The Dual Blaze 1500 is one of Planet Bike’s brightest headlights to date and puts out 1500 lumens from the dual LED setup. Designed to light up the night, the Dual Blaze combines modern technology with Planet Bike’s iconic Superflash output mode. The Dual Blaze 1500 retails for $100 and features dual Nichia LEDs. Runtime range from 2.5 hours to 45 hours using the integrated 5000 mAh Samsung Li-ion battery. Recharging the light can be done in 3.5 hours using a fast-charging USB-C port which even supports USB C2C charging. The Dual Blaze 1500 even features Planet Bike’s iconic Superflash mode for daytime visibility.

The Planet Bike Dual Blaze 1500 is an all-in-one 1500 lumen output headlight with a dual LED design.

Retail Price$100
Measured Weight (in g) 166 (headlight) / 26 (mount)
Likes+ Well priced
+ Dual LED design has well balanced beam
+ Fast charging USB-C that supports USB C2C
Dislikes– Proprietary mount
– Lacks a multilevel battery status indicator
– Have to cycle through flash to adjust output level
Where to Buy (US)Planet Bike


The Dual Blaze 1500 comes in a Planet Bike’s simple with distinctive circular patterns printed on it. You can also easily interact with the light as it’s directly mounted on the exterior. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Dual Blaze 1500 headlight
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Cam Mount
  • Instruction manual

Note the light is shipped in lock-out mode with a reminder sticker next to the power button. Simply hold the power button for about 5 seconds to unlock the light and operate it normally.


The Planet Bike Dual Blaze 1500 uses a proprietary cam-style handlebar mount. Although we would have preferred a more universal Garmin quarter turn style mount, the cam design is easy to use and tool free. The mount features a large thumb screw at the end of a hinged screw that can quickly be installed or removed from handlebars. It’s very similar to the Planet Bike Dual Beamer 120’s A3 Cam mount and Fenix BC26R mounts but wider and thicker to accommodate the heavier weight. The mount is designed to work with 22, 26 or 31.8 mm handlebars by unscrewing the top cover and moving the strap attachment point between three locations. Although the handlebar diameter adjustment requires a tool, it’s a more practical design than traditional rubber spacers which can easily be lost.

Planet Bike Dual Blaze 1500 Headlight Review - Side View
Although we would have preferred a Garmin quarter turn style mount, the Dual Blaze 1500 uses a quick release cam style mount.


The Dual Blaze 1500 is a fairly large all-in-one style headlight that utilizes a dual LED design. It’s a two piece design with what appears to be a metal upper piece and a plastic lower with integrated mount. Most of the body is dominated by the 5000 mAh Li-ion battery which appears to be similar in size to dual 18650 Li-ion battery lights such as the Magicshine Monteer 1400. Chevron patterns are embossed on the rear portion of the headlight housing to help with heat dissipation and make it easy to hold the Dual Blaze 1500 like a flashlight. Although it’s not the sleekest headlight on the market, it’s a highly functional design with a built-in top lens cover to eliminate glare when riding out of the saddle.

Planet Bike Dual Blaze 1500 Headlight Review - Lens
The Dual Blaze combines two different beams, a more diffuse right beam with a standard cone beam on the left.

Planet Bike has utilized a dual beam design by incorporating different lenses on each of the LEDs. The left LED has horizontal diffusers to create more of a flood style beam while the right LED has a traditional cone shaped spot style beam. There are also thoughtful details such as lens cutouts on the side help with side visibility which is particularly important at intersections. The LEDs use modern compact  total internal reflectors (TIR) and are well spaced to provide wide coverage. Charging the light is also fast and easy with the USB-C charging port on the rear which means you can share the same charging cables with your phone or other modern accessories. Unfortunately there is no built-in battery status checker such as those found on the Magicshine RN 1500 or Fenix BC26R. Instead there is simply a low battery status indicator that illuminates behind the power button.

Planet Bike Dual Blaze 1500 Headlight Review - Lens Housing
With 5000mAh battery capacity, most of the lens housing is taken up by the internal battery with chevron fins.

The light has a single button interface with a large rubber button mounted on top of the housing. It’s easy to use with gloves and is backlit when charging or to show low battery status. Planet Bike has kept the menu simple with a single level interface and only four output modes. A single press cycles through the three constant modes and a Superflash mode. The light has mode memory which means it always returns back to the same mode you shut it off on. There is also a lock-out mode which can be enabled or disabled by holding the power button for 5 seconds. It’s a convenient mode that ensures the light doesn’t actually turn on while traveling or being stored.


The Planet Bike Dual Blaze 1500 offers three different constant modes and a flash output mode. Low constant mode uses the left side wide LED and puts out 400 lumen with a claimed runtime of 12 hours. Medium is 6 hours / 800 lumen while the max high setting is 2.5 hours / 1600 lumen. The light also has Planet Bike’s iconic Superflash mode which is a 1500 lumen irregular flash pattern. We’re happy that Planet Bike stuck to only four modes as it’s more than enough for most riders and makes good use of the dual LEDs. The downside of the one level interface is that you do always have to cycle through flash mode to change the output intensity which can be quite distracting.

On the road, the different beam patterns of the left and right LEDs are easy to distinguish from each other. With only four modes and big jumps between lumen output its also easy to tell which mode the light is currently on. We found the medium and high modes most useful for night time riding as it uses both LEDs and illuminates the road. Superflash on the other hand is perfect for daytime riding and has a generous runtime. Although daytime-only lights such as the Bontrager Ion RT or Topeak Headlux 450 are more compact, the Dual Blaze has enough output for mountain biking or fast nighttime riding.


Overall, we found the Planet Bike Dual Blaze 1500 to be a powerful and easy to use light. With 1500 lumen output and a dual LED design, the Dual Blaze is perfect for nighttime riding or even mountain biking. While the Dual Blaze may lack some features such as a multi-level battery status checker or a Garmin mount, the light has a simple one-level interface and modern USB-C charging. We also found the Superflash mode to be quite useful for daytime riding as it attracts attention and has multi-day battery runtimes. The combination of the simple four-output mode setup and quick release mount make the Dual Blaze a great option for those looking for a versatile but bright bike headlight.

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