When you’re riding in wet weather or on trails it doesn’t take long for a water bottle nozzle to get covered in dirt or grime which means you may imbibe some undesired nutrients with the water. Polar has recently introduced a solution to this with their new Polar Breakaway Muck insulated water bottles. The bottles feature their new Muckguard cap cover that protects the Surge valve from dirt or debris. Polar currently offers the bottle in three size insulated variations: 12oz ($14), 20oz ($15) and 24oz ($16). As with Polar’s other products, the bottles are made in Colorado with BPA-free plastic and their Tri-Layer insulation. The squeezable design combined with the non-spill Surge membrane makes the bottle easy to drink from on or off the road.

The Polar Breakaway bottles combine the best qualities of the push-pull and self-sealing valves into a well designed cycling bottle.

CategoryBicycle Bottle
Retail Price$14.00 (12oz) / $15 (20oz) / $16 (24oz)
Measured weight (in g)160 (24oz insulated)
Likes+ Eye catching designs
+ Secure and robust Muckguard cap cover
+ Surge cap is easy to clean and use
Dislikes– Fairly heavy
– Ridges on cap can collect dirt
– Only offered in insulated option currently
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As with other water bottles, the packaging only consists of a paper tag that can be easily removed by unscrewing the cap.

In this review we specifically looked at two variations:

  • 24oz insulated – Shatter Charcoal/Copper
  • 24oz insulated – Zipper Slate Blue/Turquoise


Aside from the Muckguard cap cover and different color schemes, the Breakaway Muck insulated bottles are the same as the standard Breakaway insulated bottles we’ve previously reviewed. That means they share the same nearly constant 74mm diameter form with a pronounced grip ring a few inches from the bottom of the bottle. The grip ring makes it easy to hold the bottle and also lines up with the tabs found on most standard water bottle cages. That means the bottles stay in place even if you ride on rough terrain. The Breakaway Muck is offered in two new graphics:Shatter and Zipper. Shatter is similar to a digital camo print and looks distinctive especially in the charcoal/copper color scheme. The Zipper scheme is a two tone bottle design that features vertical rectangles in a zipper pattern where two colors meet. We found both graphics distinctive and well executed.

Polar Breakaway Muck - Bottle
Polar offers some eye catching visual designs for the Breakaway Muck bottles such as the Zipper scheme shown here.

The star of the show is the Muckguard cap cover though which is a hard plastic cover with a built in handle. Compared to the CamelBak Podium Dirt Series simple rubber cover, the Muckguard feels better designed and more durable. The nozzle cover fits flush against the cap and has built-in tabs to lock it into place. It’s a great feature to have, especially if you ride in wet weather or dirt trails to keep the nozzle clean. The Muckguard can easily be removed from the bottle as well if you prefer to use the bottle without it for road cycling. We’re also big fans of the high-flow Surge cap which combines a non-spill membrane (i.e. requires a little pressure to open) and the push-pull nozzle that allows the nozzle to be locked. It’s a clever design that we prefer over the simple Elite NanoFly’s push-pull nozzle and the more complicated CamelBak Podiums caps.

Polar Breakaway Muck - Cap
Simple yet secure, the rubber Muckguard fits well on the nozzle and is easy to install or remove.


Overall, we found the Polar Breakaway Muck insulated bottles to be easy to use and well designed. With the addition of the Muckguard cap cover and eye-catching new graphics, Polar has made the Breakaway insulated bottle perfect for wet weather or off-road riding. The cover provides protection from debris while still being easy to clean and remove. We are also impressed with the new graphics which provide a subtle yet eye catching visual element to the otherwise standard shaped bottles. The Surge caps are also one of our favorites for cycling as they have the non-spill membrane design and a simple push-pull nozzle that allows them to be locked. While the bottles aren’t as light as some of Elite’s bottles, the simple design and easy to use nozzle make the Polar Breakaway bottles one of our favorites.

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