RAVEMEN’s PR series of bike headlights offer multi-LED designs with low and high beams for different types of riding. In this review, we’ll be looking at one of the newest variations to the product line, the RAVEMEN PR2000 which is the second most powerful option in the lineup. The PR2000 retails for $129.95 and has an impressive 2000 lumen output.  RAVEMEN has utilized a dual beam design with a soft beam cutoff for road cycling and a hybrid beam for mountain biking. The light also features an LED screen which displays the remaining runtime for the active mode. Additionally, the RAVEMEN PR2000 has a 6000 mAh battery with USB-C charging.

The RAVEMEN PR2000 combines a dual LED design with 2000 lumen and a display screen that shows remaining battery life.

Retail Price$129.95
Rating9.0 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 213 (headlight), 26 (mount), 14 (remote)
Likes+ Dual beam design
+ Aluminum construction with compact form factor
+ LED screen shows remaining runtime
Dislikes– Battery status is only shown as time remaining and not percentage
– Uses proprietary mount design instead of Garmin
– Buttons on headlight lack tactile feel
Where to Buy (US)RAVEMEN


The RAVEMEN PR2000 comes in a bright orange cardboard box with a glossy graphic of the headlight printed on the exterior. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • PR2000 headlight
  • Wireless remote + rubber mounting strap
  • Bolt-on handlebar mount + Allen wrench
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Instruction manual

The bright color scheme and graphics give the headlight a premium look and make it easy to see all the contents.


As with other RAVEMEN PR lights, the PR2000 uses a proprietary slide-on tab style mount. RAVEMEN includes a hinged handlebar mount that is bolted onto round handlebars. Although we would have preferred a more generic Garmin style mount, like the Magicshine RN 1500, this tab design does work well and feels secure. RAVEMEN does offer an optional $3 GoPro adapter that would let you mount this light upside down, but you shouldn’t use it as the low beam is directional. That means if you flip this light upside down you will cause more glare for oncoming traffic and defeat the purpose of the lens design. However, the light is fairly compact as well despite the 2000 lumen output so it doesn’t take up too much space.


Visually, the PR2000 looks nearly identical to the other RAVEMEN PR lights with an aluminum body and rounded rectangle shape. It’s pretty compact with a rectangular profile that’s slightly under 4” long and 2” wide. The PR2000 has a dual LED design that places the LEDs side by side to create a dual beam output. The body of the headlight has an aluminum construction with exposed hardware on the lens and rear surrounds. Despite the exposed hardware, the headlight has an impressive IPX8 which means it should handle extreme weather conditions without any issues. Branding is limited to RAVEMEN printed on the screen and PR2000 on the underside.

RAVEMEN PR2000 Dual LED Bike Headlight Review - Lens Design
The PR2000 has a dual beam design with a soft beam cutoff for road cycling and a spot beam for mountain biking.

RAVEMEN has designed the PR2000 to have a dual LED and beam design with a high beam and a low beam. The low beam has multiple diffusers on it to help focus the light on the ground and spread it horizontally for an anti-glare design. While the lens design doesn’t have a sharp beam cutoff like aspherical lenses, featured on lights like the Magicshine EVO 1700 or Lupine SL Mono, it does significantly reduce the glare. The other LED has a standard smooth reflector which creates a cone beam. With the high beam mode both LEDs are activated, while low beam only illuminates the diffused LED.

The user interface of the light uses two top mounted buttons to operate the headlight and change modes. A long press on the top button turns the light on or off while a short press toggles between the low and high beam. The bottom button is used to cycle through the beam options for each beam mode. Note, the high beam mode always reverts to the high mode when you switch to it as a safety feature. There are three constant modes for the high beam while there are five options for the low beam. Four of those modes are constant modes while the fifth is a flash mode. Holding the bottom button also activates the max-output high beam mode and then reverts back to your previous mode and you let go. We do wish RAVEMEN had separated flash modes from constant modes as the PR2000’s menu design means you have to cycle through flash to adjust the low beam intensity.

RAVEMEN PR2000 Dual LED Bike Headlight Review - LED Display
RAVEMEN has included an LED screen that displays the remaining battery in hours for the active mode.

The PR2000 also features an LED screen which displays the estimated remaining battery life as well as a low/high beam indicator below it. The screen has a red backlight that’s easy to read but is slightly blurry at least for the light we received. It’s a nice feature that eliminates the guessing involved with normal color battery status indicators and helps you quickly check the battery state. Unlike the Magicshine Allty 1500S which displays a battery indicator, the PR2000 only displays remaining time in hours which means you’ll have to do some mental math to figure out battery percentage.


RAVEMEN has incorporated eight output modes into the PR2000 which includes one flashing mode. The output modes are separated between the low beam mode which illuminates the LED with diffusers to reduce glare, while high beam mode activates both LEDs to achieve the full output. In the low mode you can choose between eco to high constant modes that range from 100 – 1000 lumen and 25 – 2.5 hr runtimes respectively. There is an additional rapid flash mode which is rated for 500 lumen and 19 hr runtime that alternates between a medium constant and low constant mode similar to night flash modes on other lights. In the high beam mode there are three constant modes: low (500 lumen / 4.5 hr), medium (1000 lumen / 2.2 hr) and high (2000 lumen / 1.1 hr).

RAVEMEN PR2000 Dual LED Bike Headlight Review - Beam Optics
With the dual beam mode active, the PR2000 has a wide and uniform beam the lights up the road.

With each mode doubling the previous mode’s lumen output it’s easy to visually see the difference while riding and find the intensity that’s appropriate for you. The beam shape is uniform with good throw in the low beam mode as the diffusers help redirect the light onto the ground. This not only reduces glare for oncoming traffic but helps illuminate the road instead of the trees. We found medium and high mode to be a good choice for faster paced road cycling while the lower modes and flash are better for daytime riding or well illuminated areas. The high beam mode adds quite a bit more illumination and is a great option for darker trails or mountain biking. The red illuminated LED screen is also helpful while riding to gauge remaining runtime as it updates in real-time and when you switch modes, however, we’d still like to see battery as percentage remaining also displayed.


Overall, we found the RAVEMEN PR2000 to be a compact and bright dual beam headlight. With its dual LED design the light offers a low beam mode that has reduced glare for road cycling and a high beam for darker trails or mountain biking. Although the simple diffuser design doesn’t create a sharp beam cutoff, it helps reduce glare and is a feature we’re happy to see incorporated into the light. With 2000 lumen output, the PR2000 is more than bright enough for fast riding or descents as it has a wide and uniform beam. We also appreciated the LED screen which shows the remaining runtime for the active mode. The main things we’d improve with the light would be to utilize a Garmin mount, add the battery percentage to the display and improve the tactile feel on the buttons. That said, if you’re looking for a bright and relatively affordable headlight the PR2000 is a great option.

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