Topeak’s new Weatherproof DynaWedge saddle bag combines a sleek form factor with a fully waterproof construction to keep your gear dry. This is a saddlebag that’s designed for minimalist cyclists who want to optimize their aerodynamics while still offering enough capacity to carry useful tools. In this review we’ll be looking at the $44.95 large size variation which offers 0.6L capacity. As the name implies, this is a fully waterproof saddle bag that’s constructed from 210 and 420 denier nylon along with a polyurethane coated zipper. Visually, the DynaWedge has a unique narrow form factor that tucks underneath saddles with a centered zipper for accessing the contents.

The Topeak Weatherproof DynaWedge combines an aerodynamic shape with a fully waterproof construction to keep everything dry.

Retail Price$44.95
Rating8.6 / 10
Measured Weight (g)64
Likes+ Waterproof construction keeps the contents dry
+ Compact form factor tucks under saddles
+ Narrow but long design fits pumps or larger items
Dislikes– Black interior makes it difficult to see items inside it
– Centered zipper is less functional than traditional designs
Where to Buy (US)Topeak


The Topeak Weatherproof DynaWedge comes simply packaged with a cardboard backing that has bright yellow and white branding printed on it. Topeak uses the mounting straps to attach the bag to the cardboard.


The DynaWedge uses a simple hook and loop strap design for mounting. There is a Velcro loop on the rear that wraps around a seat post and two velcro “wings“ on the top of that bag that wrap around the saddle rails. Given the lightweight of the bag, the mounting design is convenient and prevents the bag from swaying. Unlike some of Topeak’s other bags like the Topeak SideKick Wedge, there are no accommodations for using the Topeak Duo Fixer saddle mounting system. In fact, the centered zipper design also means there is no rear fabric hook for attaching tail lights.

Topeak Weatherproof DynaWedge Aerodynamic Bike Saddlebag Review - Velcro Attachments
The DynaWedge uses Velcro straps that wrap around each saddle rail and the seatpost for bike mounting.


Compared to Topeak’s other saddlebags, the DynaWedge’s thin wedge profile looks and feels unique. At only 1.7” wide, the DynaWedge is designed to hide behind seatposts while the 6.8” width can still fit longer items. Topeak currently only offers this in this black semi-gloss black color scheme with yellow Topeak branded zipper and Topeak printed on the sides. We have the large size in this review which has a 0.6L capacity but Topeak also offers a smaller 0.35L version that’s over an inch shorter. The glossy poly-urethane coating on the waterproof zippers is an obvious indicator that this bag is waterproof. Topeak has constructed the bag using 210 denier and 420 denier nylon which gives the bag a rubber-like texture and keeps the contents dry.

Topeak Weatherproof DynaWedge Aerodynamic Bike Saddlebag Review - Center ZIpper
An elastic mesh holds the contents of the bag in place as you open the centered zipper to reach inside the bag.

One of the unique design features of the DynaWedge is the centered zipper design. Topeak has utilized a single center zipper that extends from the rear and all the way to the back of the bag to access the contents. This design eliminates the more bulky traditional U shaped or dual zipper designs found on other bags. There is also a mesh liner on the bottom of the bag to ensure nothing falls out when you unzip the bag. Once you fully unzip the zipper you can stretch the bag to see everything inside it. Unfortunately, Topeak has utilized an all-black interior instead of the high-viz yellow found in some of their other bags like the Burrito Pack. That means it’s difficult to see inside the bag particularly if you have smaller items.


Setting up the DynaWedge is quick and simple thanks to the quick release Velcro straps. The saddle sits flush against the bottom of the saddle for a sleek appearance. Despite the unusually wet weather here on the west coast, the DynaWedge’s weatherproof design kept all the contents dry and clean. The coated exterior is also quite easy to clean as you can wipe away dirt or water to keep the bag looking fresh. We found the bag offered great capacity, it’s quite narrow but long which means you can still fit mini-pumps and multiple tubes inside it. The centered zipper keeps the bag symmetrical but isn’t as functional as normal U-shaped setups as you have to completely unzip it to be able to fully stretch the bag open. The included bottom mesh does work well to prevent items from falling out, but the all-black interior and lack of smaller pockets can make it difficult to find items inside it.

Topeak Weatherproof DynaWedge Aerodynamic Bike Saddlebag Review - Side Profile
Even in this larger size, the DynaWedge has a compact form factor that’s nearly the same width as a seatpost and sits flush against the saddle.


Overall, we found the Topeak Weatherproof DynaWedge saddle bag is a sleek and waterproof saddlebag. The bag’s unusual contoured shape tucks underneath saddles and is about the same width as a seatpost. Even with the larger 0.65L capacity we have in this review, the bag has a minimalist look while still providing decent capacity. We found the water proof design to be ideal for winter riding as the contents stay dry, and you can simply wipe the exterior to keep it looking new. The main downside of the saddlebag is that the interior is all black which makes it difficult to find items.

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