When it comes to cycling tools it’s always a balance between portability and versatility. Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet is the brand’s first ride-ready tool kit that combines the convenience of a ratchet into a portable form factor. With a retail price of $70, the Reflex is a 15 piece kit that includes a durable zippered TPU case, fixed 5 Nm torque extension, 10 S2 bits and a bit organizer. As with other Feedback Sports products, the Reflex is built to last with metal construction and serviceability in mind. The modular design allows the ratchet to be combined with the extension or torque extension as a T-handle and L-handle or all in-line to tackle any job on the road.

The Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit is a modular and professional grade ratchet that fits in a pocket.

Rating9.4 / 10
Retail Price$70
Measured Weight (in g)205
Likes+ Portable design that fits in a pocket
+ Modular construction makes it highly versatile
+ Quick and precise ratchet engagement
Dislikes– Premium price
Where to Buy (US)Feedback Sports


The Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit comes in a simple recycled cardboard box with black and white graphics printed on it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Zippered TPU case
  • 5 Nm fixed torque extender
  • 25 mm (1”) extender
  • Ratchet handle
  • Labeled bit holder
  • 10 S2 bits –  2 / 2.5 / 3/ 4 / 6 / 8 mm Hex + T10 / T25 / T30 Torx + Flat head

As a part of Feedback Sports sustainability goal the packaging doesn’t include any extra materials and even the instruction manual is a simple QR code.


Feedback Sports has focused on modularity in order to create a compact and portable tool kit that doesn’t skimp on functionality. It’s a premium priced and feeling kit with knurled handles and a three piece construction that can be used in a variety of ways. The multi-piece design means this is a tool kit you can easily store in a saddle bag or jersey pocket. Feedback Sports even includes a nice zippered TPU case which keeps all the tools organized and protected from scratches. It’s only 3 x 4 x 1” in dimension which is quite small and looks great with a Feedback Sports logo on the exterior and wrap-around zipper. The case also feels rigid which helps hold the tools in place even includes a belt hook on the rear. Inside the case are two mesh pockets which keep everything organized and have additional space for small items.

The main component of the kit is the ratchet handle which has a 6 degree engagement angle for working in tight spaces. It is a reversible ratchet with attachment points on either side and the ratchet. Details like the knurled handle and tight ratcheting mechanism give the tool a high-end feel and precision. A metal knob on the ratchet allows the direction to be reversed to loosen or tighten bolts with the full length of the ratchet only 3” long. There is an additional 25mm (1”) extender bit with a knurled edge that can be inserted on either end or in the ratchet. The last piece is the 5 Nm fixed torque extender which ensures you won’t overtighten any sensitive components on a bike.

Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit Review - Fixed Torque Bit
The ratchet can be combined with the 5 Nm fixed torque wrench bit and has a strong release when you hit the torque limit.

What’s so clever about this design is that you can combine the pieces in different ways. Placing the extender or fixed torque bit on the ratchet end creates a T handle while combining both on one side creates a longer L for additional leverage. You can also just put the entire tool in an in-line configuration to access hard to reach bolts. Combined together the tool extends to almost 5.5” which makes it easier to handle. The T-handle setup in particular is quite ergonomic and gives you the leverage of a larger tool you don’t typically have for roadside repairs. With the extender attached to the opposite end of the ratchet, it’s actually difficult to visually tell apart which side is removable as the tolerances are so tight. For usability it might have been nice to add a red accent on the extender to avoid the confusion of pulling on both sides to find it.

Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit Review - Knurled Handles
The Reflex features premium features such as knurled handles and a modular design that can be combined in multiple configurations.

The Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit uses industry standard S2 tool bits with 10 bits included with the kit. All the bits are stored in a labeled plastic holder along with labels engraved onto the bits themselves. Unlike most bit holders, this one actually has the right amount of grip to hold it in place without making you struggle to pull them out. There are six hex bits: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 6 and 8mm which covers most standard bolt sizes. An additional four Torx bits for T10, T25 and T30 fasteners which should cover standard uses. Finally there is one 3mm flat head bit that could also be used for prying or other uses in a pinch. All the bits feel well designed with extended heads that should help reach inset bolts like those found on concealed seat posts.


Ratchets are one of our favorite tools as they make tedious jobs like removing bottle cages or other hard to reach bolts quick and easy to install or remove. The Feedback Sports Reflex is no exception as the modular design made it easy to use it as a T-handle for leverage to open a bolt, and then easily swap the bit to another end to rotate the bolt completely free. We were impressed with the quick engagement and attention to detail such as the magnetic bits and easy to use bit holder. Each of the bits are labeled along with matching labels on the bit holder which makes it easy to keep everything organized.

Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit Review - Zippered Case
Feedback Sports includes a zippered case, a nicely labeled bit holder to keep everything organized.

While the Reflex is compact, we’re not sure we’d personally choose the Reflex over a traditional multi-tool such as the Topeak Nano 11. Instead, we preferred to use the Reflex at home or when traveling to a start of a ride to make last minute adjustments as it’s so compact. Even the 5 Nm fixed torque bit is perfect for most small jobs on a bike and has a strong release when you hit the torque limit with no ambiguity. The ratchet itself reminds us a lot of the mini ratchet that is included with the Topeak Torq Stick Pro which is another one of our favorite tools. Given the high price of the Reflex, it’s certainly not for everyone but the clever design and precision make it perfect for cyclists who appreciate quality tools.


Overall, we found the Feedback Sports to be a well built and portable ratchet. The modular design lets you combine the main ratchet, extension and fixed torque extension as a T-handle, L-handle or all-in-line to tackle nearly any job. Premium details such as knurled handles and the precise fit of the bits in the ratchet and bit holder make the Reflex enjoyable to use. We were also impressed with the fast engagement of the ratchet which allows it to be used in tight spaces. The main downside of this tool is the premium price which costs more than many multi-tools on the market. That said, the Feedback Sports Reflex Ratchet Kit is a great portable ratchet that looks and feels professional grade.

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