When it comes to cycling helmets, it’s a delicate balance between reducing helmet weight and optimizing safety. The Limar’s solution to this issue is the Limar Air Pro MIPS which couples two carbon fiber wings into the structure to create a light yet strong helmet. It is a unique design that utilizes Carbon Coretech technology to bond the 3K carbon directly with the EPS foam. The helmet retails for $319.95 and features other premium details such as MIPS Air and a magnetic Fidlock buckle. With twenty air vents along with eight inner channels, the Air Pro is a highly ventilated helmet. Limar has also incorporated their AirFit system which combines an adjustable cradle with lightweight webbing and a rear dial.

The Limar Air Pro MIPS couples a lightweight yet strong carbon fiber internal structure with a highly ventilated helmet design.

Retail Price$319.95
Rating 8.8 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 260 (size medium)
Likes+ Integrated carbon fiber wing structure
+ Unique and creative colors and graphics options
+ Comfortable and well ventilated design
Dislikes– Premium retail price
Where to Buy (US)Limar


The Limar Air Pro MIPS comes in a black cardboard helmet box with a large quote printed on top and basic specs printed on the sides. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Air Pro MIPS helmet
  • Fabric travel bag
  • Basic safety pamphlet 

The included bag is perfect for keeping the helmet clean and protected while traveling or even for storing the helmet.


The Limar Air Pro helmet is an innovative design that utilizes two carbon fiber wings to create a rigid inner shell. This allows the helmet to have large open air channels and be lightweight while still being safe. Limar currently offers the helmet in four different color schemes: iridescent white, iridescent matte black, 60s blue red and 70s gray black. We have the 70s gray black color scheme here which has an attractive slate gray base color with multiple dark stripes along the front. The color scheme pairs well with the exposed glossy 3K foam giving the helmet a premium appearance. Design wise the helmet has a classic sweep design with long longitudinal vents running from the front to the rear of the helmet.

Limar Air Pro MIPS Carbon Road Cycling Helmet Review - Side Profile
The Air Pro MIPS has a sleek swoopy design with large vents that are only broken up by the carbon fiber reinforcements.

One of the main features of the AIr Pro helmet is the Carbon Coretech construction which features two structural carbon fiber wings built into the helmet. Limar boasts that this is a 5 layer layup which is molded into the EPS foam for a fully integrated internal cage. The two exposed wings allow the helmet to have 20 large vents and keep the weight of the helmet down. At only 260g the helmet is lighter than the Lazer Vento, Sweet Protection Falconer 2Vi and only 14 grams heavier than the non-MIPS POC Ventral Lite. The rear of the helmet also has an eye catching design with a prominent U shape at the center.

Limar Air Pro MIPS Carbon Road Cycling Helmet Review - Rear Profile
It’s easy to see the Italian DNA in the Limar helmet’s aggressive design with sharp creases and ridges.

Limar has utilized their AirFit system into the Air Pro helmet which consists of lightweight webbing and a rear dial. It’s a light design that routes the side straps through the wings of the rear cradle and into the helmet itself. The rear cradle is easily adjustable using the dial and has height adjustment as well. There is a premium magnetic Fidlock buckle with a padded chin pad which makes putting the helmet on and off easy. Inside the helmet there is plush silver lining along all the contact points and uses MIPS Air. Elastic bands hold the padding in place at MIPS Air nodes with a low friction coating on the backside of the padding which allows the padding to freely move at each point. It’s a sleek design that eliminates the need for bulky MIPS liners and keeps the inside of the helmet open and airy.


We wore the medium version of the helmet and found it to fit similarly to Lazer, Smith and others helmets in the same size. With the adjustable straps and height adjustable cradles it’s easy to adjust the fit of the helmet to accommodate gaiters or other cold weather gear. It’s worth noting that the shape of the helmet is more oval than other helmets which means it may not fit everyone. Aside from that, the lightweight and large vents of the helmet make it feel fast and cool on the road. We can’t confirm if any of the aero claims translate to real-world performance, but it will certainly make you at least feel faster. The glossy exposed carbon fiber and swoopy design of the helmet help it stand out in a crowded field while the Fidlock buckle and MIPS Air integration provide premium functionality.

Limar Air Pro MIPS Carbon Road Cycling Helmet Review - Inside Helmet
It would be easy to mistake the helmet for a non-MIPS design as the MIPS Air has full integrated MIPS Nodes that connect to the internal padding.


Overall, we found the Limar Air Pro helmet to be attractive and lightweight. The unique integrated carbon fiber Coretech wings allow the helmet to be light yet safe and rigid despite the large open vents. With the MIPS Air integration, the helmet also has additional rotational impact protection on top of the traditional EPS foam for additional piece of mind while riding. We are particularly impressed with the creative colors and graphics Limar offers on the helmet which are a refreshing alternative to the standard white and black options. The main downside of the helmet is the premium retail price, which in the US is priced higher than other premium brands. That said, the helmet is currently on sale and it has the premium design and features you’d expect for a high-end road cycling helmet.

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