Limar markets the Horus sunglasses as casual and vaguely retro inspired for any cycling discipline. The Horus is part of Limar’s new sunglasses range which are surprisingly affordable and pair well with Limar’s sleek helmets. Limar offers the Horus sunglasses with standard lenses for $99.95 or with a photochromic lens for $139.95. The sunglasses have a modern oversized style that works for any cycling discipline. As with other modern sunglasses, the frames are constructed of Grilamid TR90 which is lightweight yet durable. The Horus also features ventilated lenses for improved clarity and adjustable nose pads and temple arms to adjust the fit.

The Limar Horus sunglasses combine a casual oversized design with modern materials and a vented lens for any cycling discipline.

Retail Price$99.95 / $139.95 (photochromic)
Rating 9.0 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 32
Likes+ Lightweight construction
+ Clear and distortion free optics
+ Oversized yet modern style looks good off the bike
Dislikes– Fabric carrying bag not included
Where to Buy (US)Limar


The Limar Horus sunglasses come in a simple Limar branded cardboard box with the 007-esque “for your eyes” printed on the outside. They have a white and black color scheme that looks sleek and has great legibility. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Limar Horus sunglasses
  • Branded zippered hard case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Lens information pamphlet 

Surprisingly, there is no fabric carrying bag included with the sunglasses which most brands typically include.


Visually, the Limar Horus sunglasses have a modern design with an oversized lens. Rather than sharp and aggressive edges, the Horus has soft corners and a fairly square shape. To be honest, it is very reminiscent of the Oakley Sutro Vented sunglasses and has a restrained style that looks good on or off the bike. Limar currently offers the sunglasses in six colors: transparent matte titanium, transparent light gray, matte black titanium, matte gray, matte black and the jungle matte gray green we have here. This is a unique color scheme that has a semi-transparent jungle pattern printed on to the frame. The nose pads and temples both have a light green color scheme that pairs well with the graphics.

Limar Horus Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Front Profile
While the Horus visually look similar to the Oakley Sutro Vented sunglasses, the smaller circular vents are out of your field of view.

Instead of using replaceable nose pads, the Horus has a malleable rubber design that lets you adjust it to your nose shape. You can also adjust the temple arms which appear to have a wire core that allows it to hold its form instead of snapping back in place. This makes it easy to adjust the sunglasses for different nose or head shapes. The temple arms hinges have a standard friction design that opens and closes easily, but does not snap into place like other sunglasses on the market. With the full frame design of the Horus sunglasses, they feel rigid yet still have the flexibility that is common with TR90 frames.

Limar Horus Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Side Profile
The jungle themed graphic design on the sunglasses and light green accents give the Horus a unique look.

The lens is listed as a Cat. 3 with 15% VLT and a mirrored finish. Our jungle matte gray green variation has an attractive slight pink to green mirror effect that fades from the center to the edges. Limar even offers a photochromic option which is a Cat 0-3 if you’re looking for more flexibility. The sunglasses also have a removable lens design which means you can swap the lenses out or replace them. Unlike magnetic systems like the Shimano S-PHYRE or Julbo Edge, the frames are held in with tabs at each corner. That means you end up with a lot of fingerprints on the lens as you pull each side out and then slide the lens off the top brow.


Despite being relatively new to the sunglasses market, the Limar Horus feel and perform well. The malleable temple arms and nose pads are easy to adjust for a proper fit and at only 32 grams it’s easy to forget you are wearing the sunglasses. We found the Cat. 3 lenses worked well on overcast and sunny days and had excellent clarity. The sunglasses also pair well with Limar’s helmets like the Limar Air Pro or the Limar Air Atlas as they share similar design elements. Unlike the Oakley Sutro Vented sunglasses which have a similar horizontal circular vent design which we found distracting, the smaller diameter vents on the Horus keep them out of your view and prevent fogging.

Limar Horus Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Ventilated Lens
The Horus sunglasses have a full frame design with a nose bridge and offer a wide field of view.


Overall, we found the Limar Horus to be attractive and well designed sunglasses. Unlike Limar’s helmets which carry premium price tags, the Horus are surprisingly affordable even if you choose to upgrade to the photochromic lenses. The sunglasses have a modern oversized design with smooth corners and a rectangular profile that doesn’t look out of place off the bike. We found the sunglasses to be comfortable and were impressed with the clear distortion free optics. The only minor downside of the sunglasses is that a fabric carrying bag is not included. That said, if you’re looking for affordable sunglasses with modern styling the Limar Horus are an excellent option.

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