Portable electronic bike inflators are one of the latest trends in cycling as they combine small form factors with battery powered pumps to inflate tires on the go. CYCPLUS has taken their compact AS2, which was formerly branded as the Cube, and added and developed the Pro series. We have both the $109 AS2 Pro and the $129 AS2 Pro Max which both feature larger batteries and LED screens with pressure gauges to improve usability. The main difference between the two models is that the Pro has a 420 mAh battery while the Pro Max has a larger 600 mAh battery. Both the pumps are also compatible with Schrader and Presta valves by using the included adapters.

The CYCPLUS AS2 Pro series of pumps combine a portable design with larger batteries and LCD display screens.

Retail Price$109 (Pro) / $129 (Pro Max)
Measured Weight (in g)117 (Pro), 204 (Pro Max), 16 (Extension tube)
Likes+ Compact size that fits in a pocket
+ Easy to read pressure gauge that also shows battery status
+ Larger size provides longer runtimes
Dislikes– Quite loud
– Costs as much as a high-capacity floor pump
Where to Buy (US)CYCPLUS


The CYCPLUS AS2 pumps both come in small cardboard boxes with high contrast black and green branding. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • AS2 Pro or AS2 Pro Max pump
  • Silicone cover
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Schrader and ball adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • Extension hose
  • Waterproof bag

With the included bag, it’s easy to keep all the adapters and parts in one place which helps you avoid losing parts.


CYCPLUS has taken their compact AS2, originally the Cube, and upgraded the motor and battery with the Pro models to extend the runtime and versatility of the pumps. While the AS2 Pro versions are still quite compact, the Pro is a few millimeters larger in each dimension than the AS2 while the Pro Max adds over 10 mm to the width and height. Visually, the pumps all look quite similar with a rounded aluminum body and large CYCPLUS branding on the side. The valve is located on the side while the LED screen of the Pro models is on the opposite side along with three buttons to control the pumps.

CYCPLUS AS2 Pro / Pro Max Electric Bike Inflator Review - Size Comparison
Even though the AS2 Pro Max is largest pump in the lineup, all the variations are still compact and lightweight.

The larger size of the AS2 Pro pumps significantly extends the run times as CYCPLUS is able to incorporate larger batteries. That lets you use the AS2 Pro pumps on multiple bikes and tires without having to constantly worry about the battery running out of juice. The AS2 Pro’s 400mAh battery allows it to inflate two 700×32 tires up to 80 psi. With the AS2 Pro Max the runtime is almost doubled to four tires which lets you use the pump across multiple bikes and rides. While the electronic pumps still are limited to battery capacity, it’s a nice upgrade from disposable CO2 canisters and less efficient mini pumps.

CYCPLUS AS2 Pro / Pro Max Electric Bike Inflator Review - LCD Display Screen
One of the benefits of the Pro pumps is the high contrast LCD display screen which shows pressure and battery status.

What’s interesting about these larger pumps is that CYCPLUS includes an extension hose and recommends using them with TPU valves. The little extender not only makes it easier to position the pump, but also provides some thermal insulation to prevent potentially melting plastic valves. CYCPLUS includes a Presta valve converter along with a ball needle adapter which means you can use these pumps on road bikes, mountain bikes or inflatable balls or mattresses. Swapping the pieces is straightforward and lets you use the pumps and a wide variety of accessories even when you are not riding your bike.


Both of the AS2 pumps have a simple user interface with a high contrast LCD display screen that shows the pressure and battery status. This is a major improvement over the compact AS2 or competitors like the Flextail which would require guessing the current pressure and lets you fine tune the tire pressure. There are three buttons below the screen: power, plus and minus. Holding the power button turns the pump on and off, while a short press starts inflating or stop inflating with the pump on. The up and down buttons let you increase or decrease the pressure level, while pressing both buttons toggles between PSI or Bar pressure display. While the user interface is simple we scared ourselves a few times by accidently turning on the inflation while adjusting the pressure value. The pump displays the desired pressure when you are not inflating, and the actual inflation level when you are pumping.


With the AS2 Pro series of pumps, CYCPLUS has taken the portability of their original AS2 pump and made it more versatile. We were impressed with the longer runtimes which allows the pump to be used on multiple tires without having to constantly worry about battery status. The addition of the extension hose also makes the pumps easier to use as you have more flexibility in where the pump is located relative to the valve. While we still prefer to carry a full frame pump like the SILCA Impero on our longer rides, it’s easy to see the appeal of these AS2 Pro pumps. For commuting or shorter rides, the AS2 Pro pumps have more than enough power to inflate multiple tires. Even with the larger size of the AS2 Pro Max, the pumps still easily fit in jersey pockets or backpacks which makes them a great for riding light or traveling with.

CYCPLUS AS2 Pro / Pro Max Electric Bike Inflator Review - Side View
The AS2 pumps all have an aluminum body with multiple adapters to accommodate Presta, Schrader and ball attachments.


Overall, we found the CYCPLUS AS2 Pro and Pro Max pumps to be compact and portable electronic pumps. With their larger batteries and LCD display screens, the pumps are far more useful and versatile as you can see and fine tune the pressure level and as well as enjoy longer runtimes. While additional runtime and battery does come at a higher cost and slightly larger size, both pumps still fit in the palm of your hand and are very portable. The pumps small size does mean they are still loud and fairly slow at inflating compared to a full size floor pump, but the compact size easily makes up for those downsides. That said, if you’re looking for a portable electronic pump with a display screen that can inflate a variety of products then the AS2 Pro series is a great choice.

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