If a dog is man’s best friend, then a tire lever would be a cyclist’s best friend. Every cyclist at some point will need to remove a tire to replace it or repair a flat and will need a tire lever to accomplish the job. The Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 that we have in this review has been a staple in Topeak’s lineup. With a retail price of only $9.95 and constructed of engineering grade plastic the levers are affordable yet durable. Topeak has designed the levers with a compact form factor and sculpted design to make them easy to use. Integrated into the levers are a spoke holder as well as a convenient Schrader valve air release.

The Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 is a compact and ergonomic tire lever with an elongated body for improved leverage.

Retail Price$9.95
Rating8.6 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 45
Likes+ Thin form factor
+ Light but durable construction
+ Ergonomic shape is easy to hold
Dislikes– Long length may not fit smaller bags
– Narrow width makes it difficult to use on stubborn tires
Where to Buy (US)Topeak


The Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 is Topeak’s larger-sized two-piece tire lever combination. It consists of two pieces, a smaller yellow tire lever and a longer black tire lever. The two levers clip onto each other for easy storage and to achieve a small form factor. Topeak also offers the Shuttle Lever 1.1 which is essentially two of the shorter yellow levers. These tire levers can be used for road or mountain bikes but lack a metal core found on more expensive tire levers that may be required for very rigid tires. Instead, these are constructed of high strength matrix polymers with an elongated design to increase leverage. To get under tire beads, the tips of both tire levers narrow tips with rounded edges. One of the nice features of the Shuttle Lever is the contoured body which has indentations perfectly placed for your thumb to rest in.

Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 Bike Tire Lever Review - Profile
The Shuttle Levers utilize one larger black lever and a smaller yellow lever to reduce the overall size.

With this two lever setup the smaller yellow lever is meant to be hooked against a spoke while the larger black one can be used to loosen the rest of the tire. The two lever approach makes removing tires significantly quicker and less frustrating. Topeak has also added a round protrusion on the backside of the yellow lever which can be used to release air from Schrader valves. The design is well thought out and has a smooth and premium look and feel. However, unlike the KOM Cycling Lever the Shuttle doesn’t include a way to remove valve cores.

Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 Bike Tire Lever Review - Backside
The two levers snap into place using simple plastic tabs built into each lever.


Getting a flat at home or while riding is never a fun time and something every cyclist wants to avoid. Wth the Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 levers we found the design worked well and had extra leverage with the longer length. Topeak has done a great job sculpting the body of the levers with round indentations to make it more ergonomic to hold. While they are nice levers, we still recommend wider leverls like Pedro’s levers as the tips of the Shuttle Lever 1.2 are harder to use on stubborn tires. Also at nearly 5.9” the long length can be an issue for smaller saddle bags and may stick out of jersey pockets which is something to be aware of.

Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 Bike Tire Lever Review - Comparison
The Shuttle Levers have a narrow width compared to other levers like Pedros which makes it difficult to use on stubborn tires.


Overall, we found the Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 is a simple and well designed tire lever. With the larger Shuttle Lever 1.2, Topeak pairs the smaller yellow lever of the Shuttle Lever 1.1 with a longer black lever. The increased length provides additional leverage to get under tire beads but at 5.9” might not fit in smaller saddle bags. We were impressed with the ergonomic design of the levers and premium feel. The main downside of the levers is the relatively longer length and the narrow tips which are difficult to use on stubborn tires. That said, if you’re looking for simple and affordable tire levers the Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 are well designed and work well on softer tire setups.

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