When it comes to bike storage, vertical stands are the most efficient option as they free up valuable floor space. Unfortunately, most vertical stands either require drilling holes or are bulky designs that lean against walls. The Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand in this review is a hybrid stand that combines the portability of a floor stand with the convenience of vertical bike storage. It retails for $59.99 and can accommodate bikes upto 44 lbs (22kg). The stand allows any bike with tires up to 2.3” to be rolled onto it then tilted upward with the seatpost supported on an adjustable post. Pro Bike Tool also includes an elastic wheel strap to prevent the front wheel from moving while on the stand.

The Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand combines the portability of a floor stand with the space saving design of a vertical mount.

Retail Price$59.99
Rating9.2 / 10
Likes+ Metal construction
+ Portable design with space saving vertical storage
+ Adjustable seatpost support accommodates variety of bikes
Dislikes– May require removing saddlebag or taillight to use
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The Upright Floor Stand comes in a Pro Bike Tool branded large cardboard box with specs printed directly on it. Inside the box you’ll find the stand partially disassembled with the seatpost and legs removed to reduce the box size. Instructions and hardware can be found in little plastic bags.


Minor assembly is required before the Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand can be used. The first step is to attach the bottom two legs to the frame which attach using the provided bolts. Aside from having to slightly pull the base to line up the bolts everything lines up well. The rear base slides through through a circular slot and has a plastic cover that screws on top of it. Next, the seatpost support slides into the slot and screws into place. After that it’s as simple as sliding on the rubber leg end caps to complete the assembly.

Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand Review - Side View
The upright floor stand uses a clever design that cradles the rear wheel and has an adjustable upright pole that supports the seat post and keeps the bike balanced backwards.


In terms of construction, the Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand combines elements of the Pro Bike Tool Floor Stand with a clever seat post holder. The bottom of the stand shares the same hinged wheel cradle with steel tubing to hold the rear wheel upto 2.3” wide. For additional stability, the Upright Floor Stand has two legs with a wider one in the rear. Simple rubber end caps on the legs prevent the stand from sliding or scratching floors. What separates the Upright Floor Stand from standard floor stands is that it has a large pole instead of a swinging wheel cradle. The pole is nothing more than a round tube with a curved rubber cap on it that supports the bike’s seatpost. To improve the stability, the seatpost holder is also slightly tilted backwards which helps the bike stay in place.

Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand Review - Wheel Mount
The upright floor stand shares the same hinged wheel holder that can accommodate upto 2.3″ wide tires.

While the Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand isn’t the first hybrid upright floor stand, compared to the Bike Nook or other stands on the market, it offers a more stable and user-friendly design. The two wide legs and angled seatpost support prevent the stand from sliding or tilting side to side while being used. It’s also easier to adjust the seatpost support by simply pulling it upwards or using the spring loaded button on the bottom to retract it down. The rubber end piece on the seatpost support prevents it from scratching seatposts and has tall edges on the sides to keep the seatpost in place. The edges are tall enough that even narrow aero seat posts should be compatible with the stand.

Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand Review - Seatpost Cradle
To support the seat post, Pro Bike Tool has used a simple U-shaped rubber attachment that keeps the bike balanced in place.


The question we imagine most people will ask is whether the Upright Floor Stand is worth purchasing. Our answer to that would be “yes” compared to floor stands but “maybe” compared to vertical bike stands, as it depends on what you’re looking for. In our opinion, the Upright Floor Stand is more efficient than traditional floor stands as it can free up valuable floor space. Even though the stand is larger than floor stands such as the Topeak Lineup or Maxxhaul Floorstand the vertical orientation is worth it as it frees up more floor space than those designs. Compared to traditional vertical bike stands such as the Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Stand, the Upright Floor Stand isn’t quite as effective. The main reason for that is that the Upright Floor Stand places the seatpost toward the wall rather than the wheels which ends up taking up more space. The main advantage of the Upright Floor Stand is that it doesn’t require any drilling or holes and can be simply moved at any time.


Overall, we found the Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand to be a clever and well built bike stand. The hybrid design combines the portability of a floor stand with the more efficient upright bike position. We found the stand to be easy to use, as you simply roll the rear wheel onto the stand then tilt the bike backwards until the seatpost rests against the support. Aside from the fact that you may need to remove or move your taillight or saddlebag, it’s quick and easy to use. The wide seatpost support and legs also mean the bike is quite stable on the mount and won’t tilt. Although the upright floor stand mount saves some floor space, it’s not quite as effective as traditional vertical mounts. That said, if you’re looking to save some floor space and don’t want to drill any holes in your wall, then the Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand is a great option.

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