

To the left of the button are four LED indicators. These are used to indicate the current battery status while the light is on and also have unique patterns for each mode which are briefly shown each time you switch modes. It’s not as complicated as the dot-matrix style display we’ve seen with lights like the Moon Sport Rigel Power with the constant modes illuminated single LEDs from right to left and the flash patterns using combinations of two LEDs. On the underside of the Hangover you’ll find the USB-C port underneath a thick rubber cover. The light supports pass-through charging which means you can use an external battery pack to extend the runtime of the light.

Outbound Lighting knows people do not read user manuals, which is why the Hangover has a single power button and two level menu. A single press turns the light on and then cycles through four constant modes: adaptive, high, medium and low. Adaptive mode is a clever mode that starts in high mode and then ramps down over time as your eyes adjust to the brightness to extend the runtime. To access the daytime strobe and nighttime flash modes you have to hold the power button for 3 seconds with the light off. While accessing the sub-menu option isn’t that obvious, it keeps the flash modes entirely separated from constant modes. That means you’ll never accidentally blind yourself while switching between intensities. Switching between modes requires using the top power button as there is no remote currently offered with the light.


Outbound Lighting has incorporated six output modes into the Hangover with four constant modes and two flash options. The three standard constant modes are: high (100% brightness / 72 min), medium (63%, 170 min) and low (37% / 550 min). There is an additional “adaptive” mode option which extends the runtime to 100 minutes by starting in the full power high mode and then ramping down to 74% brightness gradually. For additional visibility there are even two flash modes: daytime strobe (390 min) and a nighttime flash (180 min). Both flash modes keep the center LEDs constant while flashing the outer LEDs. Daytime strobe has a high frequency strobe effect while nighttime flash has a more gentle ramping plus short strobe that’s better suited for nighttime riding.

Outbound Lighting Hangover Bike Helmet Light Review - Beam Shot
The Hangover has a smooth and wide beam that helps you see around corners or quickly identify obstacles on the trail.

The Hangover produces a smooth and wide beam thanks to the six LED setup and vertical diffusers on the lens. In the higher settings it’s bright enough to be used on its own for slower speed trail riding while medium mode or adaptive work well when paired with a handlebar light like the Outbound Lighting Evo or Magicshine Monteer 8000S. The wide beam is perfect for seeing around corners and for quickly identifying obstacles on the trail. Although you can use the Hangover as a handlebar light for commuting or daytime riding, it really shines as a helmet light on trails. The Hangover’s lack of a beam cutoff makes it less friendly on bike trails but ideal for illuminating dark trails.


Overall, we found the Outbound Lighting Hangover to be a well designed and compact helmet light. The narrow form factor and wide six LED lens produce a wide beam and make it easy to mount on helmets. We were impressed with the beam of the Hangover which generates smooth and uniform output that lets you see around corners and lights up obstacles in your path. Combined with a handlebar light setup, the lightweight Hangover gives you confidence to ride even when the sun isn’t out. The Hangover has enough runtime to satisfy most riders and offers a USB-C port with pass-through charging to let you keep riding. Our only nice-to-have request would have been a wireless remote to make switching between modes more seamless while riding. That said, if you’re looking for a compact and bright helmet light that won’t weigh you down then the Outbound Lighting Hangover is an excellent option.

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