It’s essential to carry tools on your rides so that you can make roadside repairs or quick adjustments. Topeak’s new Nano tools are a set of CNC Machined tools that are compact and portable enough to tuck into a pocket or saddle bag. In this review, we’ll be looking at three of the new multi-tools: the Nano 7, Nano 9 and the Nano 11 which each have a different amount of functions. Retail price ranges from $37.95 for the Nano 7 up to $47.95 for Nano 11 multi-tool. All the multi-tools feature durable CNC machined aluminum body with chrome vanadium steel tools. Topeak has used some clever modular designs to ensure all the Nano tools are compact yet functional.

The Topeak Nano mini-tools are highly portable and compact bike repair tools that can be stored nearly anywhere.

Retail Price$37.95 (Nano 7) / $42.95 (Nano 9) / $47.95 (Nano 11)
Rating8.7 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 45 (Nano 7) / 60 (Nano 9) / 73 (Nano 11)
Likes+ Compact and modular designs
+ Metal bodies with premium finish
+ Tools include essential hex and Torx bits
Dislikes– No storage bags
– Smaller size limits access and leverage
Where to BuyTopeak (Nano 7), Topeak (Nano 9), Topeak (Nano 11)


The Topeak Nano multi-tools each come in small cardboard boxes with Topeak’s white and yellow branding printed on them. Each of the boxes contains a cardboard holder to keep the multi-tool from moving around along with an instruction manual that highlights how to open the tool for only the Nano 7. Surprisingly, Topeak doesn’t include a storage bag for the multi-tools like the ones included with the Mini 9 and the Mini PT30 which help keep the tools clean and looking new.


The Topeak Nano tools are a set of minimalist CNC-made bike tools that are optimized for portability. We have all three versions: the 7, 9 and 11 function versions which are each slightly larger than each other. All the tools have aluminum bodies with a premium gray finish and minimal branding printed on the sides. The actual tool pieces are Chrome Vanadium Steel for durability and precision. These all have a traditional dual sided pivoting design with the tools arranged in a row on each side of the body. Branding on the multi-tools is limited to Topeak engraved on one side and the Nano model number on the other side.

Topeak Nano 7 / 9 / 11 Bike Mini-Tools Repair Review - Side Profiles
All the tools use CNC aluminum bodies with two rows of tools at each end that rotate out.

As the name implies, the Nano 7 has seven functions to cover most repairs. It features 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 8 mm hex wrenches as well as a T25 Torx wrench and flat head screwdriver. What’s clever about the design is that the 8mm hex wrench is actually a combination of the flat head and the 5mm hex wrench. It’s a smart modular design that keeps the tool itself quite small as you don’t need a separate 8 mm tool. The Nano 7 is actually part of some of Topeak’s Stealth series of tools like the Topeak BB Hide ‘n Tool since it’s so tiny. One of the big downsides of the small size is that opening the tool up requires a special procedure of pushing down with two thumbs to rotate the tools out as you don’t have space to fit your fingers to pull up at the tool ends.

Topeak Nano 7 / 9 / 11 Bike Mini-Tools Repair Review - Comparison
The Nano 7 features seven functions that includes hex, Torx and a flat head while the slightly larger Nano 11 adds additional hex and Torx bits.

The Nano 9 adds two additional hex wrenches compared to the Nano 7. With the Nano 9 multi-tool Topeak has added a 2.5 and 6 mm hex wrench with one additional tool on each side of the body.  The Nano 11 is the largest tool variation and is closer to a traditional multi-tool size. Compared to the Nano 9, the Nano 11 adds an additional T10 and T15 Torx wrenches which gives you more versatility. While the NANO 7 takes practice to open, the Nano 9 and Nano 11 are a lot easier to open as there is a decent sized gap between the body and the top of the tools.


With the small size of the Nano tools, we found it easy to carry in jersey pockets or throw in a saddlebag and forget about it. The tools all feel well designed and have easy to read labels for each tool. We found the tools to be useful for small adjustments on the road such as stems or seat posts. However, their small size does limit the amount of leverage you have and can be more difficult to use on hard to reach bolts such as water bottle cages. While the Nano 9 and 11 are easy to open and close, the Nano 7’s diminutive size does require a bit of practice to use. Once you get used to using both thumbs to rotate out the tools, you can access all seven functions but it’s a bit counter intuitive initially. Otherwise, the Nano multi-tools are small and give you the core functions you need without extra tools just to increase the function count.


Overall, we found the Topeak Nano 7, 9 and 11 to be compact and well designed tools. Topeak has managed to miniaturize all the core Hex, Torx and flat head tools into an easily portable and storable multi-tool. While the Nano tools lack the chain and tubeless repair functions of larger mini-tools, they provide enough functionality for roadside repairs. We were impressed with the premium finish of the tools and compact size. All the tools feel well designed and have clever modular designs that provide larger hex bits without additional bulk. The main downsides of the tools is that Topeak doesn’t include storage bags and that the small size limits access and leverage. That said, if you’re looking for compact and portable mini-tools then the Topeak Nano series are a great choice.

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