If you’re looking for a clever way to declutter your handlebars while still being daytime visible, the RAVEMEN FR160 is the perfect light. The RAVEMEN FR160 is daytime bright COB LED headlight with a thin form factor that sandwiches between your GPS computer and mount. It’s a clever design that utilizes a wraparound COB LED design with 160 lumen output. At only $36.95 the FR160 is also quite affordable and features a USB-C charging interface and 380 mAh Li-polymer internal battery. The FR160 attaches to any Garmin mount and has a top-side Garmin puck to attach other accessories above it. RAVEMEN also offers an optional Wahoo adapter to attach Wahoo computers onto the light.

The RAVEMEN FR160 is a clever daytime bike headlight that sandwiches between GPS computers and Garmin mounts.

Retail Price$36.95
Rating9.2 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 55
Likes+ Compact form factor,
+ Wrap-around COB LED lights up the handlebars
+ Modern USB-C charging port
Dislikes– Lacks multi-level battery status
– Rear buttons can be hard to reach
– Top Garmin adapter lacks the typical “click” when attaching devices
Where to Buy (US)Amazon


The RAVEMEN FR160 headlight comes in a bright orange cardboard with a large center cutout that lets you see and interact with the light. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • FR160 headlight
  • USB-C charging port
  • Instruction manual

Note, RAVEMEN sells an optional Wahoo adapter that can be swapped in place of the Garmin top attachment adapter.


What’s unique about the RAVEMEN FR160 is that it has a Garmin mount on the bottom and a Garmin mount on the top. This lets you sandwich it between an out-front mount and then attach another Garmin mount on top of it. The relatively thin form factor allows it to hide under GPS computers without the need for dual-sided out-front mounts for traditional bike lights. On our light, there is also a sticker indicating the Garmin puck has the upgraded aluminum construction which increases the durability. RAVEMEN also offers an optional Wahoo adapter which can replace the top Garmin adapter for those with a Wahoo GPS computer. We found that the top Garmin mount worked well but lacked the satisfying “click” you typically get with Garmin mounts.


The RAVEMEN FR160 GPS computer light is one of those ideas that seem obvious once you see it. With a thin form factor and wraparound lens the light can seamlessly be integrated into most bike mounts for a clean setup. If this looks familiar that’s because it’s quite similar to the Fabric Lumaray we’ve previously reviewed and is currently no longer produced. RAVEMEN has taken that concept and added modern technology to achieve higher output and a USB-C charging port. The light itself has a trapezoidal profile with a wider front and more narrow rear. It has a plastic housing with FR160 branding on the sides and RAVEMEN debossed on the top. The top surface is also beveled to give it a slimmer appearance and breakup the otherwise flat surfaces.

Ravemen FR160 Front GPS Mount Bike Light Review - Top View
The FR160 has a standard Garmin top attachment or an optional Wahoo mount for attaching a GPS computer or other accessories on top of the light.

One of the most striking features of the FR160 is the wraparound COB LED lens that ensures you’re visible from a wide angle. This light has a 160 lumen output which is quite impressive for the small size. Visually, it looks yellow as the chemical backing reflects the yellow light even though it illuminates white. There is a single button on the rear of the light that lets you do a long hold to turn it on and a short press to cycle through the modes. Unfortunately there is no battery status indicator which is something RAVEMEN could have easily incorporated by illuminated the COB LEDs like the KNOG Frog lights. A rubber gasket to the left of the button conceals the USB-C charging port and helps keep water and debris out.

Ravemen FR160 Front GPS Mount Bike Light Review - Side View
With it’s thin design, the FR160 can easily hide underneath GPS computers and provide extra visibility on the road.


RAVEMEN has kept the output modes simple with a few constant and flashing modes. As far as constant modes there is: low (10 lm / 13.5 hr runtime), medium (25 lm / 6.5 hr) and high (50 lm / 4 hr). There are an additional three flash modes: warning flash (160 lm / 5.3 hr), rapid flash (25 lm / 12.5 hr) and slow flash (50 lm / 8 hr). With the wraparound COB LED design, even the high constant mode is only a “be-seen” style light that does not illuminate anything beyond your handlebars. If it was our choice, we’d drop the three constant modes in place of the single low mode that could be used for nighttime riding.

Ravemen FR160 Front GPS Mount Bike Light Review - COB LED
The light has a wrap-around COB LED design that ensures your visible from any angle.

The most useful mode is the warning flash which has an irregular flash pattern that achieves the full 160 lumen output. It’s great for daytime riding as the wide beam ensures you’re visible from nearly any angle. Thanks to the thin form factor and sandwiching design you hardly notice the FR160 is even on your bike. Even though the FR160 light lacks the long-distance visibility of focused LED headlights like the Bontrager Flare RT or Magicshine Seemee 150 it’s bright enough to keep you visible on the road. The FR160 can also easily be combined with other headlights for additional visibility or night time riding.


Overall, we found the RAVEMEN FR160 to be a clever and bright headlight. The light uses a clever slim design that sandwiches between Garmin mounts and other Garmin devices. This means you can have daytime visibility without taking up additional space on your handlebars as you don’t need any additional mounts. We’re also happy to see RAVEMEN added modern USB-C charging interface and bright 160 lumen output from the COB LEDs. The only things we’d improve on the light would be to move the buttons to the right to the right to make it easier to use as well as add a multi-level battery status indicator. That said, if you’re looking for a slim daytime bright front light that can hide under your computer, the RAVEMEN FR160 is a great option.

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