While you can use compact torque wrenches and torque drivers for smaller components like stems and seat posts that specify low torque values, some jobs require something larger. Specifically, maintenance items such as cassettes or bottom brackets have torque values of 40 N-m or higher which is beyond the range of smaller torque wrenches. That’s where the Pro Bike Tool 3/8″ Torque Wrench shines with its 10-60 N-m range and 0.5 N-m micro adjustments. With a stainless steel construction and dual direction ratcheting head, the torque wrench makes short work of most jobs. As with other Pro Bike Tool products, the torque wrench is competitively priced at $84.99 which includes a plastic carrying case to store the torque wrench as well as the included adapters and a 75mm extension bar.

The Pro Bike Tool 3/8″ torque wrench is easy to adjust between 10-60 N-m range with 0.5 increments and has a strong click when torque is reached.

Retail Price$84.99
Measured Weight (in g)652 (wrench) / 424 (case + accessories)
Likes+ Competitively priced
+ Includes well designed storage case
+ Strong click when torque value is reached
Dislikes– No bits included
– Only offered in polished finish
– Confusing dual Nm/ Ft-lb labels
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The Pro Bike Tool Torque wrench comes in a long cardboard box with minimalist red and white graphics. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Carrying case
  • Torque Wrench
  • 75mm extension
  • ⅜” to ¼” adapter
  • ⅜” to ½” adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • Calibration certification

The carrying case is well designed with bright white graphics and textured exterior for easy handling.


With a polished steel body and wide handle, the torque wrench has a premium appearance and feel to it. The handle portion is black with knurling to improve grip while the body and head are polished. While we would have preferred the sleeker anodized black / red colors that Pro Bike Tool offers on their other wrenches, this torque wrench looks at home in a bicycle shop or at your home shop. There is minimal branding with black Pro Bike Tool logo on the main body and both N-m and Ft-lb labels. The torque wrench is optimized for N-m with range from 10-60 N-m with 0.5 N-m increments, while Ft-lb range and increments are non integer numbers to match marking locations.

Pro Bike Tool Wrench - Box
The wrench comes with a convenient box as well as two adapters and an extender.

Unlike the smaller Pro Bike Tool  ½” torque wrench set, this larger wrench doesn’t include any additional bits. Instead Pro Bike Tool includes two adapters for ⅜” to ¼” and ½” as well as a 75mm extension for tight to reach bolts. The adapters and extension fit well with only minimal play and are easy to install or remove. With the adapters, it’s easy to use the torque wrench for various jobs as you can configure it to use ¼”, ½”, or ⅜” compatible bits. We’re also fans of the carrying case which holds the torque wrench and attachments securely. The combination of the two buckle latching mechanism and textured exterior make it perfect for storing or traveling with the torque wrench.


Due to the higher torque range, the size of the wrench is more substantial which makes it a bit more cumbersome to use due to the weight. However, the combination of the length of the handle and knurling provides great leverage. Torque adjustments are easy as the release collar is spring loaded and easy to use with a few fingers. We did find the two level N-m and Ft-lb micro adjustments confusing to use, as the labels are hard to read. If they were color coded or had more obvious separation, it would improve the usability. Otherwise, it’s easy to install bits with the release button on the head and quickly switch directions with the toggle. Also the torque wrench has a strong click to indicate the specified torque value has been reached making it easy to avoid exceeding torque specs.

Pro Bike Tool Wrench - Increments
The Pro Bike Tool wrench has a dual level N-m and ft-lb increment indicator that is a bit confusing.


Overall, the Pro Bike Tool ⅜” Torque wrench is well constructed and competitively priced. With torque settings from 10-60 N-m with 0.5 N-m increments, the torque wrench makes short work of most jobs. The reversible head and quick release bit means you can also use the torque wrench for right hand or left hand bolts. Although Pro Bike Tool doesn’t include any bits with the torque wrench, they do include two adapters and an extension bar. Combined with the plastic case, it’s easy to store the torque wrench or bring it along as a part of a tool kit. The only negatives we found with it are the confusing two level N-m and Ft-lb labels for the increments. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a torque wrench that is calibrated for a wider range of values, the Pro Bike Tool ⅜” is a great value.

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