Handlebar bags are a convenient way to carry extra gear for running errands or doing long rides. The Topeak Tubular is a rigid handlebar duffel bag with a few tricks up its sleeve that has enough capacity for any adventure. Boasting a 3.8L capacity and 6.6 lb weight limit, the Tubular Barbag can be used to carry extra clothing, food or gear for any type of riding. The bag retails for $89.95 and utilizes Molle compatible straps for flexible mounting. Topeak has incorporated a three pocket design with two mesh outer pockets and a large inner pocket. To help organize the inside contents, there is also a removable Velcro divider. The bag itself is water repellent with waterproof zippers and a durable 600D polyester construction.

The Topeak Tubular Barbag combines a rigid 3.8L duffel design with three spacious pockets for storage for commuting or bike packing.

Retail Price$89.95
Rating8.8 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 302
Likes+ Rigid construction
+ Easy to access external pockets and a large center pocket
+ Flexible and secure mounting design
Dislikes– Black interior makes it difficult to see items inside
– Larger size may block out-front mounts or lights
Where to Buy (US)Topeak


The Topeak Tubular Barbag uses its own Velcro mounting straps to attach to cardboard backing with specs and branding printed onto it. Once you remove the straps you’re ready to use the bag and can remove or adjust the inner Velcro divider to match your needs. Topeak includes a 3M clear adhesive strip for protecting bike frames from potential scratching.


The Topeak Tubular Barbag uses three attachment points to mount onto a bike. There are two top mounted Velcro straps that wrap around handlebars and keep the bag stable. The mounted locations use the Molle strap design which allows the straps to be moved outward or inward to accommodate different bike setups. There is an additional bungee cord that can be wrapped around a head tube to secure the bag down and prevent it from bouncing on rough terrain. The attachment location has four available positions which provides flexibility when mounting. Note, with the fairly large size of the Tubular Barbag there is less space for out-front mounts or other handlebar accessories.

Topeak Tubular Barbag Handlebar Duffle Bag Review - Attachment Design
The Tubular Barbag attaches using two velcro straps on the handlebar and an extra bungee on the headtube to hold it in place.


Topeak markets the Tubular Barbag as a stylish handlebar duffel with full-length zipper for easy access. With 3.8L capacity and multiple pockets, the Tubular Barbag is a fairly large handlebar bag that can be used for commuting, gravel riding or bike packing. Topeak only offers the bag in this single black color which has an attractive fabric finish with reflective black and white bungee cords on the front. Branding is limited to a Topeak tag on the outside which gives the bag a premium look. Despite the waterproof zippers the Tubular Barbag is only water repellent as it’s constructed from 600D polyester.

As far as storage, the Tubular Barbag has quite a few options for storing smaller or larger items. There are two transparent mesh pockets on the exterior, one at each end of the bag that are convenient for smaller items and offers quick access. An external bungee cord along the bottom half of the bag exterior is a versatile way to carry clothing or odd sized items. The bungee has an extra long length which means you can store larger items easily such as thick jackets. There are also two plastic buckles which makes it easy to attach or remove items from the bag. Finally, the bag has a full length zipper that reveals a large inner compartment.

Topeak Tubular Barbag Handlebar Duffle Bag Review - Front Bungee Cord
With multiple Molle straps and a bungee cord on the front of the bag you can attach nearly anything.

With the rigid design of the bag there is plenty of space to store a variety of items. Topeak has even included a removable Velcro divider that can be used to organize the contents. The interior of the bag has an all black interior which means it can be difficult to see inside it. We would have liked to see a bright color like the high visibility yellow found on the Topeak Burrito Bag instead. On the exterior there are also fabric hoops on each side which can be used with carabiners for additional storage capability. An additional Molle strap runs along the top of the front which provides even more flexibility for attaching items to the bag.


With the large capacity of the Tubular Barbag, it’s a perfect replacement for saddlebags or for extra storage for bikepacking or multi-day rides. We mounted it on our Decathlon Triban RC 520 using the outer handlebar slots and found the mounting to be secure and easy to use. The rigid construction means the bag retains its structure regardless of what’s inside it. One of the downsides of this approach is that the bag can block larger lights or reflect light, so you’ll want to be careful with how you mount it. Otherwise, the bag has easy to access pockets with the mesh external pockets perfect for smaller items. The adjustable bungee cord is also quite useful as you can bring jackets or other odd-sized items that wouldn’t normally fit inside the bag. Again, we’d prefer a brighter interior color for the inner lining of the bag as the all-black finish makes it difficult to see inside it.

Topeak Tubular Barbag Handlebar Duffle Bag Review - Interior
The bag has a large single inner pocket with an all black finish that makes it difficult to find items.


Overall, we found the Topeak Tubular Barbag to be a well designed and convenient handlebar bag. The unique rigid tubular design provides 3.8L of capacity with a spacious interior that retains its shape regardless of the contents. A variety of straps, two mesh pockets and an external bungee provide versatile and flexible storage options. We found the Velcro and bungee mount design to be stable and easy to install and remove from the bike. The main downsides we found with the bag is the black interior which makes it hard to see what’s inside and that the larger size may block dual-sided out-front mounts or bike light setups. That said, if you’re looking for a premium handlebar bag for commuting or bike packing then the Topeak Tubular Barbag is a great option.

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