For those not familiar with Safety Labs, they are a sister company to FLR which offer cycling shoes with a similar value-focused approach that combines attractive pricing with premium features. In this review, we’ll be looking at Safety Labs highest performance helmet the Safety Labs X-Eros which is described as a “lighter, stronger and faster” helmet. Developed with pro cyclists in mind, the Safety Labs X-Eros features in-mold construction, large air vents, and an aerodynamic profile. Even though it’s one of Safety Labs top helmets in their extensive lineup, the X-Eros has a very competitive retail price of only $74.99. Despite the price, the helmet features premium touches such as dial fit system and wrap around external shell.

The Safety Labs X-Eros is an affordable and lightweight road cycling helmet with premium touches not typically found at this price point.

Rating 8.8/10
Retail Price$74.99
Measured weight (in g)  290 (medium)
Likes + Affordable price
+ Excellent ventilation from large air channels
+ Premium touches such as wrap around shell
Dislikes– Thin liner pads
– Lacks MIPS or other secondary safety features
– Limited color schemes
Where to Buy (US)Safety Labs


The helmet comes in a simple cardboard box with Safety Labs branding. Our box arrived a bit beaten up from shipping but otherwise undamaged. Inside the box the X-Eros Helmet wrapped in a simple plastic bag to keep it clean during shipping.


Despite budget price, the X-Eros has a premium look of a much more expensive aero helmet. With a flat top profile and top air scoop, the overall shape of the X-Eros is very similar to the Bollé Furo and other aero road cycling helmets. Safety Labs also offers the helmets in four semi-matte color variations: black, navy, fluorescent green, and white. The navy finish that we reviewed has the exposed structural hoops in a complementary teal color. The front of the helmet is dominated by five large front air channels that funnel air through the helmet with the support hoop cutting through the center. The rear of the helmet also has an exposed support hoop and large openings for ventilation.

Safety Labs X-Eros - Side
The X-Eros helmet has an aerodynamic profile with large air intakes.

There is also minimal branding on the helmet with only a small Safety Labs logo on each side of the helmet. We were impressed with the fact that the outer shell wraps around the inside of the helmet which is typically a premium feature. While it’s a subtle touch, it gives the helmet a more finished appearance as you don’t see the exposed EPS foam. That aside, the X-Eros uses simple black nylon straps with adjustment cams on the sides and a small plastic buckle. While the X-Eros doesn’t have some of the personalized touches and color schemes such as helmets such as the Thousand Heritage or the Smith Trace helmet, it looks and feels more expensive than the retail price would suggest.

Safety Labs X-Eros - Rear
The bright green inserts add additional structure and visual flare to the helmet.


The X-Eros features what Safety Labs refers to as their 360o Pro Adjustment fit system. Marketing terms aside, it’s a standard dial cradle system that works in conjunction with the side straps to keep the helmet securely in place. The dial features dual direction micro adjustments making it easy to find the right fit. There are no MIPS or other secondary liners with the X-Eros, so the interior of the helmet is simply air channels and a removable padding. The padding is attached with velcro and has a bug mesh built into it to cover the large front air channels. Although the padding is wide, it feels soft and less supportive than other helmets such as the Bontrager Specter helmet. That aside, the helmet feels comfortable and at only 290g, it is easy to forget you’re wearing it.

Safety Labs X-Eros - Inside
Despite the budget price, the helmet shell wraps around the inside lip of the helmet for a premium appearance.


Overall we found the Safety Labs X-Eros helmet to be a sleek and lightweight helmet. Despite the budget price, the helmet has an aerodynamic profile and aggressive air channels. We found the helmet to be well ventilated and comfortable thanks to the lightweight construction and adjustable fit system. Aside from the helmet lacking MIPS or other secondary liners, the helmet feels well built and is visually appealing. The only issue we found with it was that the removable padding felt soft compared to other helmets we’ve used. Otherwise, the helmet has many of the premium touches such as wrap around shell and low profile design that aren’t typically found at this price point.

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