Wedge style saddlebags have been a popular option for cyclists due to their compact size and easy to access compartments. Topeak’s SideKick Wedge Packs are a unique variation to traditional wedge packs as they have a semi-rigid construction and side access panels. In this review, we’ll specifically be looking at the Topeak SideKick Wedge Pack which features a zippered side opening. Topeak offers two different sizes for the SideKick, a $44.95 small 0.5L version and the $54.95 medium 0.75L version we have in this review. Although the SideKick Wedge Pack has been around for quite a few years, Topeak’s new Duo Fixer series makes the QuickClick attachment much more relevant today. It’s a simple plastic tab design that allows the SideKick Wedge Pack to be quickly installed or swapped between bikes. The SideKick also has a high visibility yellow interior with a mesh inner pocket to make it easier to organize and find items inside the saddlebag.

The Topeak SideKick Wedge Pack combines a semi-rigid construction with an easy to use QuickClick mounting design.

Retail Price$54.95 (note, small version is $44.95)
Measured Weight (in g)124 (saddlebag), 28 (mounting bracket)
Likes+ QuickClick mounting
+ High visibility interior makes it easy to find items
+ Convenient side zipper with mesh inner pocket
Dislikes– Sags slightly when mounted on the bike
Where to Buy (US)Todson


The Topeak SideKick comes with a basic cardboard backing with specifications and branding printed on it. Once you remove the backing, the SideKick is ready to be mounted on your bike. Topeak includes a QuickClick saddle rail adapter with the saddle which requires an Allen key to install on compatible saddle rails.


The medium version of the Topeak SideKick Wedge Pack attaches to the bike at two points: a rear Velcro seatpost strap and a QuickClick top mount. It’s a standard Velcro strap with buckle that wraps around the seatpost to prevent the saddlebag from swaying side-to-side. Note, we’d recommend the small version of the SideKick if you have a dropper post as it does not have a seatpost attachment strap. Topeak’s QuickClick is a simple proprietary quick release mounting system that uses a plastic tab that allows for quick and efficient removal or installation. The QuickClick tab slides into the included saddle rail adapter or any equivalent Duo Fixer bottom rail attachment. 

Topeak SideKick Wedge Pack Bike Saddlebag Review - Side Profile
The SideKick has a semi-rigid construction and premium details such as a 3M reflective strip and taillight clip.

We’d highly recommend using a Duo Fixer attachment as it allows you to combine multiple accessories such as lights / fenders above the saddlebag for more functionality. Note, the Duo Fixer mounts and the included bracket both require 15mm of flat saddle rail and 38mm spacing between rails. While it works on any rail material, if you have a monorail or spring type saddles this mounting system may not work for you. We found that we had to slightly move our seat backward to accommodate the bracket. You simply have to remove the bolt and position the top portion above the rails and then thread on the bolt on. Topeak does not include a tool with the saddlebag so you’ll need to use your own for the installation.


The Topeak SideKick Wedge Pack combines a sleek wedge profile with a semi-rigid construction. It’s built with 600 Denier polyester with molded EVA Foam panels which allows the saddlebag to hold its shape. Topeak offers the bag in two sizes, the 0.5L small or the 0.75 L medium version we have here. It’s an all-black saddlebag with a 3M reflective strip on the rear and the Topeak logo on the taillight strap. There is also a reflective Topeak on the right side of the bag that helps with nighttime visibility.  It’s an asymmetric design with a zippered door on the non-drive side and molded side panels that help the saddlebag retain the wedge profile.

Topeak SideKick Wedge Pack Bike Saddlebag Review - Rear Shot
With it’s asymmetric design, it’s not surprising that the SideKick Wedge Pack has a slight tilt it when installed on the bike.

When you open up the zippered compartment it reveals a large single compartment. As with other Topeak bags like the Topeak Burrito pack, the SideKick has a bright yellow interior that makes it easy to find contents inside it. It’s a subtle detail you don’t appreciate until you switch to a standard saddle bag with black interior. To help organize things there is a meshed pocket on the door for small tools or cash and a fabric loop on the inside to hold round smaller items. Although it’s not as organized as rollup bags like the Handlebag Jack Tool Pack or KOM Saddle Tool which have separate compartments, the side door design means you don’t have to remove the saddlebag from the bike to access the contents.


We installed the Topeak SideKick Wedge Pack onto our Decathlon Triban RC 520 along with the Duo Fixer bracket and TailLux 40 DF taillight. The dual-slot design makes it easy to mix and match different accessories onto the same mount without taking up more space. The SideKick Wedge Pack’s medium size offers enough capacity for tools and snacks. We were able to fit a large spare or multiple compact Tubolito tubes as well as a multi-tool, cash and snack. With the large side door and high visibility interior it’s easy to find items inside the bag without having to remove it from the bike. The asymmetric design of the SideKick does mean it sags slightly which could be a deal breaker for some people.

Topeak SideKick Wedge Pack Bike Saddlebag Review - Interior
The SideKick has a single large compartment with high visibility yellow interior and a mesh pocket on the door for quick access to small items.


Overall, we found the Topeak SideKick Wedge Pack to be a well designed and convenient saddlebag. The QuickClick attachment design allows the saddlebag to easily be installed or switched between bikes. It’s a simple clip design that is compatible with most saddle designs and can be used with the Duo Fixer modular mounting system with fenders, lights and other accessories. We appreciated the premium details such as the high visibility yellow interior and large zippered side door for accessing the contents.The main dealbreaker with the SideKick Wedge Pack is that the asymmetric design means the saddlebag sags slightly when installed on a bike. That said, if you’re looking for a premium saddle bag that can be combined with the Duo Fixer mounting system then the SideKick Wedge Pack is a great option.

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