When it comes to cycling water bottles, one size rarely works for all cycling disciplines or bicycle setups. Polar Bottle has realized this and added new two size offerings for their popular Muck and Breakaway collections. In this review we’ll be looking at both bottles, the compact 15oz Session Muck and the high capacity 30oz Breakaway. As with all Polar bottles, these are made in Colorado with affordable retail prices of $11 and $13 for the Session Muck and Breakaway bottle respectively. Both bottles have a single wall construction with 100% BPA-free construction. Polar has incorporated their excellent two-piece Surge caps which have a lockable pressure activated Surge valve. The 15oz Session Muck also features Polar’s Muckguard which is a simple rubber cover to keep dirt and debris out of the nozzle.

The Polar 15oz Session Muck and 30oz Breakaway cycling bottles offer more ways to stay hydrated on the road or off the road.

Retail Price$11 (15oz Session Muck) / $13 (30oz Breakaway)
Measured Weight (in g)82 (15oz Session Muck) / 110 (30oz Breakaway)
Likes+ Affordable price
+ Easy to use and clean Surge cap
+ New sizes make it easier to stay hydrated
Dislikes– N/A
Where to Buy (US) Session Muck, Breakaway


The Polar bottles both come in an eco-friendly box with a simple cardboard ring around the nozzle that has branding and simple specs on it.


Polar Bottles are well known in the cycling community for their insulated and non-insulated offerings. The new 15oz Session Muck and Breakaway bottles share the same high-quality construction and Surge valve caps we’ve given high marks to in our previous reviews but offer new size options. The 30oz Breakaway bottle is a single walled non-insulated design and the largest bottle Polar currently offers (i.e. about 10.4” tall). It’s available in four wave color schemes currently which have an attractive wave graphic with either black, blue, white or ivory primary colors.

Polar Bottle Session Muck 30oz Breakaway Cycling Bottle Review - Size Comparison
Placed next to each other, it’s easy to see how much larger the 30oz Breakaway bottle is than the 15oz Session Muck.

On the other side of the size spectrum is the 15oz Session Muck which is the smallest bottle currently offered (about 6” tall). It’s marketed toward gravel cycling as it features the Muckguard nozzle cap which is a simple rubber nozzle cover that attaches to a plastic ring under the cap. In fact, the Muckguard cap can easily be removed or purchased separately to convert any Breakaway bottle into the Muck versions. Polar currently offers the Session Muck in four dotted graphic schemes in nature inspired colors such as forest, white, navy and charcoal. The best feature of both bottles is the two-piece Surge cap which has a rubber Surge valve that simply rotates out of the cap. The simple design makes it easy to clean the inside and outside of the nozzle with bottle brushes or cleaning tablets such as Bottle Bright.

Polar Bottle Session Muck 30oz Breakaway Cycling Bottle Review - Surge Valve
What makes the Polar bottles special is the two piece cap which features an easily removable Surge valve.


Polar bottles have been one of our favorites to ride with and the bottle we always end up coming back to. Even though we’ve reviewed everything from the Elite Fly to the steel Bivo One bottle, the Polar bottles are still our favorite. We’ve found that both the Session Muck and Breakaway variations are easy to drink from and hold up well to nearly daily use. The wide Surge valve allows for high-flow and is easy to use by squeezing the soft bottles. With these new size variations it’s even easier to stay hydrated as the 15oz Session Muck is barely taller than a water bottle cage and the 30oz Breakaway is perfect for long rides where water stops are hard to find. Both bottles also have a non-slip finish that makes them easy to grip and secure on rough roads.


Overall, we found the Polar 15oz Session Muck and 30oz Breakaway cycling bottles to be well built and easy to use. The bottles both feature Polar’s lockable Surge valve which provide high-flow rate that’s easy to modulate with the squeezable sidewalls. Compared to complicated Camelbak Podium bottles, the two-piece Surge cap design of the Polar bottles are far easier to clean. The tiny 15oz Session Muck is perfect for full suspension or smaller frame bikes where space is limited while the 30oz Breakaway bottle keeps you hydrated for long rides. We’re happy to see Polar extend the bottle range with these new size options to accommodate more cyclists and riding disciplines.

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