Smith’s new Triad helmet is designed for lightweight and safety across any type of terrain. With its combination of zonal Koroyd and MIPS, the Triad is a lightweight and well ventilated helmet. Smith offers the Triad in two versions, the $190 standard version and a $210 Aleck Crash Sensor equipped version. Both variations feature the integrated MIPS Evolve Core and the VaporFit adjustable retention system. Smith also offers the crash sensor version which uses an Aleck Crash Sensor integrated into the rear adjustment dial. With a USB-C rechargeable design, the crash sensor can detect an impact and notify emergency contacts of your location for additional peace of mind.

The Smith Triad combines multiple safety features such as zonal Koroyd, MIPS and an optional Aleck crash sensor into a lightweight road and gravel helmet.

Retail Price$190 / $210 (w/ Crash Sensor)
Rating9.8 / 10
Measured weight (in g)365 (size medium), 27 (taillight)
Likes+ Multiple safety features with MIPS and zonal Koroyd
+ Well ventilated design and adjustability
+ Crash sensor is integrated directly into the dial
Dislikes– No battery status on crash sensor
Where to Buy (US)Smith


The Smith Triad helmet comes in a compact cardboard helmet box with Smith branding and road graphics printed onto it. The box itself is surprisingly compact compared to previous helmets we’ve reviewed, as the helmet sits at a slight angle. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Triad helmet
  • Pamphlets for MIPS, Koroyd and Aleck crash sensor
  • USB-C charging cable

Note, Smith does not include a fabric travel bag for the helmet is a common feature at this price point.


Visually, the Smith Triad helmet shares the Smith’s distinctive smooth and swoopy design language which makes it easily identifiable. Smith currently offers the standard helmet in six matte color variations: red, navy, black, white as well as two tone yellow / black and a lavender / off-white. The Aleck Crash Sensor equipped helmet is part of a two-tone limited edition matte black and topology color scheme. It’s a unique design which leaves the upper half of the shell as matte black with black Koroyd elements and a contrasting gray lower section with a topology overlay. Even though it’s easy to mistake the topology pattern as a knotty wood texture, it’s an attractive finish that we haven’t seen on other helmets. Otherwise the helmet is quite dark with the only colors being Aleck Crash Sensor written in purple on the rear and the yellow MIPS logo.

Smith Triad Road Cycling Helmet Koroyd MIPS Aleck Crash Sensor Review - Side Profile
The Triad offers a lightly deeper fit for additional protection off road along with large vents and a smooth shape for on-road performance.

The design of the helmet looks quite similar to other Smith helmets such as the Smith Trace with five large vent areas down the front of the helmet and a smooth design. With the black exterior, black foam and black Koroyd elements the vents of the helmet blend in the shell. The front side vents have zonal Koroyd while the other vents are completely open. In terms of profile, the helmet has a slightly deeper fit than traditional road helmets and extended coverage on the rear to provide protection while riding on trails. The vents sizing is also slightly smaller to prevent having debris or branches from going through the vents in an accident.

Smith Triad Road Cycling Helmet Koroyd MIPS Aleck Crash Sensor Review - Rear Profile
The limited edition topographical color scheme pairs a matte black upper section with a gray graphic rear for a unique appearance.

For an additional $20 over the standard Triad helmet, you can choose the Aleck Crash Sensor equipped Triad. With this model the crash sensor is embedded into the rear dial and has a USB-C port off the side for recharging the battery. Conceptually, it’s similar to Specilalized’s ANGi sensor and the crash detection features of Apple devices as it uses an accelerometer to detect a crash. Aleck has used extensive data to calibrate the sensor and can notify your emergency contacts via a cell phone app. Additionally, the sensor will also notify other Aleck app users within approximately 1.8 miles of a crash. While this system still requires a cell phone reception to be able to reach your contacts it’s a seamless feature that gives you a little more peace of mind while riding. Smith has also added the sensor to their other higher end helmets like the Forefront 2, Trace and Payroll.

Inside the helmet you have highly adjustable Smith’s VaporFit retention system. This consists of the rear adjustable dial and a height adjustable rear cradle that clips into place. Thin and flexible plastic extenders connect the rear cradle to the front of the helmet for a secure wrap-around fit. Smith has used standard adjustable Y splitters on the side straps along with a plastic buckle. On the interior of the helmet you can see both the MIPS liner and the zonal Koroyd. The MIPS liner is all black, instead of the iconic yellow color, with vent holes cut throughout it for airflow and has low friction connections to allow the entire retention system to rotate in place. Instead of the high-viz Koroyd green, Smith has used black Koroyd elements that fill in the side vents and provide additional crash protection. Koroyd is an interesting technology that visually looks like straws and helps absorb impacts without blocking airflow or adding weight.


With the crash sensor version of the helmet there is also a standalone Aleck app that has to be downloaded. The app connects with the crash sensor and has to be running to notify others of a potential crash. As with most apps, there is a login required and quite a few permissions including location and notifications for everything to properly function. Once you are logged in you can connect via Bluetooth to the sensor. This requires having the sensor plugged into a USB port which emits a nice beep sound once power is connected and the app is paired. Within the app firmware updates can be installed and you share a link to your emergency contacts.

Unfortunately, it seems your emergency contacts also have to have the Aleck app as you can not directly add phone numbers to have a text message sent. The app itself is also a bit confusing to use with small touch points and a multi-page design that can be easy to get lost in. The app also features a group function which lets you add multiple people into to track their locations in realtime and use a walkie-talkie like chat function which is an interesting feature. You can also use a test feature which puts the helmet in a highly sensitive mode and lets you trigger an alert to verify everything is functioning.


The size medium Smith Triad helmet fit comfortable with plenty of adjustment to accommodate beanies or cycling caps. We’d describe the fit as very similar to other Smith helmets like the Smith Dispatch with an easy to adjust VaporFit retention system. The helmet’s combination of zonal Koroyd and open center vents, the Triad has great ventilation for high-effort sprints or warmer weather. We found that we could still store sunglasses on the helmet, but it’s a bit more difficult to slide them above the Koroyd material. While we were lucky enough to not have to test to Aleck sensor with a real crash, the sleek integration into the rear dial makes it completely hidden.

Smith Triad Road Cycling Helmet Koroyd MIPS Aleck Crash Sensor Review - Helmet Interior
Smith has integrated black zonal Koroyd into the front side vents along with a black MIPS liner for additional safety and air ventilation.


Overall, we found the Smith Triad helmet to be comfortable and well designed. Smith has incorporated a number of great safety features into the construction of the helmet by combining MIPS with zonal Koroyd into sections of the helmet. Additionally, the optional Aleck crash sensor adds additional piece of mind by allowing your emergency contacts or other nearby Aleck app users to get notified if a crash is detected. The Triad helmet combines a lightweight and ventilated design of a road cycling helmet with a slightly deeper profile that’s helpful for gravel riding. We found the helmet to be comfortable and unique in appearance with the limited edition topographical pattern print. The main negative with this helmet is that there is no battery status indicator on the Aleck crash sensor itself, you have to use the app to check the status. That said, the Smith Triad offers a wide range of safety features into a well designed and lightweight cycling helmet.

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