The Sweet Protection’s Falconer 2Vi is the latest iteration of their top-of-the-line road cycling helmet. This helmet combines a wind tunnel tested aerodynamics with the latest MIPS Air integration. The retail price of the Sweet Protection Falconer 2Vi is $250 and the helmet is offered in a number of matte and gloss color schemes. As the name implies, the helmet offers their 2Vi safety system which combines MIPS Air and multi-density EPS foam construction for optimized weight and impact protection. The Falconer 2Vi also features Sweet Protection’s STACC ventilation system to funnel air through the helmet and out the rear. Note, there is also an aero version of the helmet that includes magnetic vent covers which retails for $300.

The Sweet Protection Falconer 2Vi offers an aerodynamic design with a multi-element 2Vi safety system.

Rating 9.0/10
Retail Price$250 / $300 (aero version)
Measured weight (in g) 290 (medium)
Likes+ Lightweight design
+ Multiple safety layers with 2Vi technology
+ Extensive ventilation and air channels
Dislikes– Aero vent covers are not offered separately
Where to Buy (US)Sweet Protection


The Sweet Protection Falconer 2Vi comes with a simple helmet cardboard box with a triangular side cutout that reveals the helmet inside. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Falconer 2Vi helmet
  • MIPS info tags
  • Fabric carrying bag
  • Replacement front pad

The fabric carrying bag is a nice premium touch that’s a great way to store the helmet or travel as it keeps the helmet clean and protected from scratches.


The Sweet Protection Falconer 2Vi is designed for speed and comfort with improved aerodynamics and cooling. Visually, the helmet has a classic road cycling profile with a shallow profile and smooth shell. Sweet Protection offers the helmet in a variety of attractive color schemes including the Dusk color, a color that gives us modern POC vibes, that we have in this review. It combines a matte exterior shell with glossy rear and internal accents that gives the helmet a unique appearance. The Falconer has quite a few vents including a wide front vent to help funnel air through the helmet. You may notice that the primary vents are slightly inset into the shell. This is a design feature carried over from the Falconer Aero which includes magnetic vent covers (i.e. a similar feature to the Bolle Furo). Unfortunately, Sweet Protection doesn’t sell the aero covers separately so you can’t convert the standard helmet into the aero version.

Falconer 2Vi MIPS Road Cycling Helmet Review - Side Profile
As a road cycling helmet, the Falconer has a shallow design with large vents to funnel air through the helmet.

One of the main features of the Sweet Protection Falconer 2Vi is the STACC ventilation. Short for Superficial Temporal Artery Cooling Channel (STACC) it is an air vent design that is designed to cool down the temporal artery, exposing your temples which is the most vulnerable area of the head. Combined with the deep internal air channels that allows the Falconer 2Vi to funnel air through and out of the helmet. The ventilation design also pairs well with the 2VI technology which uses a highly integrated MIPS Air liner. Instead of having a traditional large yellow liner inside the helmet, the Falconer 2Vi looks more like a non-MIPS helmet with an open design and exposed internal air channels. The padding itself has MIPS Air nodes built in which allow them to slide around and protect your head from rotational forces in an impact.

Falconer 2Vi MIPS Road Cycling Helmet Review - Rear Profile
The Falconer has a sleek rear profile with two small exit vents and a large center vent that is framed with a black accent.

The 2Vi in the helmet name is part of Sweet Protection’s proprietary safety system and a feature Sweet Protection has been extending across their lineup of cycling and skiing / snowboarding helmets. It’s described as a technology platform that is engineered to outperform without compromising on weight and volume. Sweet Protection combines a variable elasticity shell with integrated MIPS Air for improved impact resistance while optimizing overall weight. Inside the shell you’ll find multi-density EPS with four impact shields and MIPS Air nodes built into the padding. The result is a sub 300g road cycling helmet with an open interior and excellent ventilation. An integrated rear dial fit system and a ponytail compatible adjustable rear cradle make adjusting the helmet quick and easy.


With its lightweight construction and extensive ventilation, the Sweet Protection Falconer 2Vi is perfect for long days on the saddle. We found the medium size fit to be consistent with our other helmets like the Smith Trace and Lazer Vento. In particular we appreciate the flat side straps and wide Y-splitter which helped keep the straps from getting twisted. The shallow design of the helmet allowed plenty of space for large sunglasses such as the Magicshine Windbreaker. There is even a built in eyewear storage in the front vents which is quite effective with the rubber side grips holding the sunglasses securely in place. We would also rate the ventilation of the helmet to be very good as the air flows through the helmet as the MIPS Air is fully integrated into the padding and doesn’t block any of the air channels.

Falconer 2Vi MIPS Road Cycling Helmet Review - Helmet Interior
The Falconer features an open interior with air channels and the ultra-light MIPS Air system that’s directly integrated into the padding.


Overall, we found the Sweet Protection Falconer 2Vi to be an attractive and comfortable helmet. With this latest iteration of the Falconer, Sweet Protection has incorporated their lightweight 2Vi safety system. It combines multi-density EPS foam, impact shield and a stealthy integrated MIPS Air to protect against impacts while keeping the helmet under 300g. We found the combination of the matte and glossy Dusk color to be a modern and attractive design. While we can’t validate any of the aero claims of the helmets, it feels fast on the road with extensive ventilation to keep you cool. The only negative we found with the helmet is that Sweet Protection doesn’t sell the Falconer Aero’s magnetic covers separately which would be a nice way to customize the helmet. That said, if you’re in the market for a lightweight road cycling helmet the Falconer 2Vi is a competitive option.

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