Most bicycle frame bags tend to be geared toward bikepacking with large capacities and expandable designs. While those styles serve a purpose, most of them are bulky which leaves fewer options for those looking for a more integrated look. The exception to this is the Lead Out! Mini Frame Bag which offers the convenience of a frame bag with a sleek form factor. As with other Lead Out! products, the Mini Frame Bag combines premium construction with an attractive $70 retail price. The 1.3L capacity and 2” wide design allows the frame bag to easily tuck between road, mountain, or gravel bikes. Lead Out! offers the bag in a variety of colors from subtle white and black colors to vibrant orange or blue. The bag features a retroreflective strip and non-scratch velcro straps and bungee cords to secure it to the frame. Although the bag is only water-resistant, the durable ripstop material is easy to clean and keeps your gear within easy reach.

The Lead Out! Mini Frame Bag is a compact frame bag that combines premium materials and a 1.3L capacity that tucks between the bike frame.

Retail Price $70.00
Rating9.2 / 10
Measured Weight (in g)140
Likes+ Retroreflective stripe for nighttime visibility
+ Available in variety of solid color schemes to match different bikes and kits
+ Compact size fits variety of bike frames
Dislikes– Only water resistant
– Compact dimensions limit amount of gear that fits inside
Where to Buy (US)Lead Out!


Lead Out! packs the Mini Frame Bag in a simple mailer with a couple informational tags attached to the bag itself.


To secure the Mini Frame Bag to the bike’s frame, Lead Out! has incorporated three velcro straps along the top of the bag and two bungee cords on the front and bottom corner attachment points. The three velcro straps are equally spaced along the top of the bag and loop through cutouts in the bag for a flush look. Each of the velcro straps have a soft material along the inside to tightly hold the bag against the top tube without scratching the paint finish. The downtube and headtube attachment points use elastic bungee cords that are quick to install and slide through fabric loops. With the smaller size and lightweight construction, the velcro and bungee cord attachment designs work well to keep the bag securely mounted on the bike.

Lead Out! Mini Frame Bag Review - Non Drive Side
As with other Lead Out! products, the frame bag has a sleek solid color scheme with a reflective stripe on the drive side for extra visibility.


Visually the Lead Out! Mini Frame Bag has a traditional triangular design that tucks between the top tube and down tube. As the name implies, the Mini Frame Bag is compact which means you’ll have to pack carefully. Unlike bulky frame bags, the Lead Out! Mini Frame Bag even looks good on road bikes or commutes and provides quick access to gear or snacks. Lead Out! Offers the bag in a variety of solid color schemes from the white version shown here to brighter options like orange or green. As with the Lead Out! Mini Handlebar bag, the solid color scheme looks  great in person with more than enough options to match any kit or bike. The bag has a water resistant construction and is fully finished on the exterior and interior. The textured exterior is easy to clean and only has a single Lead Out! logo on the exterior.

Lead Out! Mini Frame Bag Review - Inside Pocket
The drive side of the bag has a large pocket for gear while the non-drive side has a flat pocket for cash, cards or a phone.

There is a full length zipper on each side of the bag with cords tied to the zipper heads that make them easy to operate with or without gloves. Triangular covers on the fronts of the bag allow you tuck the zipper underneath for a sleeker look. The non-drive side zipper opens a “1D” pocket which is flat and best suited for storing cell phones, cash or other thinner items. Most of the storage space is dedicated to the “3D” drive side pocket which is large enough for larger items or tools. There are no inner pockets or dividers either so it is difficult to organize the contents. Also, with the white exterior color scheme, the inner liner is all black instead of the higher visibility orange color. Lead Out! has also incorporated a retro-reflective strip on the drive side for extra visibility at night.

Lead Out! Mini Frame Bag Review - External Material
The bag is constructed of water resistant material and external zippers that are easy to keep clean.


Although the 1.3L capacity means the Mini Frame Bag is more compact than most frame bags, it’s still quite useful for tools, gear, or extra food. It fit perfectly on our Priority Ace of Spades bike with the velcro straps spaced just far enough to not obscure the Priority logo. The top tube placement makes the bag easy and quick to access while riding. For those that pack light, the Mini Frame Bag is actually a great alternative to traditional saddlebags with a sleeker look and enough capacity for spares and tools. However, even on our large ~58cm frame the bag did rub against our 24oz Polar Insulated water bottle. We’d recommend using smaller water bottles or using a repositioning bracket to move the bottle further downward to avoid any contact.


Overall, we found the Lead Out! Mini Frame Bag to be a well made and sleek frame bag. Unlike bulky bike packing style frame bags that can expand to fit a kitchen sink, the Mini Frame bag is form fitting. The combination of velcro straps and bungee cords allow it to tuck between your frame securely. At only 1.3L, you won’t be able to put an extra set of clothing inside but can still fit tools, tubes, or extra gear. The bag has a textured finish that is easy to clean. We found the simple velcro and bungee cords worked well to keep the bag in place on or off the road. The main downsides to the bag is the smaller storage capacity and the fact that it is only water resistant. That aside, if you’re looking for an alternative to a saddlebag or a sleek looking top tube bag, the Lead Out! Mini Frame bag is an excellent option.

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