When Lazer’s KinetiCore technology was introduced, it not only offered an integrated approach to rotation impact protection but also a more affordable design. The new Lazer Tempo KinetiCore brings that promise to fruition with an impressive $49.99 retail price that doesn’t skimp on safety features. This is Lazer’s most affordable helmet in the KinetiCore lineup and features an attractive design paired with KinetiCore. Inside the helmet you’ll find the distinctive EPS crumple zones which offer protection from rotational impacts without the need for secondary liners such as MIPS. To keep the Lazer Tempo’s price down the helmet is only offered in a one-size-fits-most (54-61cm) with a simplified TurnSys dial fit system. The helmet also features 19 vents and is compatible with Lazer’s optional Universal Rear LED and a fleece winter kit.

The Lazer Tempo KinetiCore is the most affordable helmet in the KinetiCore lineup and offers a lightweight yet sleek design.

Rating 8.8 / 10
Retail Price$49.99
Measured weight (in g)266
Likes+ Budget friendly
+ Wide range of color schemes available
+ KinetiCore offers rotational protection without blocking airflow
Dislikes– One size fits most rather than multiple size offerings
Where to Buy (US)Lazer


The Lazer Tempo KinetiCore comes in a simple cardboard helmet box with a slide-out tray to access the helmet. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Tempo KinetiCore helmet
  • Safety pamphlet

Not surprisingly, the helmet does not include any accessories or fabric storage bag typically found on more expensive helmets.


The Lazer Tempo KinetiCore is one of the most affordable KinetiCore helmets Lazer currently offers. Unlike other budget helmets, the Tempo looks more expensive with a shallow road cycling profile and one piece shell. Lazer offers the Tempo KinetiCore in seven gloss color variations including the Cosmic Berry we have in this review. Not only is it a creative color name, but it is an attractive deep purple that is unusual to see on helmets. Visually, the helmet is quite similar to the Lazer Tonic KinetiCore but has smaller vents and a slightly simplified vent design. The helmet has 19 vents with open air channels through the helmet to funnel air through. Curiously, there are false side vents which have cutouts in the shell which only reveal foam.

Lazer Tempo KinetiCore Cycling Helmet Budget Review - Side Profile
Aside from the exposed foam on the rim, the Tempo looks like Lazer’s other premium helmets with a sleek profile and attractive color schemes.

Branding on the helmet is limited to a Lazer logo on each side, in black for our Cosmic Berry color scheme, and the green KinetiCore logo on the rear. Lazer also offers a $64.99 Codax KinetiCore helmet marketed toward gravel cyclists which appears to be the Tempo helmet with the addition of an integrated visor. On the rear of the helmet you’ll also find what appears to be a USB-C slot that’s used for directly mounting Lazer’s Universal Rear LED. It’s a simple yet effective mounting design that uses flexible tabs that lock into place with a 90 degree rotation and provides additional night time visibility.

Lazer Tempo KinetiCore Cycling Helmet Budget Review - Quarter View
Despite the budget price, the Tempo has a sleek shallow profile with one piece shell nd aggressive venting.

The two items that giveaway the fact that this is a budget helmet is the exposed foam along the rim of the helmet and the simplified fit system. Instead of the unique top-mounted ScrollSys system found on the Lazer Vento KinetiCore and Lazer Strada KinetiCore helmets, the Tempo uses a standard rear dial. Lazer refers to this as the TurnSys system which consists of a dual direction dial and wrap around plastic cradle. Unlike the Advanced TurnSys System found on the Lazer Tonic KinetiCore, the rear cradle can not be adjusted vertically. Also, the front strap has an unusual crossover design which connects each side of the front straps through the helmet instead of being anchored into the helmet. This makes adjusting the helmet slightly more awkward as pulling on one side of straps moves the other side.


Despite the one-size-fits-most (listed as 54-61cm on the helmet) approach, the helmet fit our 58cm size head well. The 266g weight doesn’t reflect it, but with the one-size design of the helmet is larger than the medium sized helmets we normally wear. We would have preferred multiple size offerings and would recommend people and the extremes of the sizing range consider the Lazer Tonic KinetiCore instead for a better fit. In terms of ventilation, the helmet’s 19 air vents and lack of an air blocking MIPS liner result in good airflow for short or even long rides. Even the simplified fit system works well and provides a secure feeling with well placed padding to eliminate any pressure points. The shallow design of the helmet works well with large sunglasses but note that the Tempo doesn’t offer any integrated docks for storing sunglasses during a ride.

Lazer Tempo KinetiCore Cycling Helmet Budget Review - Inside
One of the unique features of the Tempo is the KinetiCore technology which uses EPS crumple zones instead of liners like MIPS.


Overall, we found the Lazer Tempo KinetiCore to be a well priced and constructed helmet. At only $49.99 it’s the most affordable helmet in the KinetiCore lineup yet still achieves a four star Virginia Tech crash rating. We are happy to see the simplified KinetiCore approach of EPS crumple zones lead to more accessible and safe helmets on the market. Aside from slightly smaller vents and a false vent on each side of the helmet, the Tempo blends in well with higher-end offerings. The main negative with the helmet is that Lazer only offers it in a one-size-fits-most which results in a bulkier helmet that won’t fit as well if you’re on the extremes of the 54-61cm head size range. That said, if you are looking for a helmet on a budget with modern safety features and attractive design then the Lazer Tempo KinetiCore is tough to beat.

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