Not only can you use smartphones to browse the web and make calls, but they’re a great alternative to GPS cycling computers. With their large displays, navigation, and voice commands, it’s a great way to monitor real time data or explore new areas. However, one of the major downsides of using a smartphone as a cycling computer is poor battery life. The SKS Compit+ solves that issue by combining a secure smartphone handlebar mount with a power bank to ensure your phone is safe and fully charged. Not only does the power bank offer 5000 mAh capacity but it also features wireless charging to eliminate the need for any cables. The inclusion of the wireless power bank means the Compit+ retails for $99.99 which is a premium over the $32.99 standard Compit handlebar mount.

The SKS Compit+ is a secure smartphone handlebar mount that keeps your phone safe and charged with a wireless power bank.

Retail Price$99.99
Rating8.9 / 10
Measured Weight (in g)86 (mount) / 194 (power bank)
Likes+ Wireless charging
+ Secure quick release rotational design
+ Adjustable design for optimal viewing angle
Dislikes– Blocks out-front mounts
– Uses proprietary SKS light / camera adapters
Where to Buy (US)SKS US


The Compit+ comes in a SKS branded medium sized cardboard box. SKS includes quite a few items with the box that are all well organized using cardboard inner dividers. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Power bank
  • Upper portion of Compit mount
  • 2x standard bottom clamps + 2 clamps with light attachment extension
  • Light attachment
  • Multiple spacers for different diameter handlebars
  • Hardware and allen keys
  • USB charging cables
  • Instruction manual

SKS includes the light adapter with the Compit+ and also offers additional adapters on their website. For E-Bike installations, there is also a spacer that is available to move the smartphone rearward to not interfere with E-bike head units.


Given the number of parts with the SKS Compit+, the installation can be quite intimidating at first. We found the instruction manual to be difficult to follow and instead used the illustrations to put the mount together. Once you figure out which hardware goes where, the installation is straightforward. First, you choose the desired clamp bottoms (standard version or the extended version with adapter that can be used with lights or cameras using proper adapters) and attach each side to the handlebars. Once the clamps are tightened down onto the handlebar, you can attach any desired adapters or hit the road. With the standard clamps, you can install the mount in a forward or reverse facing orientation, but we’d recommend placing the inclined screw toward the rear of the bike as this allows for more angle adjustment (something the instruction manual doesn’t make clear).

SKS Compit+ Smartphone Mount Review - Clamps
The Compit+ uses a dual clamp design with an optional light mount to place the light ahead of the mount.


The Compit+ is part of SKS’s Compit series of handlebar mounts and accessories. It shares the same wide and secure feeling twist-on design adapter with safety lever of the SKS Compit Stem and other accessories. Visually, it’s similar to a Garmin quarter turn mount but is wider to support heavy smartphones and the included power bank. It’s a surprisingly secure design even though many of the components are constructed of plastic. The Compit+ is a handlebar mount which uses dual clamps to secure itself on the handlebars. Again the brackets are plastic but feel quite secure and use two bolts on each bracket with non-slip rubber adapters to keep everything in place.

SKS Compit+ Smartphone Mount Review - Powerbank
With 5000 mAh capacity, the powerbank can be used to wireless charge phones or other devices to ensure you don’t run out of battery while riding.

The dual clamp design means even with the power bank, there isn’t any movement or play over rough terrain or potholes. One downside of this design is that the placement does interfere with other dual clamp out-front mounts such as the Topeak UTF Mount and would require offsetting single arm out-front mounts. However, using the provided SKS COM/LIGHT adapter and extended clamp arms, you can place bike lights or camera directly in front of the mount using the Compit+ mount. The only downside is that you will need SKS specific adapters such as the included light adapter which is only compatible with some lights or the more generic GoPro camera adapter.

SKS Compit+ Smartphone Mount Review - SKS App
SKS also offers a simple SKS MyBike app that allows you to view real-time riding data and navigation through a simple interface.

What gives the Compit+ it’s plus sign is the included power bank (e.g. the Compit Stem is also available as a Compit Stem+ option as well). With 5000mAh capacity and an integrated male / female Compit adapter, the power bank is designed to sandwich between your smartphone and the mount when needed. Given how quickly modern cell phones drain batteries, the large capacity and wireless charging capability of the power bank can ensure you don’t run out of battery while riding which is essential if you plan to ride for extended periods of time with your smartphone as a GPS. The power bank has a simple on/off button on the side with an illuminated battery status indicator to quickly check the current charge. SKS has even included an NFC chip on the face of the powerbank to quickly take you to the SKS website which is a cool trick we’ve only seen in some POC helmets.


Overall we found the SKS Compit+ mount to be secure and well designed. The mount uses a strong dual clamp design and wide adapter to hold heavy phones and the included power bank over rough terrain or potholes. While the installation can be initially intimidating, it only requires attaching a few bolts and selecting the correct sized rubber adapters. The mount allows the angle of the computer to be adjusted as well as allow the phone to be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientation. With the included 5000mAh power bank, you can ensure your smartphone stays charged as you ride. Although we’d recommend using a dedicated GPS cycling computer for longer rides, if you’re looking for a smartphone mount that doubles as a power bank, the SKS Compit+ is one to consider.

Disclaimer: The product for this review was provided by SKS US. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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