If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional saddlebags or a sleeker way to carry extra gear, KOM Cycling has you covered. The new KOM Cycling Frame Strap offers a lightweight minimalist solution to carrying gear on your frame. What sets the frame strap apart from similar products on the market is that KOM Cycling has integrated an ATOP dial in place of a traditional velcro strap. The ATOP dial simplifies installation with micro-tightening adjustments and a soft nylon lace to hold the frame strap securely in place. Retail price for the frame strap is $29.99 and it can be used to carry tubes, tire levers, tubeless repair tools or even snacks. The exterior of the strap is finished in a water resistant coating while an elastic inner velcro sleeve compresses the tools and gear together.

The KOM Cycling Frame Strap combines a secure ATOP dial with a simple strap design for carrying extra gear.

Retail Price$29.99
Measured Weight (in g)28
Likes+ Sleek design
+ ATOP dial makes it easy to attach and remove
+ Elastic inner sleeve compresses items
Dislikes– No color options
– Lacks pockets or internal sleeves for loose items
Where to Buy (US)KOM Cycling


The KOM Cycling Frame Strap set comes attached to a simple cardboard backing with glossy graphics. Specifications and a package list are printed directly on the cardboard backing.


Whether you’re looking to ditch your saddlebag or just need to carry extra gear, a frame or tube strap is a lightweight and simple option. What sets the KOM Cycling Frame Strap apart from other straps like the Lizard Skin Frame Strap is the use of an ATOP dial for the outer strap instead of Velcro. Not only does the use of a dial system reduce the amount of material needed but it’s less susceptible to dirt or dust. If you’re not familiar with ATOP dials, it’s very similar to BOA or other dial systems in operation. Micro-tightening adjustments can be done by rotating the dial clockwise to increase the tension on the laces while rotating in the other direction does a full release of tension. The main difference between ATOP dials and BOA dials is that pulling on the dial does not release the tension and should be avoided on ATOP dials.

KOM Cycling Frame Strap - Side
What sets the KOM Cycling Frame Strap apart from other frame straps is the simple to use ATOP dial.

To prevent the laces from scratching your frame, KOM Cycling uses soft nylon laces instead of traditional harder materials. The laces are attached routed through a small plastic tab  that attaches to a U shaped connector piece on the other side of the strap. That makes installing the frame strap as easy as looping the laces over the frame, positioning the hook and then rotating the ATOP dial until the laces are taut. Visually the KOM Cycling Frame strap has a water resistant coating and attractive diamond glossy black finish. Branding is limited to the KOM Cycling logo on one tag for a clean look. Note, KOM Cycling hasn’t entirely eliminated Velcro from the frame strap as the inner elastic sleeve still uses velcro to close. It’s very similar to the Lizard Skin Frame Strap design, and helps compress your tools and gear together.

KOM Cycling Frame Strap - Top
Soft nylon straps secure the frame strap to the frame without scratching your frame.


In terms of usability, we found the ATOP dial made the frame strap easier to install and remove from the bike. There is also more than enough length in the lace to allow the KOM Cycling Frame Strap to be attached on thick downtubes, saddle rails or even bike racks. We think the Frame Strap is most useful for either short rides where minimal gear is needed, or longer rides where extra food or tubes are needed for peace of mind. The only downside to the simple design is that the inner sleeve has no pockets or enclosure, so you can’t carry smaller loose items safely without some sort of pouch. Otherwise the Frame Strap works well on the road and stays in place even over rough terrain.

KOM Cycling Frame Strap - Inner Strap
An elastic inner sleeve helps keep tubes and gear in place inside the frame strap.


Overall we found the KOM Cycling Frame Strap to be an flexible on-bike storage solution. The Frame Strap can be used in conjunction with traditional saddle bags or as a replacement for those who pack light. The use of an ATOP dial system allows the Frame Strap to shed some grams and make it more durable than Velcro strap designs. We also found the dial system made installation and removal faster and easier. The only downsides of the KOM Cycling Frame Strap is that the ATOP dial increases the price over Velcro variations and the fact that there are no hooks or inner loops for securing smaller items. That said, if you are looking for a lightweight way to carry gear on the bike and prefer dial systems then the KOM Cycling Frame Strap is a great option.

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