When it comes to road cycling shoes you typically have to choose between expensive high-end shoes or more affordable options that compromise on fit. Trek’s Velocis shoes are looking to break that rule by offering premium features at a more affordable mid-range price point. The shoes retail for $249.99 and are available in black, white and a bright red color scheme. Despite being a mid-level priced shoe, the Velocis utilizes a dual BOA Li2 closure system for micro adjustments. Trek has also incorporated their MetNet relief zones in the upper material which are three-sided star shaped perforations that allow the material to flex around riders feet. The fit of the shoes should be familiar to those who have used Bontrager shoes as they share the same InForm Pro Last.

The Trek Velocis offers pro-level features such as dual BOA Li2 dials and carbon sole at a mid-level price point.

Retail Price$249.99
Rating9.3 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 452 (EUR 43.5)
Likes+ Lightweight design
+ MetNet relief zones allow upper material to expand
+ Dual BOA Li2 dials at mid-level price point
Dislikes Top cable can get caught on top of tongue
Where to Buy (US)Trek


The Trek Velocis shoes come in a standard cardboard shoe box with white exterior and black Trek branding printed on it. Inside the box you’ll just find the Velocis shoes and packaging material. Unlike the more expensive Trek RSL shoes which includes a fabric storage bag and graphics on the inside of the box the Velocis just have the “Ride Bikes | Have Fun | Feel Good” motto printed on them.


The Velocis shoes are part of Trek’s new lineup of shoes that replace the previous Bontrager branded lineup. While the Velocis may look like a high-end shoe, it’s actually one of the most affordable in the new Trek lineup. The Velocis shoes have a classic road cycling shoe design with one piece upper and center cable routing. Trek offers the Velocis shoes in three colors: classic white and black color schemes as well as the Viper Red that we have in this review. We would describe the color as similar to Velocio’s Fire Red clothing as it’s a very vibrant red that almost looks pumpkin-like in some lighting. It’s a solid color scheme that is only broken up by the black dials, cables and sole.

The shoes have a synthetic upper that looks to be nearly one piece with some additional structure built into it around the sides. Branding is limited to Trek on the outer heel and BOA logos on the dials. What’s unique about these shoes is the MetNet Relief Zones which are the three-star perforations on the sides of the shoes. These are strategically placed to allow the upper material to flex around riders feet for additional comfort on short or long rides. The MetNet technology also allows air to flow through the shoes to keep feet cool and gives the entire upper material a flexible feel. For some additional structure, Trek has incorporated stiffer material on the toe and heel cup. The tongue on the shoes is also highly perforated and has nice details like a thin lip on the top to prevent chafing.

Trek Velocis Road Cycling Carbon Shoes Review - MetNet Relief Zones
The unique three side star perforations are what Trek refers to as MetNet which allow the upper material to flex around riders feet.

To keep the price of the Velocis shoes down, the soles of the shoes are a combination of Trek’s OCLV Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass. This gives the shoes a claimed stiffness index of 10 out of 14 on Trek’s scale which should still satisfy most road cyclists. There is a very subtle carbon fiber texture that’s only visible if you shine a light on the sole but it’s otherwise a semi-gloss black. There is a small air inlet and exit on the front for ventilation and a thin toe bumper to help protect the sole. Trek has also incorporated a replaceable heel bumper which is always a nice feature to see on road cycling shoes. These shoes are designed for 3 bolt cleats such as Shimano SPD-SL and LOOK Keo with no fore-aft adjustment. To help with cleat placement there are some horizontal and vertical markings next to the bolt holes.

Trek Velocis Road Cycling Carbon Shoes Review - Side View
Despite being the most affordable shoe in the Trek lineup, the Velocis has a premium look with dual BOA Li2 Dials.

While most mid-range shoes, such as the Fizik Vento Omna, opt for single dial systems or lower-end dual BOA dial setups, the Velocis has dual BOA Li2 dials. These are one of BOA’s best dials and offer micro adjustments for tightening and loosening by rotating it in different directions. Pulling up on the dial does a full tension release and makes it easy to put the shoe on or off. The cable routing system actually looks identical to the higher price Trek RSL Road shoes with a three row cable routing. It’s easy to adjust the fit of the shoes as the top dial controls the ankle fit while the bottom dial’s two row cable routing adjusts the toe box. With this dual setup you can easily adjust the fit on the fly as the dials are slim but have a nice texture outer ring that can be used while cycling.


Using Trek’s fit guide we found that the EUR 43.5 size was a good equivalent to the typical Shimano EUR 44 shoes like the S-PHYRE we’ve worn. While the toe box isn’t quite as wide as the Trek RSL or Bont Vaypor, the shoes are still quite comfortable. The MetNet relief panels and flexible upper material make the shoes comfortable to wear and allow them to easily expand around your foot. We found them to be easy to wear for short or long rides as the dual BOA Li2 dials make it easy to fine tune the fit. The carbon composite sole feels stiff without being punishing and is a nice balance between flexible nylon entry-level shoes and top-level full carbon soles. While we have no comfort issues, the one minor issue we found was that the top cable can get hung up on the top of the tongue when you are putting on the shoes. Otherwise, the shoe feels light and has great ventilation for warm weather or long climbs.

Trek Velocis Road Cycling Carbon Shoes Review - Carbon Composite Sole
The Velocis shoes have a carbon composite sole that is compatible with 3-bolt cycling cleat setups.


Overall, we found the Trek Velocis shoes to be competitively priced high performance cycling shoes. Despite the mid-level $250 price point, Trek has managed to incorporate a highly adjustable dual BOA Li2 fit system typically only found on higher-end cycling shoes. MetNet relief zones along the upper material allow the shoe to expand to fit different rider foot shapes. We found the shoes to be comfortable and easy to adjust the fit to accommodate short or long rides. The bright red exterior and carbon sole give the shoe a premium look without any pressure points. Our only dislike about the shoe is that the upper cable can get snagged on the top of the tongue while putting the shoes on if you aren’t careful. That said, the Trek Velocis are lightweight and capable road cycling shoes that won’t break the bank.

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