Is it an out-front computer mount or is it a bike light? The answer is both – the Moon Sport MX combines a bright 400 lumen output light with a computer mount into one product. Designed to be installed directly onto the bottom two stem bolts or an optional out-front style adapter, the $75.99 MX is a clever all-in-one accessory. Moon Sport has integrated two lighting elements into the MX with a bright CREE LED on top with an adjustable angle for seeing the road and a COB LED for being seen. The MX also has some clever features such as the Variable Lumen System that allows the output of nearly each mode to be customized independently, USB Type-C charging port for a 2:45 hr:min recharge time and side indicator lights for additional visibility. Although it’s slightly bulkier than traditional out-front-mounts, the MX has the potential to reduce clutter on handlebars by combining a bike light light with a mount.

The Moon Sport MX combines a Garmin/Wahoo mount with a bright 400 Lumen front light for day or nighttime visibility.

Retail Price$75.99
Rating 8.0/10
Measured Weight (in g) 96
Likes+ USB Type-C
+ Impressive 400 lumen output for such a small size
+ Combination design reduces clutter on handlebars
Dislikes– Premium price
– COB LED is recessed into the housing
– Lacks an intuitive battery status checker
Where to Buy (US)Moon Sport


The Moon Sport MX comes in a flat cardboard box with a transparent plastic container to allow you to see the MX light. Full specifications and product information are printed in Moon Sport’s black. Inside you’ll find:

  • MX with Garmin/Wahoo mount
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 6x M5 Bolt – 35 / 40 / 45 mm lengths
  • 6x Spacers – 5 / 10 / 15 mm lengths
  • 6x Washers

Moon Sport claims the single mount insert is compatible with Garmin, Wahoo, and even Bryton style mounts on their website and packaging, but we found it didn’t work particularly well with Bryton computers. Particularly with larger Bryton computers like the Rider 750, the mount doesn’t provide a secure locking click which allows the computer to rotate while riding.


The MX comes with multiple length stem bolts and spacers to mount it directly to the bottom of the stem. It’s a two piece design with a removable light portion and a separate rear mount bracket allowing the MX to easily be removed from the bike for charging. Installation is straightforward and requires removing the bottom two stem bolts and then selecting the correct length replacement bolt and spacer. Picking the right combination requires some trial and error to get the base of the MX to not rub against the stem. The MX is compatible with a wide variety of four bolt stems as the horizontal spacing is adjustable. Once it’s mounted, the angle is non adjustable but very secure. For those looking for a more adjustable option that doesn’t require stem bolts, Moon Sport also offers a separate out-front mount with an MX attachment.

Moon Sport MX Review - Front
The angle of the powerful front LED is adjustable allowing the beam to be fine tuned.


Visually the Moon Sport has a relatively thin rectangular profile that conceals the integrated battery. The MX has a dual light design with a bright adjustable LED mounted on front with an adjustable lens housing. There are 30 degrees of adjustment with indexed positions that lock the angle in place to . Below the main LED you’ll find the COB LED strip with a warm orange hue and wide beam pattern ideal as a “be seen” style light for daytime riding. Unlike the Fabric Lumaray, the COB LED does not wrap around the body and is instead recessed into a small rectangular cutout which limits the side visibility. The main Cree LED has a metal housing while the rest of the MX is primarily plastic with a matte black finish and glossy X overlay along the sides.

Moon Sport MX Review - Mount
The MX doubles as both a light and a computer mount with its top mounted Garmin/Wahoo puck which should work for any computer with a flat bottom.

The sides of the MX have small white rectangular windows that are illuminated when the light is on to improve side visibility. These “side lights” also flash when the battery is low as well as serve as a charging indicator when connected to a power source. We would have liked to see a multi-level battery status checker similar to the Magicshine Allty lights as the position of the MX’s low battery status indicator is easy to miss when riding. There are also two buttons on the left side of the light to turn the MX on or off and navigate the menu. On the other side of the light, you’ll find a USB Type-C port underneath a rubber grommet. Finally, on top is the combination Garmin and Wahoo (rotate the mount 90°) mount insert which should allow the MX to be compatible with any computer or accessory with a flat bottom so some aero computers like the Wahoo Bolt would not work on the MX. As mentioned earlier, our Bryton computer did not work well with this mount as it would slightly rotate while riding.


As with other Moon Sport products like the U Headlamp, or Cerberus taillight the MX has some features that are unique to Moon Sport.

  • VARIABLE LUMEN SYSTEM (VLS): This is a feature Moon Sport has incorporated into most of their lights and allows you to adjust the output of each mode independently. Once activated, the light ramps up from minimum to maximum power for that mode (note it flashes at each extreme to indicate a max/min has been reached) slowly until you select the desired level. The chosen output value overrides the factory defaults allowing for full customization. Although it’s a cool feature to see, the factory defaults will likely be sufficient for most riders.
  • LOCKOUT MODE: This is often called a “transport mode” that prevents the light from accidentally being turned on. The MX is shipped with lock out mode enabled to avoid the battery from being drained during shipping. It’s a useful feature that’s relatively easy to enable and disable. With the mode active, the MX simply flashes anytime a button is pressed.
  • BOOST MODE: Designed to be quickly accessible with a double press of the power button, boost mode enables the maximum 400 output mode of the MX. In this mode the Cree LED and the COB LED are both turned on to their maximum settings. It’s a convenient feature that can be used when entering dark trails or situations that require full illumination.


The Moon Sport MX has a two button interface to cycle through modes and access the VLS feature. Both buttons are only slightly raised and have the same smooth texture as the housing of the MX making them difficult to feel with gloves on or when riding. Aside from the lack of tactile feel, the interface is laid out fairly well. The left button is the “power button” and does the following:

  • Short Press: turns light on (light off)  / switch between output options for current mode (light on).
  • Double Press: switches between constant and flash modes. 
  • Long Hold: switches between steady and flash modes (light on) / enables or disables the lockout mode (light off).

The second “output button” is primarily used for the VLS feature:

  • Long Hold: activates the VLS mode and ramps the output from min to max mode slowly, release the button at the desired output

For the VLS setting, you can also restore all the modes back to the factory defaults by holding both the power and output button together until the COB LEDs light up sequentially. The interactive ramping design of the VLS system is much easier to use than the confusing LED blinking design the Lupine Rotlicht utilizes. Although the interface is easy to use, there is a learning curve so you will need to reference the manual to initially operate the MX. Incorporating a separate button for the lockout mode or VLS would be a nice improvement that would reduce complexity.


There are three primary output modes with the Moon Sport MX: Cree LED only, COB LED only, and hybrid mode with both. For each of these modes, there are six output modes available which means the MX has a total of 19 modes when counting the Boost mode. Combined with the VLS setting that allows you to customize every mode except for Boost or the SOS flash option which means the MX can be tuned to match any rider preference. There are two pre-programmed constant modes, a low and a high setting with an additional three flash options. There is a steady flash that has a low/high pattern, a day flash (on/off) and a SOS flashing pattern that is intended to be used for emergencies only.

Moon Sport MX Review - Side Profile
With the direct stem mount the MX sits directly in front of the handle bars and has a sleek side profile.

The Cree LED is capable of a maximum of 300 lumen output and with it’s adjustable beam angle is ideal for nighttime riding. Runtimes for the Cree only mode vary from 2 hours in the 300 lumen mode to 46:45 hr:min when in daytime flash. When using VLS, the output can also drop down to 20 lumen with a 156 hr runtime. We were impressed with the beam pattern of the cool Cree LED as it has a uniform and wide shape that illuminates the road. Although we still recommend riding with 1000 or more lumen for night time riding, the Cree mode works well for urban riding or shorter trips on dark bike trails. The output and beam pattern is comparable to similar 400 lumen lights such as the Magicshine Allty 400 or the Topeak Headlux.

In the COB only mode, the MX can put out 100 lumens of warm output. This mode should be treated as a “been seen” mode only as it’s not bright enough to illuminate the road. Instead, it’s ideal for daytime riding as the wide COB strip can ensure other riders or cars see you. Runtimes vary from 6:00 to 59:30 hr:min when in the 100 lumen constant mode and day flash setting respectively. We found the flash modes of the COB mode to be particularly useful for daytime riding as it keeps you visible without draining the battery. Note Moon Sport has recessed the COB into the housing which limits the visibility compared to the wrap-around design of the Fabric Lumaray.


Overall, we found the Moon Sport MX mount and light combination is a clever bike accessory. The MX combines a strong computer or accessory mount with a surprisingly powerful 400 lumen dual element light. It’s a relatively thin profile despite the integrated battery and with runtimes from 1:30 hr:min in the max output mode to multi-day output in the low flash modes the MX works well for commuters or road cyclists. The Moon Sport specific features such as the Variable Lumen System and Boost mode are also useful and relatively easy to access. Although the MX is quite useful, the premium price, lack of tactile feel on the buttons and easy to miss low battery status indicator may detour some cyclists. That said, the MX is a unique product that reduces handlebar clutter by combining a computer mount and bright light into a single product.

Disclaimer: The product for this review was provided by Moon Sport. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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