With most cycling sunglasses moving towards larger and larger frame designs, the Bollé Bolt 2.0 is a refreshing alternative. The semi-frameless design features a class wrap-around design with a smooth yet aggressive profile. The Bolt 2.0 retains the original dimensions but with enhanced design and Bollé’s latest Phantom and Volt+ lens options. Retail prices range from $110 for a clear lens upto $170 for photo chromic Phantom lens option. In this review, we’ll be specifically looking at the mid-level $140 titanium matte Bolt 2.0 with Bollé’s violet Volt+ lens. In addition to the interchangeable lens design, the Bolt 2.0 features Thermogrip rubber on the temples and nose pad for a comfortable and non-slip fit. The nose pads also have a four position design that allows the Bolt 2.0 sunglasses to fit a variety of faces.

The Bollé Bolt 2.0 sunglasses retain the original’s classic sports sunglass shape and modernize it with Bollé ’s latest Volt+ and Phantom lens options.

Retail Price$110 – $170 ($140 as tested)
RatingDesign: A
Optics: A
Comfort: A
Value: A-
Measured weight (in g)28
Likes+ Classic styling
+ Excellent color contrast and clarity
+ Etching on lens edges adds premium touch
Dislikes– No customization
– Clear lens is not included with sunglasses
Where to Buy (US)Bollé


The sunglasses are securely packed in a simple cardboard box with Bollé branding on the exterior. You’ll find the following in the box:

  • Bollé Bolt 2.0 sunglasses
  • Zippered hard case
  • Soft fabric carrying pouch
  • Instruction manual and lens info pamphlet

Although the Bolt 2.0 sunglasses have an interchangeable lens design, Bollé doesn’t include a clear lens with sunglasses. Replacement lenses are available separately.


Right out of the box, the Bolt 2.0 looks like the Oakley Radar sunglasses featuring a smooth downward curve along the top of the frame . While the Bolt 2.0 sunglasses retain the same classic sport sunglass design and dimensions as the original Bolt sunglasses, there have been several refinements to modernize them. Visually, the main differences are the refined frame design and temples. The sunglasses still have a semi-frameless design but now feature a larger nose section and subtle bevels along the edges. The laser etching along the bottom half of each lens creates a virtual bottom frame lip, a sleek detail that gives the sunglasses a premium appearance and is similar to the Bollé Lightshifter sunglasses.

Bolle Bolt 2.0 Sunglasses - Front Profile
The Bolt 2.0 sunglasses have the classic semi-frameless design with smooth curves and sharp accent lines on the frame.

Bollé offers the Bolt 2.0 in a variety of colors from traditional matte finishes as you can see with the titanium matte shown in this review to tortoise, forest clear, as well as red matte. Branding is limited to a small Bollé logo on the left lens and Bollé written on the temple arms in a contrasting color. The temples use a snap hinge and have a curved profile which ensures they stay in place even when riding over rough terrain or used when running. There are additional Thermogrip rubber inserts on the inside of the arms that have a non-slip texture for extra peace of mind. Subtle sculpting on the arms means the tips are flexible and also fold compactly when being stored or transported. Although the Bolt 2.0 sunglasses don’t have the in-your-face styling of big sunglasses such as the POC Devour or the Bollé Chronoshields, they look good and feel premium on or off the bike.

Bolle Bolt 2.0 Sunglasses - Curvature
The Bolt 2.0 sunglasses have a high curvature design that provides a wide field of view and confident fit.

VOLT+ Lens

The semi-frameless design provides a wide field of view despite the smaller size of the lens. Having ridden with the Phantom lenses on the Bollé Lightshifter and Chronoshields in the past, we chose to equip the Bolt 2.0 with the Volt+ lenses instead. Although the Volt+ lenses lack the adaptability of the Phanom lens option (a feature we found quite useful to ride with), they boast higher color and depth perception. The Ultraviolet cat 3 lens also has an attractive mirrored-like finish and 16% light transmission which works well for bright conditions. With the polarized finish the full color spectrum is enhanced which makes it easier to spot debris or imperfections on the road. As with other polarized lenses, the Volt+ does create some artifacts such as shiny pothole covers and may not work well with GPS display screens.

Bolle Bolt 2.0 Sunglasses - Lens Shape
Although the Bolt 2.0s don’t the an oversized design, the semi-frameless design provides a wide field of view.


Overall we found the Bollé Bolt 2.0 sunglasses offer clear optics with a classic sports sunglass profile. The sleek silhouette of the sunglasses and highly curved profile provide a wide field of view and a secure fit. We found the Thermogrip temples and adjustable nose pads made it easy to dial in the fit and also prevented the sunglasses from slipping. Unlike oversized sunglasses which can make you look like a 2000’s rapper when worn off the bike, the Bolt 2.0s classic semi-frameless design can easily be worn around town or for other sports. We were also impressed with the Volt+ polarized lenses which boosted color and depth perception making it easier to spot debris or potholes while riding. If you’re looking for versatile performance sunglasses at an affordable price point, we recommend taking a closer look at the refreshed Bolt 2.0.

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