Sweet Protection’s new Primer MIPS helmet sits in the middle of their MTB lineup as a budget friendly option. The helmet features improved fit and safety features to let you push your limits without breaking the bank. Retailing for $150, the Primer MIPS features a MIPS Evolve liner as well as the brand’s updated 360 Occigrip fit system. Designed for mountain biking, the Primer MIPS helmet has a deep fit with additional protection on the rear and a removable visor to provide protection from the elements. The helmet also features 13 vents to allow air to flow through it and a height adjustable rear cradle that is ponytail compatible.

The Sweet Protection Primer combines a removable visor and MIPS Evolve liner to create a stylish mountain biking helmet.

Rating 9.0 / 10
Retail Price$150
Measured weight (in g) 384 (medium)
Likes+ Available with unique colors
+ Premium look and feel with color matched elements
+ Deep internal channels keep air moving
Dislikes– Limited visor positions
– Thin and raised dial has small contact area
Where to Buy (US)Sweet Protection


The Sweet Protection Primer helmet comes in a compact cardboard box with a fold-open design and basic branding printed on to it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Primer MIPS helmet w/ visor attached
  • Fabric carrying bag
  • Informational pamphlets

The included white fabric carrying bag is a nice perk and is a great way to store or travel with the helmet.


Visually, the Primer helmet takes Sweet Protection’s signature helmet design of rectangular vents and combines it with MTB specific features. The helmet has a deep profile with extended rear for additional protection in crashes along with a removable front visor to keep the sun out of riders eyes. Sweet Protection currently offers the helmet in six different matte colors from standard black and white to more creatively named colors like Panther, Tusk and Woodland. In this review we have the bright Misty Turquoise color scheme which is a unique light shade of turquoise. While it may not be everyone’s favorite, we are happy to see Sweet Protection offer such a wide variety of color schemes. The helmet has a solid color scheme with color matched visor and a fully finished rim which gives it a premium look and feel.

Sweet Protection Primer MIPS MTB Helmet Review - Side Profile
As a mountain biking helmet, the Primer has a deep fit with extended rear structure as well as a removable front visor.

Branding is limited to Sweet Protection on the sides, the ubiquitous MIPS logo and a Primer round sticker on the right side. As with other Sweet Protection helmets, there are inset Sweet Protection badges on the front and rear which give the helmet a distinctive appearance. One of the most obvious features of the helmet is the front visor which can be moved between three positions. Even in the lowest position, the visor is still out of the way and doesn’t block your field of view. The visor has a break-away design and uses simple push pins to hold each side in place which can easily pop under the force of an impact. With the visor removed, the helmet has a cleaner look and mimics the Sweet Protection Fluxer and Falconer road cycling helmets.

The Primer MIPS helmet features 13 vents which have an elongated and narrow design to prevent debris from going through them. All the vents have wide beveled designs which give the helmet a sleeker look and sharp lines between the foam and outer shell. Front vents help push air through the helmet while the rear and upper vents allow warmer air to exit out. There is a two piece shell with a sharp line along the bottom that hides the overlap point along with a fully finished rim. The helmet uses thick EPS foam in critical locations like the rear and thinner foam in other areas. As far as the fit system, Sweet Protection has incorporated their 360 Occigrip Fit System which uses a rear dial and adjustable straps. It’s a standard design with wrap-around plastic connections and a height adjustable rear cradle.

Sweet Protection Primer MIPS MTB Helmet Review - Rear Profile
With it’s unique color schemes and sharp lines, the Primer helmet looks and feels premium.

The Primer is also advertised as ponytail friendly as the rear cradle has a large opening above the dial. The dial itself has an unusual thin protruding design with textured surface that provides more tactile feedback. While we would have liked to see a larger contact surface, the dial works well and has a nice padded backside where it contacts the back of the head. The helmet has lightweight nylon straps with a plastic buckle and color-matched adjustable y-splitters to customize the fit. Inside the black interior you’ll find a MIPS Evolve liner which provides protection from rotational impacts by allowing the entire liner to rotate in place. The pads on top of the liner feel plush are attached via Velcro so that they can easily be removed and cleaned.


Our test rider rode with the size medium helmet which fit similarly to other brands such as Lazer and Smith with plenty of room to accommodate beanies or other winter gear. While the 384 gram weight isn’t as light as featherweight road cycling helmets, the weight is well distributed over plush pads which makes you forget you are wearing it. We found that the large vents did a good job of pushing airflow through the helmet and keeping us cool even on warmer days. The helmet’s extended coverage also gives you confidence that you’ll be protected in a crash. We also liked having the front visor on for sunnier days to block out the sun, but wished it could be lowered a bit more. Otherwise, the helmet felt good on trails and looks great with the unique color schemes.

Sweet Protection Primer MIPS MTB Helmet Review - Interior
The Primer helmet has a well integrated MIPS liner and plush padding around all the contact points.


Overall, we found the Sweet Protection Primer MIPS to be a comfortable and well designed mountain biking helmet. Sweet Protection has taken their distinctive helmet design and created a deep-fit helmet with additional protection on the rear and a removable front visor for mountain biking. The helmet’s sleek design and unique color schemes help it stand out in the crowd while the $150 is competitive. We found the helmet to be comfortable with plenty of ventilation and fully adjustable fit system. The only downsides to the helmet is that the rear dial is a bit thin and the front visor doesn’t go as low as we would have liked. That said, if you’re looking for a well priced and full featured mountain biking helmet then the Sweet Protection Primer MIPS is a great choice.

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