One of the most important tools every cyclist should carry is a tire lever. Although simple in construction, tire levers are essential for removing tires off a rim quickly and easily whether you’re installing tubeless tires or replacing traditional tubes. KOM Cycling has combined the essential tire lever with another important tool – a valve core remover. With a retail price of only $9.99 the KOM Cycling Tire Lever Combo Set costs less than traditional tire levers or separate valve core tools (e.g. the Park Tool VC-1 is $10.49 alone). The integrated design allows the CNC Aluminium valve core tool to snap into place inside the tire lever. Additionally the two tire levers have an interlocking design that gives the combination tire lever a compact size that’s easy to pack.

The KOM Cycling Tire Lever Combo offers a well designed tire lever and valve tool for an affordable price.

Retail Price$9.99
Measured Weight (in g)46
Likes+ Interlocking design
+ Costs less than buying tire levers or a valve core separately
+ Wide and grippy tire levers
Dislikes– No color options
Where to Buy (US)KOM Cycling


The KOM Cycling Tire Lever set comes in a simple cardboard box with glossy graphics. Specifications and a package list are printed directly on the back of the box. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Pair of KOM Cycling tire levers
  • Aluminium valve core tool attached to tire lever


KOM Cycling has stuck to the classic tire lever formula of a spoke hook on one side and wide curved cutout to slide under tires. The black plastic construction feels very durable with no flex and has ridges for extra grip. Design details such as the thin but wide curvature and the angled spoke hook make the tire lever one of our favorites for removing tires or helping install stubborn tires. The levers feel very similar to the popular Pedro tire levers but with a heavier duty construction. To make the tire levers easy to pack, KOM Cycling has incorporated an interlocking design that utilizes two plastic pins on each lever with corresponding slots. Connected together, the levers stay in place securely and require some force to separate.

KOM Cycling Tire Lever Combo Set - Comparison
Both the KOM Cycling tire levers and valve tool are similar to equivalent Pedros and Park Tool options.

What’s clever about the KOM Cycling tire levers is that they also have a multi-function design. The centers of the levers are hollowed out to accommodate a red CNC aluminium valve tool. Design wise, the core tool is nearly identical to the Park Tool VC-1 which costs more on it’s own than the KOM Cycling lever combo. Each end of the tool has a valve core removal tool, one side for Presta valves, and the other for Schrader. There is an additional circular cutout in the center of the tool that can be used as a 5mm wrench flat to attach valve extenders. It’s a simple design but with the red anodized finish, looks premium and works well.

KOM Cycling Tire Lever Combo Set
The tire levers have a heavy duty construction with plastic pins to lock the tire levers together.


Overall we found the KOM Cycling Tire Lever combo to be well designed and affordable. At less than $10 the combo costs less than the equivalent Park Tool valve core tool yet offers the same functionality and design. The tire lever has a durable construction with a thin and wide shape that slides between tires and rims easily. Ridges on the lever make it easy to grip even with thicker gloves on. The red anodized valve tool clips easily into the tire lever which makes it easy to pack and carry in a saddlebag or jersey. With KOM Cycling’s wide range of color options for their mounts, we were a bit surprised to see the Tire Lever combo is only offered in black / red anodized option. Even if you don’t have a tubeless setup currently, the KOM Cycling Tire Lever combo is a well priced and well designed tool to have on a ride.

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