Stromer e-bikes have gained a well deserved reputation for their performance and technology. One of their latest offerings is the new ST5 Pinion bike which is marketed as the executive among e-bikes. The ST5 Pinion sits near the top of Stromer’s bike lineup as their second most powerful bike behind the ST7. As the name implies, the ST5 features the latest and greatest Pinion Smart.Shift 9 speed transmission with electronic shifting that allows you to shift even while stopped. Retail price starts at $11,990 and goes up to $13,338 with the optional suspension fork and seatpost. The ST5 is classified as a Class 3 e-bike as it features a 28 mph max speed in the US with a torque sensor activated rear hub motor. As with other Stromer bikes, the ST5 is fast and powerful with a 110 mile maximum range and large removable 983 Wh battery.

The Stromer ST5 Pinion combines a high-tech Smart.Shift electronic shifting with silky smooth pedal assist to achieve impressive performance and range.

Retail Price$11,990 – $13,338 (as tested)
RatingDesign: A
Components: A+
Handling: A
Value: B
Weight (lb)77 (size large w/ suspension fork + seatpost) / 10 (battery alone)
Likes+ Powerful and silky smooth power delivery
+ Low maintenance Gates carbon belt
+ Pinion Smart.Shift lets you shift anytime and is fully sealed
Dislikes– Premium pricing
– Heavy weight limits versatility of the bike
– Display screen is fairly small and awkward to view while riding
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The Stromer ST5 Pinion uses a classic double triangle design with robust aluminum construction and large tubing. With its oversized downtube there is no mistaking the Stromer ST5 Pinion for anything but an e-bike. The shape is constrained by a large removable 983 Wh battery with a square cross section that sits inside the downtube and is accessible via a hinged side door. As you would expect at this price point, the bike is impeccably finished with smoothed welds and a tapered top tube. Stromer currently only offers the bike in imperial red color which has a beautiful satin like finish. It’s a unique design that helps the bike stand out in a sea of black and gray bikes. Branding on the bike is limited to subtle glossy ST5 logos along the downtube and Stromer printed on the headtube and top tube.

Stromer ST5 Pinion Electric Bike Pedelec Review - Side View
Finished in a beautiful satin red, the ST5 retains a traditional double triangle frame design with an oversized downtube to hide the removable battery.

Stromer has done an excellent job of hiding all the electronics and technology of the bike with internally routed cables and a clean proprietary integrated handlebar setup. That means all the technology such as the ABS front brakes and cabling are completely hidden inside the bike frame and under a cover panel on the stem.  It’s a sleek setup that mimics the integrated handlebar designs of aero bikes and has the same downside of a lack of adjustability. There is also a removable cover on the top of the stem that reveals a mounting spot for cell phone holders which is convenient for commuters who use the cell phone for navigation. Stromer has also integrated full fenders and a rear rack that make it easy to carry gear and ride the ST5 in wet weather.

Stromer ST5 Pinion Electric Bike Pedelec Review - Front Lights
Stromer has integrated a bright front headlight into the handlebars as well as their signature U shaped DRL into the headtube.

Whether you are riding during the day or night, the Stromer ST5 ensures your visibility with integrated lights. A bright Supernova M99 Pro 2 headlight is molded into the front of the handlebar with an adjustable tilt angle and StVZO lens design to light up the night without blinding oncoming traffic. An additional U-shaped DRL has been integrated into the headtube and gives the Stromer a distinctive appearance and additional visibility. Interestly, the  Supernova M99 tail light has more of a tacked on appearance as it’s mounted on the rear chainstay. We’re a bit surprised Stromer didn’t use something like the LightSKIN integrated seatpost taillight but the taillight’s rearward mounting positions ensures it won’t be obstructed by backpacks or bags.


Controlling the ST5 is similar to other Stromer bikes with a color touchscreen integrated into the top tube. To power the bike and display on you reach underneath the top tube and press down on a large rubber button. It’s a slick design that hides the button from view but is still easily accessible for turning the bike on or off. Once the display is powered on the color screen displays battery status, power assist mode and additional trip metrics such as speed and distance. The user interface is well designed with bright graphics and intuitive controls that supports swiping gestures and has great touch sensitivity. From the main screen you can also view additional trip metrics by swiping or accessing the menu to do additional customizations.

Stromer ST5 Pinion Electric Bike Pedelec Review - Belt Drivetrain
With its combination of rear motor, Gates carbon belt and Pinion Smart.Shift technology the ST5 Pinion has one of the best drivetrains on the market.

Stromer lets you adjust everything from the torque sensor sensitivity to the regenerative braking strength to customize the ride experience. You can also add a PIN code to lock the bike out and provide an additional level of security. Unlike other e-bikes like the Troxus Lynx which provide physical keys for unlocking the battery for removal, the Stromer’s battery door can only be unlocked via the display screen. That’s why we’d highly recommend setting up the PIN code as the battery alone is worth around $1500. While the display screen is well designed it’s surprisingly small and the top tube placement is a bit awkward to view while riding. We’d like to see some sort of integrated speed or power assist level display in the handlebars. There is also a Stromer cell phone app that mirrors most of the bike controls and provides additional bike trip and navigation features.

While riding, most of the bike’s essential functions can be controlled via a small multi-button remote next to the left handlebar. The assist mode can be switched between offer, 1, 2, 3 and an even more responsive sport mode by pressing the plus and minus buttons. Holding the minus button is also a shortcut to adjusting the regenerative braking strength. Above the two buttons is a light indicator button that lets you toggle the headlights on or off. Finally there is one more horn button that lets you activate the electronic horn to help alert people ahead of you that you are approaching. While the sound of the horn is more similar to a fire alarm chirp  like the Hornit than a true car horn like that on the Loud Bicycle horn, it’s still a helpful feature.


With our large fully optioned bike weighing in at almost 77 lbs, note that Stromer lists the weight as 59.5 lbs for a smaller size and the battery alone comes in at 10lbs on our scale, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ST5 Pinion can be a handful to move around. Simply maneuvering the bike in and out of a tight garage space can be difficult if you are a smaller person. Most of the weight is also forward on the bike which makes it awkward to walk with if you don’t use the power-assisted walk mode. Additionally, lifting the bike onto hitch racks like the Yakima Stage Two or onto any sort of public transit is a two person job. It’s something we’d highly consider taking into account as it does limit the flexibility and day-to-day usability of the bike.

Any concerns about the weight of the bike fade away once you start riding as the 750W SYNO Sport motor provides smooth and powerful torque. Even in the lowest power assist mode the electric motor easily offsets the weight and drag of the wide tires and lets you feel like a professional athlete on a featherweight carbon bike. Unlike many rear drive e-bikes that have an unnatural feel that makes it feel like someone is shoving you forward, the Stromer’s rear mounted motor has a perfectly tuned torque sensor that feels seamless. The motor matches your input which lets you cruise around town or sprint past traffic and other riders. Stromer has even integrated a sport mode that can be accessed by going past the level 3 assist mode that makes the bike even punchier and responsive.

What’s so impressive about the Stromer ST5 is that it’s easy to forget that it’s an electric bike when you’re riding it. The smooth torque sensor based power delivery and nearly silent rear motor make it feel like a comfortable and responsive endurance bike. Stromer’s integrated lighting system and display screen also give the bike a premium look and feel that help it stand out. We also appreciated the attention to detail and integrated speaker system that plays a welcoming startup and shutdown sound. The sound system also reinforces the user interface with beeps when you are at the minimum or maximum power levels which are a nice way to provide additional user feedback. Additional tech like the front ABS and large hydraulic disc brakes allow you to ride fast while knowing you can bring the bike to quick and safe stop.

As far as bike range, the giant battery also eliminates any range anxiety as you can easily get 70+ miles even in more aggressive sport modes or riding steep terrains. The long range of the bike should allow most riders to go a few weeks between charging. Stromer has also designed the bike with a removable battery by simply pressing the “eject” button to unlock the battery door. That means you can charge the ST5 battery directly on the bike via the non-drive side charging port or plug a charge into the battery itself . The Pinion Smart.Shift drivetrain is also a nice upgrade from traditional mechanical shifting systems. It’s fully enclosed and built into the bottom bracket of the bike which means there is no need for derailleur adjustments or worry about damaging sensitive components. While the shifting on the Pinion system isn’t as lightning fast as 12-speed Shimano Di2 or SRAM eTap drivetrains, it is responsive and lets you shift while stopped.


Overall, we found the Stromer ST5 Pinion to be a well designed and premium e-bike. With the addition of the Pinion drive train and Gates carbon belt, the ST5 provides performance with minimal maintenance. The ST5 Pinion also offers impressive power and torque which lets you conquer nearly anytime of terrain without breaking a sweat. We were impressed with just how smooth and natural the rear hub motor was, Stromer has perfectly tuned the torque-sensor to provide seamless power assist. It’s easy to forget that the ST5 is an e-bike once you’re moving as the motor is nearly silent and the bike provides responsive handling and power assist that matches your pedaling effort.

The beautiful satin red paint finish and premium features such as the smooth welds and integrated handlebar and lighting system also live up to the executive nature of Stromer bikes. With all the integrated features and intuitive user interface, the Stromer ST5 makes an ideal car replacement or commuter bike to get to work quickly. Our main criticisms of the bike is that it’s too expensive to imagine parking outdoors in unsecure locations and it’s too heavy to lift onto public transit or bike racks. That said, if you’re looking for the ultimate high-performance e-bike and you have a large budget then it’s hard to beat the Stromer ST5 Pinion.

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