Velo’s Senso Series saddle is their most diverse and offers options for entry level or professional cyclists. This review will delve into the latest addition to the lineup, the Senso TT saddle. The Senso TT combines Velo’s proprietary shock absorption materials and rail design with a short nose profile for more flexibility. Velo offers the saddle with two rail options, an $85 Ti-Alloy and a $145 Carbon rail version. Dimensionally the saddles are a short nose 244mm length with a standard 148mm width or wide 158mm Senso TT+ width. The Senso TT combines a center pressure relief channel with their Airform material which is claimed to be 30% more shock absorbent than traditional polyurethane.

The Velo Senso TT combines a short nose profile with a comfortable and shock absorbent Airform padding material.

Retail Price$85 (Ti-Alloy Rails) / $145 (Carbon Rails)
Measured Weight (in g)272 (Ti-Alloy, TT+)
Likes+ Affordable price
+ Padding absorbs shocks while being non-slip
+ Short nose profile provides more flexibility on the saddle
Dislikes– Color options are limited to accents
Where to Buy (US) Velo


The Senso TT saddle comes in a premium Velo branded black cardboard box inside which you’ll find the saddle wedged into a foam padding.


Although the Velo Senso TT may have TT in the product name, it is not a time-trial specific saddle. Instead, it is designated as a “racing” saddle that can work for casual or professional cyclists. Dimensionally, the saddle is available in both a standard 148mm width as well as the wider TT+ shown here with 158mm width. Both saddles have a short nose profile with a 244mm length which has become a popular theme in bike saddles. The shorter profile not only reduces the weight of the saddle but it also allows more flexibility in terms of riding positions. Design wise, the saddle combines a center pressure relief cutout with a U-shaped cut on the rear.

Velo Senso TT Cycling Saddle Review - Closeup
The saddle is padded with Velo’s proprietary AirForm padding and a perforated cover with anti-slip material near the nose.

Perforations along the main portion of the saddle help with cooling while a non-slip material closer to the nose keeps you securely in place. Depending on which width you choose, the Velo Senso TT is offered in blue, gray, and red accent colors along the glossy rear border and Velo logo on the side. You’ll also find “Senso” printed in the center of the channel in a white font which helps tie the glossy black border around the center cutout to the rear of the saddle. Unlike the Selle Italia Flite saddle, the Senso TT has a slightly curved side profile that helps you stay centered. The Senso TT also features Velo’s proprietary AirForm padding material which has better shock absorption than traditional PU material. One thing to note is that the Senso lineup of saddles is quite diverse with only the main technologies such as the Airform and Arctech rail design shared with other saddles such as the previously reviewed Senso Ray.

Velo Senso TT Cycling Saddle Review - Rails
To improve the shock absorption and flexibility the Senso TT uses Velo’s ArcTech rail attachment design.


As with any saddle review, we highly recommend test riding saddles before purchasing or at least measuring your sit bones so you select the proper width for your anatomy. That said, we found the wide TT+ saddle to be comfortable for short and long rides. The Airform padding absorbs shocks and is thin enough to be effective without being too stiff. We found the center pressure cutout and non-slip material worked well together. Even with the Ti-Alloy base version we reviewed, the saddle was a big upgrade over the stock saddle that came on our Priority Ace of Spades bike and gave the bike a performance boost.


Overall, we found the Velo Senso TT to be a well priced and competitive saddle. Even though the saddle naming is confusing, as it is not a time-trial specific saddle, the Senso TT has a sleek short nose profile and comes in multiple widths that are well suited for a variety of riding styles. The Senso TT also features multiple technologies from Velo such as the Airform padding and Arctech rail design that improve the shock absorption. We found the saddle to be comfortable for short or long rides as the center cutout and non-slip outer layer worked well together. It’s also a very affordable saddle which means you can upgrade your saddle on a limited budget. The main improvement we’d like to see is color schemes as Velo only offers a few accent colors around the rear edge.

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