Sometimes you come across a product that seems so obvious you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. That’s how we felt when we first saw the Handlebar Jack , a clever tool to work on your bike while it’s upside down. Marketed as a repair stand, the Handlebar Jack are miniature jacks that attach to your handlebar to protect your accessories and stabilize your bike while you work on it. The Handlebar Jack retails for $29.95 for the pair and are made in USA. Constructed from glass reinforced nylon, the jacks have a 3.25” height to help lift your handlebars off the ground. There are also a few optional accessories available for the stands which include reflective stickers and 0.5” extenders.

The Handlebar Jack is an ingenious portable repair stand that allows you to flip your bike over while protecting your accessories.

Retail Price$29.95
Rating8.9 / 10
Likes+ Clever concept
+ Protects GPS computers and lights from damage
+ Integrated magnets keep jacks together while stored
Dislikes– Large form factor
– Stands are a very specialized tool and may not make sense for everyone
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The Handlebar Jack comes in a simple rectangle box with both jacks in the same box. Inside you’ll find the stands, a thank you card and a brand sticker. Note, Handlebar Jack also offers a few accessories such as reflective stickers and ½” spacers that can be installed onto the jack stands.


Whether you have a flat tire or a dropped chain, flipping your bike over is often the easiest way to work on it. The Handlebar Jack utilizes a simple tripod design to stabilize your bike and ensure your handlebar or expensive accessories won’t get damaged. This is particularly useful if you have large lights or mounts such as the SKS Cockpit which would otherwise contact the ground. With each leg opened, the stand’s 3.25” height should be sufficient for most bikes and can easily be extended using the optional 0.5” extenders. The jacks are made of a glass reinforced nylon but feel surprisingly sturdy with cutouts to help with rigidity and reduce weight. 

Handlebar Jack Portable Bike Repair Stand Review - Closeup
The Handlebar Jacks have a three-leg tripod design and simple velcro straps to secure them to the bike.

The tops of the Handlebar Jack are concave to match the curvature of handlebars or grips and allows them to sit flush against them. Velcro strap secure the jacks to the handlebar and help them stay in place while you flip the bike. The stands have a somewhat large form factor as each stand individually is about 3.75” long with a 1.5” diameter when folded. Thanks to careful packaging, the two stands slide into each other which limits the combined length to 5.25”. There are also magnets embedded into the legs to hold the jacks together while stored which is a clever detail.

Handlebar Jack Portable Bike Repair Stand Review - Folded Together
The two handlebar jacks slide together for a relatively small package with integrated magnets to hold them securely together.


The Handlebar Jack can easily be used at home or on the road if you need to do a repair. It’s as easy as attaching the velcro straps to the handlebars and positioning the jacks to be upward facing. Then you simply flip the bike over so that the jack legs are resting on the ground. We tried the Handlebar Jack on both paved and gravel roads and were impressed with the stability they offered. The three leg tripod design provides a stable platform and works on mixed terrain. It’s particularly useful for commuter, e-bikes or single speed bikes like our Priority Ace of Spades which have flat handlebars that do not sit flat when upside down. It’s less useful for road bikes or drop bar bikes which tend to rest on the top of the hoods when upside down.

Handlebar Jack Portable Bike Repair Stand Review - Bike Repair
The Handlebar Jacks are particularly useful for flat bar bikes which tend to fall over when flipped upside down.


Overall, we found the Handlebar Jack to be a clever bike accessory that seems like an obvious idea once you see it. The US made plastic construction is sturdy and uses simple velcro straps to secure the stands to the handlebars. It’s an easy accessory to use and allows bikes to be stable when flipped upside down for repairs. While we were happy with it, the obvious issue with the Handlebar Jack is the large form factor which makes it less practical to carry on rides. We’d love to see future versions integrate into bicycle frames, handlebar grips, or the handlebar themselves to make them easier to carry. That said, the Handlebar Jack is a great accessory for home or on the road for bike maintenance or repairs.

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