When you need to pack your bike for a ride away from home, it can be easy to forget some accessory that you need for the ride. Showing up to the start of your ride and realizing you’ve forgotten something as minor as socks or as important as your helmet or even shoes can ruin your day (ask us how we know!). The new Topeak PakGo GearPack is designed to address this by creating a foldable hard shell gearpack specifically for packing cycling gear. With an impressive 38L capacity, 3 compartments, and 6 side pockets, it’s easy to pack everything you need for short or long rides. The hard case design means the PakGo can be folded as compact as a slim laptop bag (5” x 16.1” x 12.2”) without losing structure or expanded to the size of a carryon bag (11.8” x 16.1” x 12.2”) to accommodate everything you need.

The Topeak PakGo GearPack is a hard case pack that makes it easy to stay organized with cycling specific storage compartments

Retail Price$149.95
Measured Weight (in g)1226
Likes+ Durable construction
+ Expandable Hard case design provides ample storage
+ Labeled compartments make it hard to forget items
Dislikes– Not entirely waterproof
– No color options
– Lacks reflective elements
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The Topeak PakGo arrived in a simple box with the gearpack in the folded configuration. There isn’t much unboxing to do, but inside the PakGo Gearpack you’ll find:

  • PakGo GearPack
  • Instruction manual
  • Shoulder strap


The PakGo GearPack takes visual and construction design cues from Topeak’s larger PakGo bike travel case. You’ll see the same embossed ‘X’ profile, PakGo text, and ribbed design on the GearPack’s sides that provide structural rigidity and an aggressive appearance. The PakGo GearPack is constructed of 600D polyester and EVA Foam which keeps the weight of the pack low while still providing impact resistance. The PakGo GearPack is small enough that you can easily throw it in the trunk of your car yet still durable enough to take on an airplane as checked-in or carry-on luggage. While it is only offered in the textured charcoal/black, it has a premium yet understated look.

Topeak PakGo GearPack - outside
The three labeled compartments make it easy to stay organized.

The GearPack excels when it comes to storage options as it features 3 main compartments with an additional 6 side pockets. Each of the three compartments have helpful attached labels and are located in the center of the pack. Topeak uses a three-level design with a side compartment for cycling shoes on the bottom, helmet above that, and a top compartment for cycling clothing. There is a velcro divider that can be folded down between the helmet and shoes to provide more structural rigidity or folded away ro lay it flat when not in use. The additional side pockets throughout the bag feature elastic dividers and zippered compartments for everything from tools to food. We were also impressed with the large hardcase sides which can be fully opened and also feature water drain holes if you need to store wet or sweaty clothing.

Topeak PakGo GearPack - handles
Carrying the gear pack is easy with the built in handles and removable backpack straps.

There are plenty of options to carry the PakGo GearPack – with handles built into the top as well as on the sides allowing you to carry it easily. Even fully loaded with gear, the GearPack is easy to keep well under the listed maximum weight of 3kg/ 6.61lb which means it’s easy to lift and maneuver the GearPack. Additionally, the GearPack comes with a backpack strap that can be hooked to attachment points along the sides. While we found that the boxy design and minimal padding means the GearPack is not as comfortable as a traditional backpack, it’s perfect for riding from your vehicle to the gear drop off point for a cycling event or for shorter rides.


One of the main reasons cycling is such an expensive sport is the sheer number of accessories you need to go with the bike. Even once you get over the sticker shock of bike prices, you’ll need cycling specific clothing, helmet, sunglasses, gloves plus a variety of tools. This is why it’s so easy to forget something when you have to travel to the start of your ride. If you use canvas bags or backpacks as we’ve done in the past, all the gear ends up stacked on top of each other making it easy to misplace something. That’s why we were impressed with the PakGo GearPack’s labeled compartments and multiple side pockets. We found that the labeled compartments made it easy to not forget things like cycling shoes, helmet, and clothing while the side compartments were easy to access and secure. This allows us to quickly pack gear for an event and do a cursory visual check before we leave the house to ensure nothing was left behind.

Topeak PakGo GearPack - inside
The large side compartments have water proof inner liners and drain holes at the bottom.


Overall, we found the Topeak PakGo GearPack to be a well designed pack that makes it easy to keep cycling gear organized. Instead of haphazardly throwing your gear in a bag or your car, the PakGo GearPack’s variety of compartments and pockets provide a compact and secure travel option. You can tell that this is a gear pack that was designed by cyclists for cyclists as there are a number of thoughtful details such as labeled compartments and water drains for outside pockets. With a retail price of $149.95 the PakGo isn’t cheap but it is well priced compared to other cycling specific bags on the market. While you can wear the PakGo as a backpack with the included straps, the boxy design and lack of waterproofing mean it isn’t designed to be a bike commuting bag. Instead, it offers a smart and easy way to stay organized if you need to drive to the start of a ride, have limited storage at home, or need to travel to a cycling event.

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