KOO’s Supernova sunglasses are one of the lightest sunglasses that KOO currently offers. With their frameless design they offer a wide field of view with no obstructions. The Supernova sunglasses retail for $200 for the standard lens and $220 for the photochromic version. All the lenses are developed by Zeiss and are shatter-proof as well as anti-reflective. Koo has incorporated their sporty styling into the Supernova to give them an aggressive yet clean look for use on or off the bike. Despite the frameless design, Koo has designed the Supernova to have interchangeable lens design with removable temple arms and easy to swap nose pad.

The KOO Supernova are ultra-light sunglasses with an oversized frameless construction that offers a wide field of view.

Retail Price$200 – $220 (photochromic)
Rating 9.2 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 24
Likes+ Sleek design that looks good on or off the bike
+ Wide field of view with frameless design
+ Lightweight construction and flexible temple arms
Dislikes– Premium price point
– KOO does not include a hard case with the sunglasses
Where to Buy (US)KOO


The KOO Supernova sunglasses come in a cardboard box with KOO’s distinctive white and blue color scheme. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Supernova sunglasses
  • Replacement nose pad
  • Fabric carrying bag
  • Quick guide for removing lens and nose pad
  • Safety information

As with other KOO sunglasses, the Supernova does not include a hard case which is a common feature for sunglasses at this price point.


The KOO Supernova is one of the brand’s lightest sunglasses and features a full frameless design. KOO has eliminated the entire frame and only left the temple arms which are attached to the sides of the single piece lens. There are quite a few frame color and lens combinations to choose from with six current options currently available. There are standard black, white and blue frames matched with a variety of bright lens colors. We have the photochromic version in this review which combines a matte black frame with a pink photochromic lens. The Supernova has KOO’s aggressive lens design with sharp corners and beveled edges. Even with the oversized lens the Supernova doesn’t look out of place off the bike unlike some of KOO models like the Spectro. Branding is limited to KOO on the front of the lens and on the temple arms in a contrasting white color.

KOO Supernova Frameless Cycling Sunglasses Review - Temple Arms
The Supernova have a frameless design with thin and removable temple arms and simple KOO branding.

In this review we have the photochromic lens option which has a 1-3 filter category range that has an impressive 11-73% VLT range. That lets you use these sunglasses in nearly any weather condition from dreary overcast to full sun as the lenses will adjust to the environment. It’s a great setup that lets you ride in any condition without having to swap lenses or compromise your vision. Despite the frameless design, the sunglasses actually have an interchangeable lens design which lets you remove the temple arms. It takes a fair amount of force to slide the temples off the lens, particularly the first time you remove them. To remove the nose pad is as simple as pushing down on the rubber tabs while pulling the nose pad from the other side.

KOO Supernova Frameless Cycling Sunglasses Review - Quarter View
The Supernova have a sleek design with smooth corners and an extended upper lens to provide a wide field of view.

As far as the frame design, there isn’t much as the KOO Supernova is a frameless design. There are only straight temple arms that have a highly flexible construction. They curve inward for a tight and secure fit and feature a rubberized tip which helps hold them in place during high intensity activities. The nose pads are also replaceable and have a full rubber construction that slots into the lens. It’s a highly malleable design that can contour around different nose shapes. KOO includes a second replacement nose pad with a slightly different profile that can be swapped in its place.


Having reviewed nearly the full KOO lineup with the Spectro, Alibi and Demos recently we were excited to see how the lightweight Supernova would compare. The frameless design of the Supernova shares the same styling cues of the other KOO sunglasses but has a more refined appearance that looks great on or off the bike. We found the Supernova to also be comfortable with great optics that’s perfect for cycling. The oversized lens and open design provides a wide field of view with no obstructions that works in any position on the bike. Our photochromic lens on our Supernova quickly adapted to the environment and worked in everything from overcast weather to bright sunny conditions without sacrificing visibility. We’d highly recommend the photochromic option as it eliminates the need to swap lenses and makes the sunglasses versatile for any conditions.

KOO Supernova Frameless Cycling Sunglasses Review - Lens Silhouette
With their frameless design, the Supernova are essentially all lens with nothing to block your view.


Overall, we found the KOO Supernova are lightweight and sleek cycling sunglasses. KOO has taken their iconic sporty design and eliminated the frame to create the Supernova sunglasses. While they are oversized, the smooth lens shape and subdued colors ensure the sunglasses look good on or off the bike. At only 24 grams on our scale, the Supernova are featherweights with flexible temple arms and nose pads that allow them to contour to different riders. We were impressed with the clear distortion free optics and the adaptive photochromic lens that could easily adjust to any environment. The main negatives of the Supernova is that they have a premium price point and that KOO does not include a hard case with the sunglasses. That said, the KOO Supernova are lightweight frameless sunglasses with sleek stying and great optics.

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