Whether you have one or one too many bikes, floor stands can be a great portable way to store bikes. You don’t have to worry about drilling holes in walls or plugging them after taking it down as floor stands are self supported. The Pro Bike Tool Floor Stand is a $54.99 stand that combines a steel construction with a wide range of compatibility. Pro Bike Tool claims the floor stand works with tires between 0.7-2.2” wide and upto 30 kg / 66.2 lb weight capacity. The stand uses a folding swing arm design and two wide legs that provide a secure grip on the tires. The swing arm can be folded flat for compact storage or opened up to store or display road bikes, mountain bikes or even E-bikes.

The Pro Bike Tool Floor Stand combines a durable steel construction with a stable wheel cradle to support a variety of bikes.

Retail Price$54.99
Rating9.0 / 10
Likes+ Premium build quality
+ Hinged wheel cradles support variety of tires
+ Durable design supports upto 66.2 lb bikes
Dislikes– Non-folding legs
– Swing arm doesn’t have a button to close
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The floor stand comes in a large Pro Bike Tool branded cardboard box with specs printed directly on it. Inside the box you’ll find the stand partially disassembled to reduce the package size with all the hardware in simple plastic bags. The only assembly required are the two legs which attach with allen bolts. Pro Bike Tool also includes optional rubber spacers that can be used to level the stand.


The Pro Bike Tool Floor Stand has a standard swing arm mechanism which is a combination of a steel base and a spring loaded arm that tilts backwards to securely hold the bike tire. The arm can also be folded flat by pushing it and then pulling it back to fold nearly flat. On the base of the stand are two fixed steel tube legs with simple rubber end caps. While it is still a portable design,  the legs are not foldable like the Topeak Lineup stand so even when folded, it isn’t compact enough to fit in a backpack. Pro Bike Tool only offers the stand in a black glossy finish.

Pro Bike Tool Bike Floor Stand Review - Rubber Floor Grips
To improve stability, the floor stand uses two wide arms with rubber non-slip pads.

What sets this stand apart from others like the MaxxHaul floor stand is that Pro Bike Tool has incorporated premium details like the bottom wheel cradle which replaces the standard curved steel plate with two hinged elements. As the tire rolls onto the mount, the hinged cradles tilt until the tires are fully seated. This adjustable design allows a wide range of tires to work with the stand without any modification. The top of the wheel is also supported using a cone shaped plastic part that applies pressure downward onto the tire to hold it in place.

Pro Bike Tool Bike Floor Stand Review - Locking Swing Arm
Rather than using buttons the Pro Bike Tool Floor Stand uses a spring loaded cradle that requires you to just extend it and then pull it back to fold it.


To put the Pro Bike Tool Floor Stand to the test, we tried it with a variety of bikes from our light and fast Specialized Tarmac to our around-the-town Priority Ace of Spades. In either case, the stand worked well and provided a very stable storage solution. The combination of the hinged wheel cradle and spring loaded swing arm hold the bike securely in place. Once the bike is on the mount, it takes a little force to pull it out minimizing the risk of the bike falling out. Our only usability concern is that the swing arm design doesn’t have a button to allow it to collapse. Instead, you need to remember to push and then pull it back to fold it flat.

Pro Bike Tool Bike Floor Stand Review - Adjustable Wheel Holder
A simple cone shaped attachment at the end of the swing arm holds the top of the tire in place when the bike in the stand.


Overall, we found the Pro Bike Tool Floor Stand to be a stable and well made bike stand. With its steel construction and secure wheel cradles, the stand works well with a variety of bikes. The 66.2 lb weight capacity means the stand can also easily be used with heavy E-bikes which is a great added feature. Although the floor stand isn’t as space efficient as vertical stands, it’s far more portable and can easily fold flat when not being used. We appreciate the premium touches such as the hinged bottom wheel cradle which is a clever way to accommodate a variety of tire widths. The main disadvantages of this stand is the fact that the legs are non-folding and the lack of a physical button to close the swing arm for storage. That said, if you’re looking for a well designed floor stand that accommodates a variety of bikes and tires, the Pro Bike Tool Floor Stand is a great option.

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