Inflatable packrafts and kayaks are portable alternatives to traditional rigid options and a rapidly growing segment in the industry. However, one of the big downsides to inflatable products is the inflation part as it can take some time to inflate everything up to the proper levels with hand pumps. Kokopelli’s solution to that is the portable Feather pump which can quickly inflate packrafts, kayaks or SUPs. The Kokopelli Feather pump retails for $49.95 and can be used for inflation or deflation and includes a number of adapters. Using a USB rechargeable 3600 mAh battery, the Feather pump can quickly fill air chambers and has a claimed runtime of 60 minutes. Although the Feather pump is only designed to fill volume up to 0.1-0.2 PSI (i.e. you’ll need to use a hand pump to achieve the proper inflation level), it can significantly reduce the inflation time.

The Kokopelli Feather Pump is a lightweight inflatable kayak that’s quick to set up and fun to paddle with on calm waters.

Retail Price$49.95
Rating 9.0 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 58
Likes+ Compact size
+ Quickly inflate or deflate kayaks and packrafts
+ Long runtime thanks to large integrated battery
Dislikes– Micro USB
– Lacks a multi-level battery status indicator
Where to Buy (US)Kokopelli


The Kokopelli Feather pump in a small yellow cardboard box with transparent windows built into the box that allows you to see the pump and adapters. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Feather pump
  • 5 adapters: vacuum storage bags / inflation rafts / outdoor mattresses / air beds / swim toys
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Fabric carrying bag

The included carrying bag is a convenient way to keep the adapters and pump together as well as travel with it. As far as the adapters, there is a bit of trial-and-error to figure out if you need it or which one you need for your application.


Visually, the Kokopelli Feather pump is a compact orange rectangle that looks more like a power pack than a pump. The only giveaways that it is actually a pump is the side inflation protrusion and the top deflate protrusion that reveals a plastic propeller below it. Kokopelli has improved the Feather pump in 2021 to incorporate a cross piece on the inflation port that pushes down on valves allowing you to keep valves in the closed position. This makes inflation easier as you don’t lose any air while attaching or removing the pump. The included adapters slide onto either of the ports and allow you to use the Feather pump with a variety of inflatable items.

Kokopelli Feather Compact Packraft Kayak Inflation Pump Review - Side Profile
The Feather Pump is surprisingly portable with a lightweight plastic construction and bright orange exterior.

The user interface for the Feather pump is a simple single rubber button. To turn the pump on you hold the button for 3 seconds and a single press then turns the pump off again. Kokopelli has incorporated this delayed power-on design to help prevent the pump from being accidentally turned on while traveling. Although the pump does not include any sort of gauge or LCD display, something cycling air pumps like the CYCPLUS A8 inflator does have, the simple design works well and feels robust. One feature we wished for is a multi-level battery status indicator to be able to quickly check the battery status before heading to the water.

Kokopelli Feather Compact Packraft Kayak Inflation Pump Review - Inflating
The Feather pump can be used to both inflate packrafts as well as deflate them to make it easier to pack or transport them.


We primarily used the Kokopelli Feather pump with the Kokopelli Moki-Lite and the Kokopelli Twain to help with inflation and deflation. Even though the Feature pump isn’t designed to exceed 0.3 PSI, it’s highly effective at inflating air chambers. We found that we could hand inflate 1 PSI chambers with only a few strokes, while the high pressure 6 PSI floor on the Moki-Lite required less than a minute of additional pumping. Thanks to the compact size of the pump you can also throw it in a backpack or your kayak / packraft bag and not have a weight penalty.

It’s easy to tell once the pump has reached the maximum pressure as the pitch of the motor changes. Once you hear the change in tone you can remove the pump and then use a hand pump to reach the desired pressure level. We found the included fabric bag to be a great way to keep sand and other debris out of the pump. At least for the Twain and Moki-Lite, the adapters didn’t appear to be necessary as the pump seated against the valve. The only negative with the Feature pump is the lack of a battery status display which meant we would preemptively charge the pump often just to ensure there was enough battery capacity.


Overall, we found the Kokopelli Feather pump to be a convenient and easy to use pump. With a large integrated battery and USB recharge port, the Feather pump is a great accessory if you have an inflatable packraft, kayak or SUP. The simple design and small size allow you to easily travel with the pump. Even with a low pressure limit, the Feather pump can quickly inflate air chambers and slash the setup time of inflatable devices down. The pump is also a great way to deflate a packraft or kayak as it is able to pull residual air out that simply rolling or applying manual pressure on it doesn’t seem to be able to achieve. If we could make improvements to the Feather pump we’d swap the micro USB port for USB-C and add a multi-level battery status indicator. That said, if you’re looking for a compact and portable pump to make setting up inflatable packrafts or kayaks easier than the Feature pump is a must-have.

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