Storage space on a bike comes at a premium which is why most people stuff tire repair kits into jersey pockets or saddlebags. That means you’re often rummaging through gear to find what you need when you do get a flat or need your multi-tool. The Topeak Gravel Gear Bag is a complete essential repair kit that organizes everything into a sleek fabric case with 0.6L capacity. Although the retail price of $139.95 isn’t particularly affordable, Topeak includes a number of extra tools with the bag which includes the Tubi 11 multi-tool ($39.95 on its own), Power Lever X ($17.95) and AirBooster CO2 inflator ($37.95 w/ cartridge) as well as tire repair darts. To complete the repair kit, simply add your choice of tube and CO2 canisters and you’ll be ready to hit the trails or do long touring rides. The Gravel Gear Bag is a waterproof design with three velcro straps to attach to the top tube and seat tube for a secure attachment.

The Topeak Gravel Gear Bag is an all-in-one repair kit that includes multiple tools and a well organized divider.

Retail Price$139.95
Measured Weight (in g)362
Likes+ Premium quality
+ Includes most tire repair items with bag
+ Labeled and organized interior design
Dislikes– Premium price
– Does not include CO2 cartridges
– Only available in black color scheme currently
Where to Buy (US)Topeak


The Topeak Gravel Gear Bag simply comes attached to a cardboard backing with Topeak’s yellow and white color scheme. Topeak uses the same velcro straps that are used for bike mounting to attach the bag to the cardboard backing. Inside the bag itself you’ll find a number of items:

  • Gravel Gear bag
  • Tubi 11
  • Power Lever X
  • 3x 3.5mm x 5cm tire repair plugs
  • AirBooster CO2 inflator
  • Instruction manuals for levers, inflator and power lever
  • Velcro straps attached to bag

Note Topeak also does appear to offer the Gravel Gear Bag as a bag only option on their global website.


Topeak has incorporated three velcro straps to attach the Gravel Gear Bag to bikes. There are two straps on the top that wrap around top tubes and an additional rear one for seat tubes. The velcro straps are all quite long to allow the straps to accommodate road bikes, gravel bikes or even suspension bikes. Silicone stripes on the back sides of the straps provide a non-slip surface and protect your bike from scratches. With the relatively small 0.6L capacity and lightweight of the bag the velcro straps are more than sufficient to secure the bag and prevent it from moving on the frame. Our only complaint is that there is no elegant way to store the excess length of velcro straps. We wish Topeak would have added a fabric catch or slot to slide the excess length of strap into would give the bag a sleeker look and improve the usability.

Topeak Gravel Gear Bag Review - Velcro Closeup
The Gravel Gear Bag uses simple Velco straps to attach the bag to the top tube and the seat tube.


The Topeak Gravel Gear Bag is a sleek top tube bag with black finish and textured fabric upper. Unlike EVOC bags which offer multiple color schemes or patterns, Topeak currently only offers the bag in the black finish shown in this review. It’s still a sleek looking bag with a full length waterproof zipper and easy to clean exterior. Branding is limited to subtle ghosted Topeak logos along the sides for a minimalist appearance. There are additional silicone pads on the top of the bag at the two velcro locations with yellow stitching to prevent the bag from scratching frames and add a little contrast.

Topeak Gravel Gear Bag Review - Contents
With its velcro straps and yellow outlines it’s easy to keep all the contents of the Gravel Gear Bag organized.

Our favorite detail of the bag is the interior which has elastic fabric cuffs to hold all the items in place and yellow outlines for each item to indicate where each item goes. The high contrast yellow markings make it easy to keep the bag contents organized and quickly identify items. There is an additional mesh pocket on the upper portion that allows for smaller items or additional repair darts to be easily stored. At only 0.6L the bag isn’t large so you won’t be able to fit any larger additional items or tubes without causing the bag to bulge. Compared to saddlebags, the Gravel Gear Bag is much easier to keep organized.

Topeak Gravel Gear Bag Review - Loop Closeups
As with all Topeak products the Gravel Gear Bag has a premium build quality and attention to detail.

As far as the included tools, which are also available separately, each item is designed to fit sleekly in the bag. The Tubi 11 multi-tool has a silver finish and features 11 functions in a compact form factor. Although it doesn’t have as much functionality as the Topeak PT30 it has simple hex, Torx and tubeless tire tool to cover most roadside repairs. We also appreciate the insert on the side that allows the reamer and plug insertion tool to be threaded onto the sides of the multi-tool for extra leverage. The Power Lever X are extra large tire levers that double as levers to install or remove chain links. Finally, the AirBooster is a simple metal CO2 inflator that has a dual sided head for storing or using threaded CO2 canisters. One nice feature about the inflator is the push-to-inflate design that can be used to modulate the amount of air being released.


Overall, we found the Topeak Gravel Gear Bag is a well designed all-in-one tire repair bag. The compact 0.6L capacity allows the bag to tuck neatly under top tubes on road, mountain or touring bikes. Extra long velcro straps and non-slip pads prevent the bag from sliding even on rough terrain. Although the Gravel Gear Bag isn’t particularly cheap, the combined retail price of the included tools is nearly $90 which offsets the cost of the bag. We particularly liked the premium look and feel of the bag as well as the well organized interior. The elastic cuffs and yellow graphical outlines ensure every item is easily identifiable and accessible. You don’t have to be a gravel cyclist to appreciate the bag, as it’s ideal for touring or even commuters that want quick access to repair kits and tools.

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