Developed specifically for gravel riding, the Air Stratos is a lightweight and strong helmet that’s part of Limar’s Air Revolution collection. In this review we have the latest version of the Air Stratos helmet, the Air Stratos MIPS helmet which integrates MIPS as well as creative color scheme options. The helmet retails for $169.95 and features 15 vents with extended coverage to keep riders safe on or off road. Limar has integrated MIPS Air which utilizes MIPS Nodes to seamlessly connect the padding into the low-friction MIPS material. To accommodate different sized heads, the helmet has Limar’s AirFit system which has a fully adjustable rear cradle and lightweight webbing. One of our favorite features are the bright and bold color schemes Limar offers for the Air Stratos MIPS from standard white and black to 70s and 80s inspired graphics.

The Limar Air Stratos MIPS is a lightweight and comfortable helmet that can be used on or off road.

Retail Price$169.95
Rating 9.0 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 240 (size medium)
Likes+ Lightweight construction
+ Attractive and unique color schemes
+ Comfortable and adjustable fit system
Dislikes– n/a
Where to Buy (US)Limar


The Limar Air Stratos MIPS comes in a black cardboard helmet box with a large Limar logo and basic specs printed onto it. On the top of the box you’ll find the quote “the need to explore new limits in performance, has now a solution. In the wind” which is part of their Air Revolution helmet lineup motto. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Air Stratos MIPS helmet
  • Breaking the usual pamphlet
  • Basic safety pamphlet 

There is no travel or storage bag included with the helmet which isn’t surprising at this lower price point.


Although Limar markets the Air Statos as a gravel or adventure riding, the helmet visually looks like a road cycling helmet. The helmet has a low profile design with 15 vents to funnel air through the helmet. In terms of design, the Air Stratos has a classic Italian design with two aggressive front vents and rectangular elongated vents (i.e. reminiscent of the KASK Protone). The vents openings are sized slightly smaller than traditional road helmets to block branches or other debris from sliding through the openings. It’s a surprisingly thin helmet with in-mold construction and a reinforcement structure across the center of the helmet.

Limar Air Stratos MIPS Gravel Road Cycling Helmet Review - Side View
Despite being marketed as a gravel helmet, the Stratos MIPS has a sleek road profile.

The Limar Air Stratos is currently offered in six eye-catching color schemes: iridescent white, iridescent black, matte deep green, 70s white dark red as well as 80s Matte gray bordeaux and 80s matte gray orange blue. With the 70s and 80s color schemes Limar has utilized period-correct colors and patterns to capture the design essence of each era. We have the 80s Matte Gray Orange Blue scheme which combines complementary stripes of blue, orange, white, charcoal, gray and dark blue colors along the helmet. The helmet has a geometric design with overlapping triangular color regions which creates an attractive design. Limar has flipped the colors on the bottom rim to add contrast and highlight the separate regions of the helmet.

Limar Air Stratos MIPS Gravel Road Cycling Helmet Review - Top View
One of our favorite features of the helmet are the unique color schemes which include bright colors and graphics.

As far as fit systems, Limar has incorporated their AirFit system which is a traditional cradle system with a rear dial. There is a lightweight and height-adjustable rear cradle with plastic padding for additional comfort. Thin and light nylon straps run through the cradle and into the helmet with adjustable side straps. The helmet has a standard plastic buckle with a bright orange Limar branded chin pad that conceals any extra strap length. Adjustable side splitters on the straps also allow you to customize the fit. It would be easy to mistake this helmet as a non-MIPS helmet as the inside is open and airy without any visible yellow liner. Instead, the helmet has the latest MIPS Air integrated into the padding using MIPS Nodes. Each pad has a low friction connector which allows them to rotate independently and reduce the rotational impacts. The pads are plush and strategically placed at all contact points.


We wore the medium sized Limar Air Stratos and found it to fit similarly to Lazer, Smith and Bolle helmets. It’s a very comfortable helmet with well placed padding to eliminate any pressure points. With the bright multi-color design of the 80s Matte Gray Orange Blue scheme the Air Stratos got a lot of compliments on the road. At only 240g the helmet is light enough that it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing it. We found the helmet to also be well ventilated with easy to adjust straps and dial to make minor adjustments to the fit. While the helmet isn’t as flashy as the Limar Air Pro or sleek as the Limar Air Atlas the Air Stratos’s more affordable price point makes it a great all-around helmet.

Limar Air Stratos MIPS Gravel Road Cycling Helmet Review - Interior
With 15 vents and MIPS Air, the interior of the helmet is open and airy.


Overall, we found the Limar Air Stratos to be an attractive and well designed helmet. Even though it’s marketed as an all-road helmet, the lightweight and sleek profile of the helmet makes it perfect for most types of riding. Limar has done an excellent job positioning the smaller sized vents throughout the helmet and integrating MIPS Air into the interior of the helmet without blocking any internal air channels. We were particularly impressed with the 80s graphic scheme which blends multiple colors with a geometric pattern to give the helmet a distinctive appearance. Unlike the other Limar Air helmets we reviewed which are quite pricey, the Air Stratos has an affordable price that makes it accessible for most riders. If you’re looking for a light and safe helmet with a unique appearance then the Air Stratos is an excellent option.

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