The Triban RC500 cycling winter jacket is a softshell jacket specifically designed for cold weather riding. It’s part of Decathlon’s Triban sub brand which offers a wide range of affordable bikes and cycling apparel that is available worldwide at the Decathlon stores and website. The jacket has an affordable $99.99 retail price and offers a windproof exterior with fleece lining for insulation. It’s a water repellent design that can provide protection from light rain or road spray. Decathlon has incorporated a number of clever features in the jacket including reflective stripes for nighttime visibility along with a removable neck gaiter. You won’t be lacking for storage as the Triban RC500 has five pockets with three in the rear, two side pockets and a generous zippered chest pocket.

The Decathlon Triban RC500 winter cycling jacket combines an affordable price with well designed features and warmth.

Retail Price$99.99
RatingDesign: A-
Sizing: A
Warmth: A
Value: A
Likes+ Budget friendly price
+ Warm insulation and windproof exterior keep out the cold weather
+ Lots of storage with side pockets, chest pocket and rear pockets
Dislikes– Currently only available in black color scheme
Where to Buy (US)Decathlon


Cycling jackets are essential to keeping wind chill and cold weather out so that you can maintain your core temperature. The Triban RC500 winter jacket is a medium weight softshell jacket that is designed to be layered over base layers and/or jerseys to provide extra protection from the elements. Currently it’s only available in the black finish shown in this review, although it looks like Decathlon previously offered multiple colors, and has bright orange accents and reflective stripes to ensure you remain visible. The stripes are strategically placed to ensure traffic behind you or in front of you and on your left side see you. There is simple branding with the abstract “TRBN” logo on the chest, Triban on the rear and no visible Decathlon exterior logos. The simple design and orange accents give the jacket a premium appearance that’s typically only found in more premium brands.

Decathlon Triban RC500 Winter Cycling Jacket Review - Front Pocket
Along with the sleek minimalist design there is also side vents and a chest pocket for convenient storage.

On the front there is a full length single front zipper with zipper garages at the top and bottom to prevent chafing. Behind the zipper is an extended flap that blocks out any wind that makes it  through the zipper. There is an additional large zippered pocket on the chest which is ideal for keeping valuables or snacks close at hand. We were happy to see that the high visibility orange accent color extends into all the pockets, a similar feature to some Topeak saddlebags,  which makes it easy to see items inside the pockets. It’s a subtle detail that drastically improves the usability of the jacket as you’re less likely to lose items or forget that they are in the pocket.

Decathlon Triban RC500 Winter Cycling Jacket Review - Side Pockets
We appreciate the bright orange detailing and abundant storage which includes side pockets.

There are two additional more stealthy vertical zippers without the orange pull tabs, one on each side of the chest that can be opened to reveal bright orange vents. Given the warmth of the jacket, the extra vents come in handy when doing slow climbs or high-intensity efforts. For additional storage, Decathlon has even added elastic side pockets on each side of the jacket hem for quick access to snacks. It’s a feature traditionally found on gravel apparel but is perfect for storing a gel or small bars when road cycling as the side pockets are easier to access that the rear pockets. Speaking of the rear pockets, there are another three pockets with one traditional pocket on the left and an extra wide pocket next to it which is typically split into two pockets on other jackets. A diagonal zippered pocket sits over the wide pocket and is designed to be easy to access and large enough for modern cell phones.

The other feature we wanted to point out are the Raglan sleeves which have seams from the underarm to the shoulder. This design is often found on jerseys and greatly improves the range of motion you have when wearing the jacket. Decathlon has only added reflective stripes near the cuffs of the left arm which is the side traffic will usually pass you. The other detail we appreciated were the cuffs on the jacket which have almost a two-piece design with an elastic bright orange extension that is inset into the arm. This allows you to tuck your gloves into the windproof exterior of the cuff and eliminates any gaps between the glove and the jacket.


With Decathlon being a French company, the sizing on the jacket follows the European sizing and runs small. That means those in the US and possibly other regions will want to size up from their normal size to fit the jacket. Our 6’1” 165lb test rider wore the large sized jacket, normally a medium size in other brands, and found the fit to be comfortable. To be honest, we’ve become a bit spoiled by  jackets like the Velocio Alpha Merino Air Jacket and Isadore Signature Softshell which have tight fitting race-like fits. That’s why we’d describe the Triban RC500 Winter Jacket as more of a club-fit that falls somewhere between a casual cycling jacket and a pro-level race jacket. The slightly looser fit accommodates more body types and means you can easily wear multiple layers under the jacket comfortably. It’s not as form fitting as the Van Rysel LS Jersey but can easily be combined with other winter Van Rysel apparel.

Decathlon Triban RC500 Winter Cycling Jacket Review - Rear
Decathlon has combined the two right side pockets in an extra wide pocket along with a zippered horizontal pocket on top of it.

We were impressed with the Triban RC500 winter jacket as it packs a lot of features for the affordable price. The mid-weight softshell jacket has enough warmth and insulation to handle 30 degree or colder rides without feeling overly bulky or causing you to sweat excessively. Decathlon has found a nice balance of breathability in the fabric construction and the additional side vents to maintain a comfortable core temperature. Although we would have liked to see more color options, the attention to detail with the reflective stripes and high-visibility orange accents help the jacket stand out. We were also impressed with the amount of storage the jacket offers with the front, side and rear pockets.


Overall, we found the Decathlon Triban RC500 winter jacket is an affordable and well designed cycling jacket. Despite being less than half the price of other cycling jackets, the RC500 has all the features and warmth you’d want or need. The mid-weight softshell jacket has a windproof exterior and inner fleece lining that keeps you warm and comfortable. We appreciate the attention to detail Decathlon put into the jacket which includes zippered vents and reflective detailing. The jacket fits well and has a club-like fit which is contoured but slightly loose to allow for multiple layers to be worn underneath it. If we could change one thing it would be adding back color options as it’s only offered in black currently. That said, if you’re looking for a budget friendly winter jacket to keep you comfortable in cold weather or winter season then the Decathlon Triban RC500 winter jacket is an excellent option.

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