For those looking for modern optics and frames without oversized or overstyled designs, ROKA has you covered with their new Lockhart sunglasses. Available in both prescription and non-prescription options, the Lockhart sunglasses offer a vintage silhouette with modern materials and lenses. Despite the thick cut frames, the Lockhart offers lightweight performance with TR-90 nylon construction and ROKA’s C3 lens options. Retail price varies from $170 for standard lenses and $195 for polarized options. ROKA offers multiple frame colors from modern gloss Black to transparent tortious, White, and Bourbon colors. As with other ROKA sunglasses, the Lockhart features no-slip GEKO material on the temples and nose pads for a comfortable fit.

The ROKA Lockhart sunglasses combine modern performance and optics with vintage inspired rectangular design.

Retail Price$170 / $195 (Polarized Lens)
RatingDesign: A
Optics: A
Comfort: A
Value: B+
Measured weight (in g)24
Likes+ Retro styling
+ Includes multiple nose pad options
+ C3 lens offer crisp optics and clarity
Dislikes– Premium price
– Tool is required for nose pad removal
– Does not come with a hard case
Where to Buy (US)ROKA


The ROKA Lockhart sunglasses come well packaged in a sleek white cardboard box with a black paper sleeve around it and glossy ROKA logos. One unique feature is that the top lid of the cardboard box has a magnetic lid to hold it in place. Inside you’ll find:

  • Lockhart sunglasses
  • Fabric carrying bag
  • Two additional swappable nose pads and tool
  • Info pamphlet with lens information
  • ROKA stickers

Surprisingly, ROKA does not include a zippered hard case with the sunglasses which is common at this price point.


Unlike other performance running or cycling sunglasses, the Lockhart’s have a restrained retro styling. ROKA describes the Lockhart sunglasses as future-forward and retro-inspired. Marketing jargon aside, the sunglasses have a vintage silhouette with rectangular profile and thick cut frames. ROKA offers multiple frame colors from modern gloss black to more retro transparent tortious, White, and Bourbon colors. In the gloss Black and Gold Mirror Lens combination we chose, the Lockharts have a unique combination of vintage and modern elements. The thick frame may look heavy but because it uses the TR-90 nylon construction, it weighs only 24 grams which is the same as the semi-frameless ROKA Matador Air sunglasses.

ROKA Lockhart Sunglasses Review - Side View
Despite the visually thick frame appearance, the Lockhart sunglasses are lightweight and robust.

Branding is limited to ROKA printed on the temple arms next to small horizontal metal accents at each corner. Unlike other performance sunglasses such as the Oakley Kato which have large nose pads with built in hooks, the ROKA Lockhart has small non-slip GEKO rubber inserts. There is an included tool similar to what you’ll find on cell phone SIM card slot openers that has a small pin at the end to remove the nose pad. There are three available sizes with size 2 pre-installed which should allow the Lockhart to be compatible with a variety of faces. Speaking of fit, the temple arms use the same non-slip GEKO rubber material on the ends to help the sunglasses stay in place. To allow the sunglasses to expand, the temple arms are hinged which allows them to flex outward easily.

ROKA Lockhart Sunglasses Review - Top View
The Lockhart sunglasses have a classic flat lens and straight temples.


The Lockharts are available with ROKA’s premium C3 lens in both prescription and non-prescription options. The C3 lens’s offer distortion free optics and various coatings applied to them to keep them scratch and dirt free. With the lifestyle design of the sunglasses, the lenses themselves are nearly flat. We chose the Gold Mirror lens because they not only look cool but also offer CAT 3 filtering with 16% VLT which works well for sunny weather. The dark bronze base tint on the lenses also helps increase contrast and enhances green and yellow colors. As with other premium lenses from POC or Bollé, the Matador Air also has clear and distortion-free optics. We found the sunglasses worked well for commuting, running, or even going around town.

ROKA Lockhart Sunglasses Review - Temples
ROKA has incorporated their non-slip GEKO rubber on the temple arms and nose pads.


At only 24 grams, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing the Lockhart sunglasses. We found the GEKO rubber nose pads and temples arms helped keep the sunglasses in place even while running or doing other strenuous activity. The combination of the nylon frames and the hinged temples also allow the Lockhart sunglasses to fit a variety of faces or over thick beanies or helmet straps. We found the pre-installed size 2 nose pads fit well with our face and worked well even on warmer days.


Overall, we found the ROKA Lockhart sunglasses to be comfortable and well styled sunglasses. Instead of using an oversized or overstyled frame design, the Lockhart uses a more vintage rectangular silhouette that looks great around town or while working out. The modern nylon frame construction keeps the weight of the sunglasses down while the C3 lenses offer crisp options. Although we still prefer oversized sunglasses for cycling, the Lockhart quickly became our favorite for kayaking, running, or just around town thanks to the restrained style. The well integrated and swappable nose pads and temple arms are also comfortable even while doing strenuous sports. If you’re looking for prescription or non-prescription sunglasses that are light enough for sports yet sleek enough for around town then the ROKA Lockhart is a great option.

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